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Windows 11 Fluent Emoji

Latest Windows 11 Insider Preview build lets you change the volume by scrolling the mouse wheel over the tray icon

Microsoft released a new Windows 11 insider preview build a few days ago. The current version is Build 22478.1012. It brings a couple of interesting changes to the operating system. The latest […]

Should you upgrade to Windows 11 for gaming?

Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system has been out for almost two weeks at this point. The operating system is available via Windows Update on compatible devices only, but can also be downloaded […]

windows 11 file explorer new context menu

Windows 11 File Explorer may slow down PCs

Windows 11, which has been released by Microsoft earlier this month, has a number of known issues that affect the performance of certain systems. One major issue affects AMD processors, which may […]

windows 11 amd fix lots of fixes

Microsoft is testing a fix for AMD's Windows 11 performance issue

Microsoft released a new build to Beta and Release Preview Channels of the company's Windows 11 operating system a few hours ago. The patch includes a huge number of fixes for issues […]

winget microsoft store

How to use winget to install Microsoft Store applications

Microsoft released Windows Package Manager 1.1 earlier this month. The new version of the package manager, known as winget by its users, is available for Windows 10 version 1809 and newer, and […]

First Windows 11 update impacts AMD performance issues even more

When Microsoft released Windows 11 last week, AMD published a support article in which it stated that the performance of AMD powered devices was up to 15% worse than on Windows 10 […]

windows security updates october 2021

Windows 11 on incompatible systems: Windows Update is working fine

Yesterday was the first Patch Tuesday after the release of the Windows 11 operating system a week earlier. It was clear that Microsoft would release the first cumulative update for Windows 11 […]

Windows 11's Task Manager now displays the site name, icon, tab title for Microsoft Edge processes

Windows 11's Task Manager now displays the site name, icon, tab title for Microsoft Edge processes

The Task Manager is a very useful feature in Windows, and the processes list is perhaps the most option in the tool. The list shows you the system resource usage of programs […]

windows security updates october 2021

Microsoft Windows Security Updates October 2021 overview

Microsoft released security patches for all supported versions of its Windows operating system today on the October 2021 Patch Tuesday. The company released the first patch for Windows 11, the new version […]

brother printer connection issue windows 11

Brother confirms Windows 11 printer issues

Brother has confirmed an issue that is affecting many of the company's printers on devices running Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system. Printers may not be detected correctly by the operating system if […]

windows 11 volume mixer

Restore the Classic Volume Mixer in Windows 11

Microsoft removed the classic volume mixer in its Windows 11 operating system and replaced it with a page in the operating system's Settings application. The open source tool Classic Volume Mixer restores […]

How to disable TPM, Secure Boot and RAM requirements for Windows 11

Disable TPM, Secure Boot and RAM requirements for Windows 11 with the latest Rufus beta

It has been a week since Windows 11 was released to the stable channel. The reception to the new iteration has been lukewarm for the most part, with most complaints targeting the […]

Your PC is compatible with Windows 11, but you get an error in Windows Update? Microsoft is working on a fix!

Microsoft released its new Windows 11 operating system earlier this month. Devices that are compatible with Windows 11 may be upgraded to Windows 11 for free via Windows Update. Devices that are […]

windows 11 account sign-in turn off windows hello

How to sign-in to Windows 11 automatically

Some Windows users prefer to sign-in to the Windows operating system automatically. While not advised on multi-user systems or systems with confidential files, the automatic login into Windows can speed up the […]

windows 11 known issues resolved

Windows 11: list of known issues and resolved issues

Microsoft released its Windows 11 operating system in early October 2021 to the public. The operating system is rolled out gradually Windows Update to compatible Windows 10 devices as a free update, […]

Windows 11 Widgets Panel

How to uninstall Widgets in Windows 11

Widgets are just one of the new features in Windows 11. Some people like it, some people don't, we are not going to debate its usefulness here. The problem with the app, […]

start 11 start menus for windows 11

Align the Windows 11 Taskbar to the top with Stardock's Start11

Stardock releases the release candidate of Start 11 this week. Start 11 is the latest product in the Start series of products, which started with Start8 for Windows 8. Microsoft made changes […]

amd windows 11 performance issue

AMD says Windows 11 is slowing down its processors by up to 15%

AMD users who have upgraded their devices to Microsoft's new Windows 11 operating system or purchased a new AMD-powered device with Windows 11, may be impacted by an issue that may cause […]

what is a tpm 2.0 chip.

What is TPM and why does Windows 11 require it?

By now you may know that Microsoft's new operating system Windows 11 requires a TPM chip. But why does Windows 11 require a TPM chip, and what is its purpose. In this […]

Windows 11 Gaming Performance

How is the Windows 11 gaming performance? Should you upgrade if you are a gamer?

