Ipod Disk Mode Ok to Disconnect

Martin Brinkmann
Aug 8, 2006
Updated • May 10, 2013

The iPod message "Disk Mode Ok to Disconnect" appeared suddenly on my iPod Nano without me knowingly turning this mode on. I tried to use the buttons or the wheel to turn it off but nothing seemed to work. I was getting desperate and decided to Google for a solution. Many people are using the iPod and it was highly unlikely that I was the only one experiencing this strange disk mode.

I learned that the only way to get out disk mode would be an reset of the iPod. Did I say that I hate it that the iPod can't be turned off completely, there is no off switch. Well, to reset a newer iPod model I had to follow these steps:

To turn iPod Disk mode off:

  1. Toggle the hold switch on and off.
  2. Press and Hold the Select and the Menu button for more than ten seconds. If you have different buttons, try the Play/Pause and Menu buttons instead until the Apple logo appears.
  3. The normal selection screen should appear, your iPod is out of Disk mode.

To turn iPod Disk mode on:

  1. Toggle the hold switch on and off
  2. Press and Hold the Select and the Menu button for six+ seconds
  3. Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears
  4. Press and Hold the Select and Play button until the Disk Mode text appears

The method may differ for you, depending on the iPod model you are using. Apple has detailed information about how to get in and out of disk mode for all iPod models. It is best that you pay the support page over at Apple's website a visit if the method above does not work for you, for instance if you have different buttons on your iPod.

You may need to hold down the Sleep and Hold buttons down on newer devices until the screen turns black to turn off disk mode on them.


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