The games industy is vast, spreading over PC, browser, and mobile platforms with various ways to download or play them. This section covers news from the top gaming developers and publishers, as well as some tips on how to install and configure them.

Nintendo Switch 2 specs design and release date

The next Nintendo console could be just around the corner

Nintendo has been tight-lipped about the potential new Nintendo console, tentatively named "Nintendo Switch 2". With the successful console nearing the end of its life cycle, rumors have been stirring in the […]

Unity CEO John Riccitiello retires

Unity CEO John Riccitiello retires

After weeks of controversy, partial walkbacks, and apologies surrounding a new fee-based business structure for the Unity engine, game developers and financial markets have responded overwhelmingly positively to the recent news of […]

CS 2 hitboxes problem patch

CS 2 hitboxes are finally fixed with the new update

Precision and accuracy are the keys to victory in any first-person shooter game. Counter-Strike 2 (CS 2), the beloved FPS game, had long been plagued by a persistent issue: wonky hitboxes. These […]

Sony PS 5 Slim specs price and more

Sony drops the bomb for the holiday season

The holiday season is a time for celebration and joy, and what better way to celebrate than with a new gaming console? Sony is gearing up to redefine the gaming experience with […]

What is AMD FSR 3 and how to enable it

AMD FSR 3 delivers amazing graphics without breaking the bank

AMD and Nvidia's bitter rivalry has been going on for years, and in essence, both graphics card makers have one goal in mind: to offer gamers better graphics at a lower price. […]

How to enable macOS Sonoma Game Mode

Seamless gaming on your Apple devices with macOS Sonoma

With the release of macOS Sonoma, Apple has introduced an exciting feature for gamers: Game Mode. This new addition aims to enhance your gaming experience on Mac by optimizing performance and reducing […]

Nintendo adds Passkey passwordless authentication support to accounts

Nintendo users who have created an account at Nintendo may now switch to passwordless authentication thanks to passkey integration. Nintendo Switch users do not need an online account to use their device […]

Destiny 2 DDoS attack 2023

Destiny 2 players are battling DDoS attacks

Destiny 2 players are facing an unexpected challenge as Bungie, the game's developer, sheds light on a series of perplexing error codes and disconnection problems. These issues, previously attributed to an in-game […]

Unity apologizes

Unity apologizes for runtime fee changes

Unity, the widely-used game engine, found itself at the center of controversy with its introduction of a new pricing model featuring a Runtime Fee. This decision sent shockwaves through the game developer […]

Unity engine's new pricing model has made game developers furious

Unity engine's new pricing model has made game developers furious

Game engine maker, Unity, has announced a new pricing model that introduces a Runtime Fee. The game developer community has risen against the policy. What is the Unity Runtime Fee policy about? […]

Starfield mods not working

Modding community fails on Starfield

Many Starfield players are facing a frustrating issue where their mods fail to load. Whether you're using Vortex from Nexus Mods or attempting manual mod loading, this bug can occur. As with […]

Starfield performance optimization

The only Starfield performance optimization guide you need

Starfield, Bethesda's highly anticipated space-faring game, offers a visually stunning and immersive experience on PC. However, achieving the best performance can be challenging, even with high-end gaming hardware. In this comprehensive guide, […]

Rockstar sold cracked games

Rockstar Games allegedly sold cracked games on Steam

In an unexpected turn of events, recent reports suggest that Rockstar Games, the renowned developer behind titles like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, has been involved in a controversy. It's […]

China gaming restrictions is not working

Seems like China's gaming restrictions is not working as intended

In a recent report, it has been revealed that China's stringent gaming restrictions have failed to significantly alter the behavior of its gaming enthusiasts. The study sheds light on the impact, or […]

How to fix Starfield graphics card error

Gamers can't explore the Starfield galaxy due to a simple error

The highly anticipated game is finally out on Steam but a lot of gamers are bothered by Starfield graphics card does not meet error, which causes them to not be able to […]

CRPG meaning vs ARPG meaning

CRPG games are rising again from the ashes

In gaming, there are various genres that cater to different types of players. One such genre that has gained immense popularity over the years is CRPG, which stands for Computer Role-Playing Game. […]

Lenovo Legion Go design

Lenovo Legion Go gaming handheld officially unveiled at IFA 2023

Lenovo unveiled its gaming handheld, the Legion Go, at the IFA 2023 tech show in Berlin. The leaks were right, the device does have detachable controllers that are similar to the Nintendo […]

Pokemon DLC leaks

We got some new Pokemon DLC leaks

For dedicated Pokémon fans, it's been a day to tread carefully on social media as yet another Pokemon DLC leaks have surfaced prior to its official release. This time, the leaks concern […]

PlayStation Plus prices are increasing from September 6th

PlayStation Plus prices are increasing from September 6th

Sony has announced that it is increasing its PlayStation Plus. The changes will come into effect next week. Here is what the current prices of the PlayStation Plus plans (annual subscription) cost […]

