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Asus Zenfone 10 price

Asus might have leaked Zenfone 10's price

Asus is getting ready to launch its new phone, Zenfone 10, and the company might have leaked its price. The Taiwanese company is expected to announce Zenfone 10 in the upcoming months. […]

Xiaomi q1 result

Xiaomi announces Q1 2023 report: Promising results

Xiaomi has announced its first financial report for Q1 2023 and showed promising results. The company has sold 30 million phones and reached over 600 million active users. The Chinese technology giant […]

iRecorder Screen Recorder

iRecorder Screen Recorder turns villian

An Android app that initially appeared harmless was recently exposed for engaging in covert activities by secretly recording users without their knowledge or consent. The app in question, known as iRecorder Screen […]

Nothing Phone (2) release date announced

According to the latest announcement, Nothing Phone (2) will be revealed in July, and it will include a 4,700mAh battery, confirmed by the company CEO, Carl Pei. Nothing is getting ready to […]

Meet Tako: AI chatbot of TikTok

Recent reposts revealed that TikTok has been working on an AI chatbot named "Tako," it is currently being tested before meeting the community. Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more common in […]

ChatGPT app

ChatGPT app expands to 11 more countries

OpenAI recently revealed the ChatGPT app for smartphones in a couple of countries, and now the company has expanded the list to 11 more nations. OpenAI is expanding the use areas of […]

WhatsApp username

WhatsApp may replace phone numbers with usernames

WhatsApp is constantly working to improve communication experiences. The latest update, WhatsApp Beta for Android, introduces an exciting new feature that could change how users interact on the platform. WABetaInfo has […]

Motorola Razr 40 Ultra price specs

Huge Motorola Razr 40 Ultra leak reveals price, specs

The latest Motorola Razr 40 Ultra leak has revealed everything you need to know about the device, including its price, marketing images, and full specs. Motorola is planning to reveal its new foldable […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Here are the leaked images of Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

The images of Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 have been leaked online, and it is now clear that the smartwatch will have rotating bezels, looking similar to Galaxy Watch 4. There is still […]

Android 14 keyboard shortcuts

Android 14 comes with 29 new keyboard shortcuts

Google's commitment to optimizing the user experience on larger-screen devices like foldables and tablets is evident with the recent introduction of Android 14 Beta 2. Alongside the highly anticipated Pixel Fold announcement, […]

Android BrutePrint attack

Android fingerprint locks are on thin ice

In a recent discovery, researchers from Tencent Labs and Zhejiang University have revealed a concerning vulnerability that puts Android smartphone users at risk. By employing a brute-force attack technique, the researchers successfully […]

Mimestream: The stylish Gmail client for Mac by ex-Apple engineer

After an extensive testing phase spanning over two years, Neil Jhaveri, a former Apple engineer, has officially released his email application for Mac called Mimestream. Jhaveri, who had a significant tenure at […]

Find Android bugs, earn up to $30k

In a recent announcement, Google has unveiled a new bug bounty program for Android, inviting skilled individuals to put their expertise to the test and potentially earn substantial rewards. The program promises […]

Photoshop powered by Firefly's generative AI

Photoshop is receiving a significant enhancement in the form of generative AI integration. The latest update introduces a range of Firefly-based features, empowering users to expand the boundaries of their images by […]

WhatsApp latest security feature may be a nuisance for password manager users

WhatsApp users may set up the application to create automatic backups of their data; this is useful for several purposes, including moving from one device to another without losing all messages and […]

Artifact new features

Artifact strives to be the best

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the brilliant minds behind Instagram, have recently introduced Artifact, a groundbreaking social app. Combining personalized news reading with social engagement, Artifact utilizes machine learning to curate a […]

Samsung Knox Matrix: your fridge may soon help protect your smartphones

Samsung celebrates ten years of its Knox security platform this month. First introduced in 2013, Knox has evolved over the years into a security platform that is protecting "billions of consumers and […]

TikTok Montana

Leave it to the feds: TikTok sues Montana

Montana became the first U.S. state to ban TikTok due to privacy concerns, and now the company has sued the state to reverse the decision. The TikTok ban has always been on […]

WhatsApp will let you edit messages within a 15-minute window

WhatsApp will let you edit messages within a 15-minute window

WhatsApp has announced that it has added a message editing option in its app. The long-requested feature will allow users to correct typos or add something to a text easily. The edit […]

You will soon no longer need third-party apps to create WhatsApp stickers

WhatsApp is rumored to be working on an exciting new feature that could enable users to create stickers directly within the app. According to recent reports, WhatsApp is actively developing a sticker-maker […]

Android 14 will bring app-level screen recording

With a few months remaining until Android 14 starts making its way to compatible devices, details about the upcoming iteration of Google's operating system have been gradually emerging. The information flow commenced […]

How to delete your WhatsApp account without losing personal data

In the wake of recent privacy and security policy changes by WhatsApp, many users are considering switching to alternative messaging platforms like Signal or Telegram. If you are among those planning to […]

What does a red heart mean on Snapchat?

