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Can Moment 3 update make people install Windows 11?

Microsoft has recently unveiled Moment 3, an updated feature for Windows 11 that offers a range of advantageous enhancements and performance improvements. This update holds the potential to persuade numerous Windows 10 […]

Windows 11 saved wi-fi passwords

You can now view your saved Wi-Fi passwords on Windows 11

Forgetful users of Windows 11 can now rejoice as the latest preview of the operating system introduces a feature that allows users to effortlessly view their saved Wi-Fi passwords. This new functionality […]

How to disable stock price information on Windows 11's taskbar

Windows 11's Widget icon is displayed prominently on the Windows 11 taskbar. It is the only icon that is displayed on the left side on the taskbar, while all other icons, including […]

Windows Configuration Updates explained

Microsoft released KB5026446 for Windows 11 version 22H2 a few days ago. The official changelog for the Windows update lists just two new features, even though it is also including the features […]

Windows 11's Get Updates as soon as they're available feature explained

Microsoft introduced a new feature in stable versions of its Windows 11 operating system recently. It is called "Get Updates as soon as they're available" and a new option in the Windows […]

It is getting crowded on the Windows desktop

Widgets, the Edge Bar search field and Microsoft Edge sidebar, and Windows Copilot can all be displayed on the Windows desktop, and that is not even considering other features that Microsoft may […]

Windows is used by over 1 billion users according to Microsoft

It does not happen very often that Microsoft provides information on the number of devices or users of its Windows operating systems or other products. Yesterday was such a day, as Microsoft […]

Soon, Windows 11 users will be able to remove the MSN news feed widget

Microsoft Windows 11 users may soon remove the MSN news feed widget from the operating system's Widgets board. Microsoft made the announcement during a keynote speech at its Build 2023 developer conference. […]

Saving or copying may fail on Windows: here is why

Have you tried saving or copying again? That's Microsoft's workaround for a new issue that is plaguing some users of the company's Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems. Microsoft confirmed the […]

Windows 11 end taskbar

Windows 11 adds End Task option to taskbar

Microsoft is set to revolutionize the user experience of Windows 11 with the introduction of a much-awaited force quit option and a range of taskbar improvements. In response to user demands for […]

KB5026446 for Windows 11 brings new features, but not for everyone

Microsoft has released an update for its Windows 11 operating system, KB5026446, a few hours ago. The preview update includes new features, courtesy of the third Moments update, and lots of fixes. […]

Here's a look at Microsoft's new Windows Backup app

Here's a look at Microsoft's new Windows Backup app

Microsoft has released a new Windows Backup app for users in the Dev Channel. The app will allow users to backup their data to the cloud. The new app is pre-installed in […]

Windows 11 may soon restore apps during setup

One of the features that Microsoft's Windows operating system was lacking up until now was an option to restore installed apps on devices during setup. Google's Android operating system, for instance, supports […]

Windows 11 will soon extract RAR, 7z and other archive formats natively

Microsoft's Build 2023 developer conference first day has brought a number of important announcements regarding the future of Windows 11. While AI integration has been the main focus so far, Microsoft did […]

EverythingToolbar Windows search gets an update checker

A new version of the open source EverythingToolbar application introduces support for automatic update checks and makes other improvements. EverythingToolbar is a companion app for the popular Windows search tool Everything. Everything […]

Gadget-like widgets to make a comeback on Windows 11

In recent weeks, Microsoft has been diligently engaged in reviving a distinctive aspect of Windows Vista, which generated significant debate during its time: desktop widgets, known as gadgets back then. It is […]

Windows 11 bug

Microsoft struggles to find solutions to Windows 11 problems

Windows 11 has been plagued by a range of issues, leaving both users and the tech giant grappling for solutions. Recent reports reveal that Microsoft has acknowledged the existence of certain problems […]

The Windows Start, Search and UWP opening issue is back

Microsoft has updated a Windows issue on May 18, 2023 that has plagued Windows users since January 2023. It describes an issue that affects the opening of apps on the Start Menu, […]

How to fix internal drives showing up as removable on Windows 11

There is a clear distinction between internal, or fixed, hard drives and removable drives. The most common difference is that removable drives are usually connected to outside ports of the device. Removal […]

Don't expect too much from Windows 11 version 23H2

Microsoft is still on track to release a feature update for its Windows 11 operating system later this year. The company announced a stop for feature updates for Windows 10, but Windows […]

