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Configure Different Sensitivities For Touchpad and Mouse

The Windows operating system does not support different sensitivities for input devices. Users who work with touchpads and mice on the computer may experience issues because of this. Some users may for instance feel that the mouse cursor is moving to fast when they connect a mouse to the system.

The reason is simple: Manufacturers set the input sensitivity for touchpad devices to a high level to improve the touchpad's responsiveness. These values are often however too sensitive for mice.

If you connect a mouse to a laptop with touchpad you may experience that the mouse cursor moves to fast on the system. While it is possible to change the sensitivity whenever you connect a mouse - and back when you disconnect it - you may prefer an automated solution that changes the sensitivity automatically whenever the input device is switched.

Auto Sensitivity is a free program for the Microsoft Windows operating system that automates that process. It allows you to define different sensitivities for the computer's touchpad and connected mice.

auto sensitivity

Just run the program on your computer and use the sliders to set the different sensitivity levels. A click on get current moves the slider to the current system sensitivity setting. It is usually necessary to test different sensitivity levels during configuration which may require you to connect and disconnect the mouse several times during the process.

How does the program work? The program sets the sensitivity to the selected touchpad value unless a mouse is connected to the computer. If you connect a mouse it will automatically switch to the selected mouse sensitivity, and when the mouse gets disconnected it will switch back to the touchpad sensitivity. Please note that the touchpad will use the mouse sensitivity whenever a mouse is connected to the PC.

You can configure the program to start minimized and at system startup.

Auto Sensitivity is a specialized tool that is useful for laptop users who experience speed issues when they connect a mouse to their laptop.

The Open Source program requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5, it can be downloaded from the project's Codeplex website.

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    1. Dean said on January 2, 2012 at 10:15 pm

      This would be a joy for my work laptop; however they don’t allow us to connect so much as a USB key, never mind load software onto them!


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