What does a red heart mean on Snapchat?

The famous social networking app Snapchat lets its users share each other photographs and videos that vanish after a certain amount of time. There are a variety of emoticons that may be […]

grammarly business

Grammarly Business: What is it?

Grammarly is one of the most used online tools by students, writers, and a bunch of other people. The company wants to widen its span and get more interest from employees and […]

OpenAI releases official ChatGPT app for iOS; coming soon to Android

OpenAI releases official ChatGPT app for iOS; coming soon to Android

OpenAI has released the official ChatGPT app for iOS. The AI-powered chatbot app is currently available for users in the U.S. ChatGPT's official app is here for iPhone You will need an […]

Fake ChatGPT apps have invaded the AppStore and Play Store

The rapidly growing popularity of OpenAI's advanced chatbot, ChatGPT, has inadvertently paved the way for a surge in deceptive "fleeceware" apps. These fraudulent applications have recently surfaced on Google Play and Apple's […]

whatsapp context menu

WhatsApp to change context menu for better experience

WhatsApp is currently working on a new context menu design for Android that will show both emoji replies and other options like delete and forward simultaneously. It has already been up for […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

Here is the new look of Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is expected to be announced at the Unpacked event, which will take place on July 26, and the first renders of the tablet are out. It is […]

TikTok Montana ban

Montana puts a stop to TikTok

Montana has made headlines as it takes a decisive step by becoming the first state in the United States to impose a complete ban on the popular social media platform, TikTok. Governor […]

Commenting gets animated with GIFs on Instagram

On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg engaged in a discussion with Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, as part of the company's rollout of a collaboration feature on broadcast channels. This exciting development allows […]

SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS now lets you compose messages, translate text

SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS now lets you compose messages, translate text

Microsoft has released a new update for SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS, about a month after adding Bing Chat to it. The app has a built-in translator tool, and a new Compose option […]

TikTok launches Effect Creator Rewards Program to monetize AR effects

TikTok, the popular social media platform, has unveiled an exciting new initiative called "Effect Creator Rewards." This program aims to provide creators with an opportunity to monetize their content by compensating them […]

Microsoft introduces Bing AI Chat widgets for Android and Apple devices

Microsoft is celebrating 100 days since the launch of its AI-powered search on Bing with a range of exciting updates to the system. Among these updates is the introduction of chatbot widgets […]

How to use Google Bard on Android and Apple devices in Europe

Google's recent unveiling of its cutting-edge advancements at the I/O 2023 event showcased an array of technological breakthroughs, with particular excitement surrounding the highly anticipated chatbot known as Bard. Regrettably, European users […]

Motorola Razr 40 Ultra release date

Here is the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra release date

After waiting for a long time, Motorola has finally revealed its new flip phone's, Razr 40 Ultra, release date. The company will launch the new phone worldwide on June 1. Motorola has […]

Zoom Claude

Zoom partners with Anthropic to add Claude

Zoom has partnered with Anthropic to bring the company's chatbot Claude to the platform. It will start with Zoom Contact Center but will be implemented in different areas in the near future. […]

TikTok's mental health awareness hub spreads love among their users

Amid concerns about a potential TikTok ban in the United States, the social media giant has taken proactive measures to introduce a new mental health awareness hub. This initiative aims to provide […]

Meet Intrinsic Flowstate: A new robotic app dev platform

In the ever-evolving landscape of robotics, the spotlight has shifted from the physical machines to a captivating realm of software and programming. While companies have made significant strides in deploying robots across […]

whatsapp chatlock

Privacy First: Here is Chat Lock for WhatsApp

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature that allows users to set a passcode to their chats in the application. Users can also use their Face IDs and fingerprint to access their […]

Spotify brings AI DJ to UK and Ireland

Spotify is set to introduce a groundbreaking AI innovation called "DJ" exclusively for its premium subscribers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This cutting-edge feature focuses on revolutionizing music discovery by providing […]