Windows 11 is the talk of the town, having been released yesterday. Have you upgraded to the new OS? Gamers will have a question about it, no they aren't going to ask, […]

windows 10 activated free upgrade

Is Windows 11 Free?

Microsoft released its Windows 11 operating system on October 5, 2021 officially. Is Windows 11 free? The question can't be answered with a simple yes or not. Windows 11 is free under […]

what needs your attention

Microsoft posts instructions for upgrading to Windows 11 on unsupported PCs

A new support page on Microsoft's support website provides instructions on installing Windows 11. A paragraph on the page includes instructions on upgrading Windows 10 devices that are not compatible with Windows […]

pc health check windows 11 requirements

What does "This PC doesn't currently meet all the system requirements for Windows 11" mean?

Microsoft released its new operating system Windows 11 today. It is available via Windows Update and as a standalone download. Windows 10 users who check Windows Update right now may get the […]

windows 11 from beginner to advanced

My new Windows 11 Book, Windows 11 From Beginner to Advanced: Master Microsoft’s new operating system, is out now (plus Giveaway)

Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system has been released today. Find out how to download Windows 11 here, and how to install Windows 11 on devices without TPM. My new book, Windows 11 […]

Windows 11 Taskbar and Start Menu

Windows 11 review - We take a look at the best features

Windows 11 has been released for all users. If you haven't done so already, check if you have a Windows Update notification to upgrade from Windows 10 for free. Don't worry if […]

How to bypass TPM 2.0 requirement to install Windows 11

How to install Windows 11 without TPM 2.0

In case you missed it, Windows 11 has been officially released a day earlier than anticipated. You may be looking for a way to upgrade to the OS. There are several ways […]

Download Windows 11 ISO

How to download Windows 11

Windows 11 has been released, and you're probably eager to get your hands on it. It doesn't matter if your computer isn't telling you that the update is available. You can download […]

windows 11 file explorer new context menu

How to restore the classic File Explorer context menu in Windows 11

Microsoft changed File Explorer in its new Windows 11 operating system significantly. The default file manager displays just a few icons at the top, instead of the tabbed interface that it uses […]

windows 11 enable secret administrator account

How to enable the hidden Windows 11 administrator account

Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system includes several user accounts, including an administrator account, that are disabled by default. Users who start Windows 11 for the first time need to create a user […]

These antivirus programs are compatible with Windows 11 according to AV Comparatives

AV Comparatives, a site known for its security tests, released a list of antivirus programs that it found to be compatible with Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system. Microsoft will release Windows 11 […]

new microsoft paint windows 11

First look at Windows 11's updated Paint application

Microsoft is working on updates for several of Window's native application. Paint is one of the applications, and the new version of the basic image editor is now being rolled out to […]

new microsoft store

Microsoft's latest attempt at making Microsoft Store more attractive could work

When Microsoft launched its store, then called Windows Store, alongside its Windows 8 operating system, it became clear quickly that it did not have much to offer. The main issue of the […]

mediacreationtool download windows 11 iso

MediaCreationTool.bat: download Windows 11 ISOs and bypass system compatibility checks

MediaCreationTool.bat is a useful script for Windows to download Windows ISO images from Microsoft servers. The developer has updated the program recently; the latest release introduces support for downloading Windows 11 ISO […]

windows 11 updates not entitled

Will unsupported Windows 11 devices be bricked by Microsoft?

When Microsoft announced its Windows 11 operating system, it made it very clear that the operating system was designed for devices that meet the operating system's system requirements. The company pulled the […]

pc health check app

Microsoft's Windows 11 compatibility app PC Health Check is available for everyone now

Wonder whether a PC running Windows is compatible with Microsoft's soon-to-be released operating system Windows 11? Microsoft changed the system requirements of Windows 11 significantly, and many devices that run Windows 10 […]

Nvidia releases GeForce drivers for the final version of Windows 11

Nvidia released updated Game Ready and Studio drivers for the final version of Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system today. The company did release its first Windows 11 ready drivers back in July, […]

microsoft to-do

Some native Windows 11 apps require an Internet connection on first launch

If you launch some native applications on Microsoft's new Windows 11 operating system for the first time, you may notice that these applications need an update from the Internet, more precisely the […]

windows print issue august 2021

Microsoft marks latest Windows printing issue as resolved (KB5005033)

Microsoft acknowledged another printing related issue on Windows. After installing the August 2021 patches for Windows, e.g. KB5005033 or KB5005031, some users noticed that printing was causing issues on said devices. According […]

time and language

How to change the Windows 11 display language

Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system supports dozens of interface languages. The operating system comes with a specific interface language installed, but users may switch to another language using built-in options. You may […]

microsoft windows security-updates-download september 2021

Microsoft Windows Security Updates September 2021 overview

Today is Patch Day over at Microsoft and the company has released security updates and non-security updates for Windows and other company products. Security updates have been released for all client and […]