Lenovo Legion Go images leaked

Lenovo Legion Go could be priced at €799, specs leaked

The Lenovo Legion Go's pricing and technical specifications have been leaked. Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Windows gaming handheld. Per an article that has been published by Windows […]

lol forbidden teaser league of legends briar leak

League of Legends' new champion has been leaked

League of Legends is no stranger to surprises and teasers. However, the recent revelation about the upcoming champion, League of Legends' Briar, has left the community torn between excitement and disappointment. Riot […]

Genshin Impact Kaveh bug

Genshin Impact players in trouble with a new exploit

Genshin Impact, the popular multiplayer role-playing game, is facing a new threat: Genshin Impact Kaveh bug. This exploit has alarmed players worldwide, as videos demonstrate hackers using the Kaveh hack to cause […]

Steam Strategy Fest

Steam Strategy Fest starts today

The highly anticipated Steam Strategy Fest starts today, and all strategy video game lovers from all over the world will have a chance to buy their favorite games at a discounted price. […]

Sony's PlayStation Portal remote player to launch this year at $199.99

Sony's PlayStation Portal remote player to launch this year at $199.99

Sony has revealed the PlayStation Portal, a portable device that lets you stream PS5 games over Wi-Fi. The handheld will be launching later this year. The PlayStation Portal, formerly known as Project […]

Denuvo's DRM for Nintendo Switch games is designed to block emulation on PC

Denuvo's DRM for Nintendo Switch games is designed to block emulation on PC

Yesterday, we reported about how Denuvo's Unreal Engine Protection and Integrity Verification could spell the end of game modding. Now, Irdeto, the company behind the anti-piracy technology, has revealed that Denuvo has […]

Denuvo Unreal Engine Protection and Integrity Verification may put an end to game modding

Denuvo Unreal Engine Protection and Integrity Verification may put an end to game modding

During the opening night of Gamescom 2023, Irdeto announced that it is bringing Denuvo Unreal Engine Protection and Integrity Verification. While blogs have been raving about the games that were announced during […]

Roblox VC not working

Roblox VC not working: Learn how to fix voice chat issues

Video games are considered great hubs to interact with your friends, meet new people, or generally have a better experience by communicating the things you should be doing in the game. However, […]

xbox 360

Microsoft is closing the Xbox 360 Store in 2024: here is what that means

Microsoft plans to shut down the Xbox 360 Store on July 29, 2024 according to an announcement on the company's official Xbox website. Games and DLC continue to be available, if already […]

Brawlhalla not working

Brawlhalla not working: How to fix

Are you also facing the Brawlhalla not working issue? Well, you are not alone. There are many people on the internet having the same problem, and today we will show you how […]

GTA 6 Police Chase footage leaked online

Footage from the GTA 6 Police Chase in an alpha build resurfaced online, shedding light on what fans might expect from the upcoming Rockstar Games title. Last year, eager fans stumbled upon […]

Diablo 4 dev video

Diablo 4 dev video drives gamers crazy

A recently unveiled video featuring the developers of Diablo 4 playing their own game has ignited a wave of criticism within the gaming community. The gameplay showcase has left fans bewildered and […]

Are the latest GTA 6 facial recognition rumors legit?

Rumors say that there will be a facial recognition system to buy Rockstar's upcoming title, GTA 6. However, there are official statements given by ESRB that the system doesn't scan faces hence […]

EA Sports FC 24 beta code not working

Why is EA Sports FC 24 beta code not working

Multiple players are reporting that the EA Sports FC 24 beta code not working properly. Players are faced with issues such as receiving codes for the wrong platform and game altogether. This […]

How to get EA FC 24 closed beta codes

How to get EA FC 24 closed beta codes

The game that football fans have been waiting for is at the door and there is only one question on everyone's mind: how to get EA FC 24 closed beta codes. EA […]

baldur's gate 3 update, bg3 patch notes

Baldur's Gate 3 update: Here are BG3 patch notes

With the latest Baldur's Gate 3 update, the developers fixed almost 300 issues, and now the game offers a much better experience compared to its initial release. Today, we will share with […]

baldurs gate 3 players bg3 player count

BG3 player count: Baldur's Gate 3 players take the game to the top

The recent MMORPG title took the gaming world by storm, and it is currently the most popular game on the market. Baldur's Gate 3 players are enjoying their time, but how many […]

Fortnite Placeholder quest

How to finish the Fortnite Placeholder quest

If you're feeling puzzled by the Fortnite Placeholder quest, you're not alone. Many players worldwide are scratching their heads over this mysterious challenge, desperately seeking answers from Doctor Slone. Don't worry, the […]

How to fix Fortnite matchmaking error

How to fix Fortnite matchmaking error

Fortnite Matchmaking Error has been preventing many players from accessing the popular battle royale game recently. In Fortnite, you team up with friends or other players from around the world to accomplish […]

What is Roblox error 262: "There was a problem sending data"

Roblox has become one of the most played games all around the world, and it continues its rise. However, technical difficulties hurt players' experience, like the Roblox error 262. People who are […]

Fortnite Failed to Download Supervised Settings

How to fix the Fortnite "Failed to Download Supervised Settings" error

Fortnite is a very popular game, but sometimes errors and bugs may alter the gaming experience and give players hard times. The Fortnite  "Failed to Download Supervised Settings" error is also one […]



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