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Ad-free TikTok

An ad-free TikTok experience is on its way

TikTok, the popular short-form video platform, is exploring new revenue streams by testing a paid ad-free version of its app. This move aims to cater to users who prefer an uninterrupted experience […]

Spotify DNA chart

How to get your Spotify DNA chart

Viral Spotify 3rd party site n-gen Art is back with the Spotify DNA chart and this time it turns your listening habits into a DNA helix! n-gen, the innovative viral art generator, […]

Instagram moon meaning Instagram Quiet Mode

Don't let anyone bother you on Instagram late at night

If you've ever found yourself continuously messaging friends on Instagram, only to notice that they aren't responding, and a mysterious moon icon appears next to their username, you might wonder: "What is […]

Google Android Earthquake Alerts India

Google to launch Android Earthquake Alerts in India

Earthquakes, one of the most frequent natural disasters globally, have the potential to cause widespread destruction and loss of life. In such dire circumstances, having advanced warning systems can be the difference […]

How to use Spotify Jam

Now you can have a music party on your Spotify

Sharing your favorite tunes with friends has become a cherished pastime. But what if you could do more than just share songs? What if you could create real-time playlists collaboratively with your […]

How to fix iOS 17 NameDrop not working

Is your NameDrop not working? Here's what you can do

NameDrop is a new feature in iOS 17 that allows you to share your contact information with another iPhone user by simply touching your phones together. It's a quick and easy way […]

introduced many innovations to iPhones, but do you know how to use Personal Voice in iOS 17?

How to use Personal Voice in iOS 17

Apple's latest operating system iOS 17, introduces a revolutionary new feature called Personal Voice. This innovative technology allows users to create their own custom text-to-speech voice, giving them more control over how […]

How to configure StandBy iOS 17

iOS 17's new StandBy feature offers plenty of customization options

iOS 17 introduces a standout feature: StandBy, a smart landscape display mode for your iPhone when it's charging. This feature provides access to various clock faces, widgets, photos, and more. Here's a […]

iOS 17 Contact Poster not working

Can't use the Contact Poster you've been eagerly waiting for? Here is why

iOS 17 has brought several exciting features to iPhones, making them more personal and intuitive. However, some users have encountered issues with the contact poster feature. If you're facing the problem of […]

New iOS 17 features

A sneak peek at new iOS 17 features

Apple has unveiled new iOS 17 features, and it's poised to revolutionize the way we interact with our iPhones. This latest update brings a host of exciting features designed to simplify and […]

Instagram Gift

Instagram Gifts is now available in many countries

Instagram has recently made a significant move to enhance the Reels experience for content creators worldwide. In order to foster creativity and engagement, Instagram Expands Reels Gifts to Creators in More Regions. […]

What is Spotify Songwriter Promo Cards how to use it

Spotify offers a brand new option for artists to express themselves

As a music lover, surely you've wondered about the creative minds behind your favorite songs. Who wrote the lyrics that speak directly to your soul? Who composed the melody that gets stuck […]

20 new iPhone ringtones

Get ready to meet with 20 new iPhone ringtones

Apple enthusiasts have something to look forward to after the release of iPhone 15 as the iPhone is set to receive a fresh update – new iPhone ringtones. These iconic audio alerts […]

How to create WhatsApp Channels

WhatsApp's new feature has been released globally

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature called "WhatsApp Channels". This innovative feature allows users to create and join communities based on shared interests or topics, enabling them to communicate and collaborate […]

iPhone 15 USB-C

An iPhone 15 with a USB-C port will mean more than you think

The upcoming release of the iPhone 15 has generated significant excitement, and for good According to rumors and supply chain sources, this latest iteration of the iconic smartphone will feature a USB-C […]

How to go incognito on iPhone

You can browse the internet privately on your iPhone too

Do you ever want to browse the web without your browsing history being saved? Or maybe you want to keep your search results private from others who might be using your iPhone? […]

How to share feed posts with Close Friends only on Instagram

Your Instagram feed becomes private for your Close Friends

social media platforms are constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of their users. Instagram, one of the most popular social networking sites, is no exception. In a bid to enhance user […]

New Android logo

Google made a small make-over to Android

Google has recently released new feature updates for its Android operating system, which have generated significant attention in the tech community. One of the most notable changes accompanying these updates is the […]

iPhone randomly vibrating

Is your iPhone randomly vibrating?

Smartphones have become an extension of ourselves and the iPhone stands tall as one of the most iconic and beloved devices. However, even the most reliable gadgets can occasionally exhibit puzzling behavior. […]

Google Pixel 8 event

Google did it again

In yet another case of Google unintentionally revealing its upcoming products, the tech giant has accidentally leaked its flagship smartphone, the Pixel 8 Pro. This latest leak comes from none other than […]

fairphone 5

Sustainable and repair-friendly Fairphone 5 released

Different users have different requirements when it comes to selecting a new mobile phone, but there are is some common ground to be found. Device support plays a role, as it determines […]

Whatsapp for mac

WhatsApp's Mac-nificent move

WhatsApp has expanded its functionality once again. The popular messaging platform has officially launched a Mac app that supports video calling for up to eight people simultaneously, as explained in a recent […]

Huawei Mate 60 Pro

Huawei Mate 60 Pro: Specs, colors, price

Today marked the launch of Huawei's latest flagship model, the Huawei Mate 60 Pro. Here is everything you need to know about the new smartphone! According to the official listing, the 12GB+512GB […]

Android Auto disappeared

Why did Android Auto disappeared all of a sudden?

Android Auto is an indispensable feature that enhances the driving experience by seamlessly integrating your Android device with your car's infotainment system. However, recent updates have brought about a frustrating issue: some […]

NothingOS 2.0

NothingOS 2.0 is now available for Nothing Phone (1)

The eagerly awaited update for the Nothing Phone (1) has arrived with the introduction of the NothingOS 2.0. This update is set to redefine the user experience for Nothing Phone (1) users. […]

Google Messages may use Garmin Response for SOS Emergency feature

Google is working on integrating emergency SOS functionality into its Google Messages application. The safety feature is designed to allow users to request help even in locations and situations without mobile and […]

How to disable Android's new Ads Privacy features

Google Android users may see a new message after the installation of updates that informs them that new ads privacy features are available. Google claims that the new features improve user privacy […]

Google Chrome address bar

Chrome address bar is now where you want it to be

Google Chrome is following in Safari's footsteps by introducing a new feature that allows users to move the Chrome address bar to the bottom of the screen, enhancing user accessibility and interaction. […]

Threads web version

Threads web version is finally out

Meta had been working on releasing the Threads web version, and the hard work finally paid off. Some users can now use Threads on the web, and it will be available to […]

What is

What is and why is everyone talking about it?

With the viral crypto application becoming popular, the question "what is" started to echo on social media. is the new sensation in the digital world, a revolutionary crypto-infused social media […]

Snapchat Dreams

Snapchat Dreams is a portal to your imagination

Snapchat is making strides in generative AI with its new project called "Snapchat Dreams". This innovative feature allows users to create personalized digital realms using generative AI technology. As reported by app […]

How to send HD photos on WhatsApp: Newest feature

WhatsApp is known for lowering the quality of sent images but with the latest feature, you can now send HD photos to your friends. Today, we will show you how to send […]

Threads web version might launch sooner than expected

Meta's X competitor, Threads, made an impressive launch on mobile devices, and it is now time to expand the span. The Threads web version was already in the works, and according to […]

Pixel Binary Transparency

With Pixel Binary Transparency, your phone is safer than ever

In a continuous effort to enhance user security, Google has introduced a groundbreaking security feature called Pixel Binary Transparency for its Pixel line of smartphones. This innovation aims to bolster the protection […]

new Threads features

Meta's new Threads features aim to keep the app alive

Despite an impressive launch, Meta's newest social media platform, Threads, is losing daily users and engagement. To keep the application alive, Meta is working to add new Threads features that will hopefully […]

Spotify white noise podcast

Your favorite white noise podcast might not be accessible soon

Spotify, the renowned audio streaming service, has been contemplating the removal of white noise podcasts as a cost-saving measure. These seemingly unassuming podcasts have surprisingly become a significant revenue source for creators […]

WhatsApp HD photos

WhatsApp HD photos feature coming to iOS and Android

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has introduced a new update for both iPhone and Android users, bringing the highly requested "HD photos" feature. This enhancement enables users to send images in high […]

New Android features

Android: how to disable 2G cellular connections to improve security

Google Android users may (soon) disable 2G cellular connections on their devices thanks to a recently integrated feature. The option is designed to harden network security on Android by disabling 2G functionality […]

NYC TikTok ban

NYC TikTok ban comes to city-owned devices

TikTok will no longer be accessible on smartphones owned by the city of New York, and organizations must delete the app within the next 30 days. The NYC TikTok ban comes a […]

Here is the new Instagram Reels display for multi-advertiser ads

Recent leaks show that Instagram is working on a new Reels display specifically for multi-advertiser ads. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms right now, and it is a […]