Photos app for Windows 11 insiders adds Slideshow, Timeline Scrollbar and Spot Fix

Windows 11's Photos app gets support for WebP

Microsoft started the rollout of an updated version of its Photos app for Windows 11 to Windows Insiders earlier this month. The rollout is still ongoing, but anyone interested may download the […]


Microsoft still fiddling around with Windows 11's Local Security protection is off issue

Microsoft confirmed the "Local Security Authority protection is off" Windows 11 issue in March 2023. The company then produced a solution for it, but had to retract the solution as it was […]

List of Microsoft products that reach end of support in 2023

Several Microsoft products will reach end of support in 2023, including versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11, Microsoft Office and Server products. Two major versions of Windows have reached end of […]

How to use Phone Link with iPhone to send messages from your PC

Microsoft introduced Phone Link for iOS a few weeks ago. The company has made the feature available for all Windows 11 users, here's how you can set it up. Please note that […]

Microsoft removes MSN and most ads from Windows 11's Weather App

Microsoft released an updated Weather application for Windows 11 last month to development channels. The updated version turned the, rather basic, weather app of the operating system into a totally different product. […]

Windows 10 will still get smaller feature updates

When Microsoft revealed that the current Windows 10 version would be the last, it was not clear if Windows 10 would still get smaller feature updates or if Microsoft would limit updates […]

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Windows 11 is getting these new features soon

Microsoft plans to release the next Moments update for Windows 11 soon. Moments updates are smaller feature updates that introduce changes to the Windows 11 operating system. The company has not revealed […]

Windows 10 21H2 systems will be upgraded to 22H2 automatically

Microsoft's Windows 10 version 21H2 operating system reaches end of servicing in June 2023. To ensure that devices continue to receive security updates, Microsoft announced that these devices will be updated to […]

Microsoft may take up to a year to fix 0-day boot bug

Microsoft finds itself in a race against time as it tackles a significant and alarming 0-day secure boot bug that has sent shockwaves through the tech community. This critical vulnerability, known as […]


Microsoft patches several critical security issues on the May 2023 Windows Patch Day

Microsoft released security updates and non-security updates for all supported versions of its Windows operating system and other company products on the May 2023 Patch Tuesday. All versions of Windows are affected […]

Is Microsoft restoring Windows 7 Gadgets feature in Windows 11?

Microsoft introduced support for gadgets, small apps that ran directly on the desktop, in Windows Vista. Gadgets were limited to a sidebar in Windows Vista and unlocked in Windows 7, so that […]

Another area in Windows 11 may show ads in the future

Most customers who have bought Windows 11 or upgraded from an earlier version of Windows that they bought may not have expected that they will see more and more advertisement in the […]

Stay up to date with your friends with the new Windows 11 Facebook Widget

Microsoft has announced a new set of updates for Windows 11 Insiders, with a focus on improving the user experience across the operating system. In this article, we'll take a closer look […]

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23451 brings an End Task option to the Taskbar's right-click menu

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23451 brings an End Task button to the Taskbar's right-click menu

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23451 is now available for users in the Dev Channel. The latest update adds a new shortcut to the Taskbar's context menu.   Windows 11 will let […]

How to reset user permissions on Windows 11 devices?

Resetting user permissions on a Windows 11 device is an essential troubleshooting step that can help resolve app or program issues. If you've been having problems with user profile settings, it may […]

Photos app for Windows 11 insiders adds Slideshow, Timeline Scrollbar and Spot Fix

Photos app for Windows 11 insiders adds Slideshow, Timeline Scrollbar and Spot Fix

Microsoft has updated the Photos app for Windows 11 insiders with some fixes and a couple of features. The slideshow and time scrollbar options are back. Microsoft brings Slideshow support to Photos […]

Windows administrators may now receive email alerts about known issues

Windows system administrators who want to stay up to date regarding known issues may subscribe to email alerts know that inform them of updates. Known Windows issues describe problems with different versions […]

Windows 11 gained more than 11% in April 2023 on Steam

Valve Software published the Steam Hardware and Software statistics for April 2023 today. Last month saw Microsoft's newest operating system drop by almost 8% and Windows 10 gaining almost 10%. This month, […]

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Windows 10 kept its dominating lead in April 2023 over Windows 11

Windows 10 continues to be the most popular version of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system, even though Windows 11's usage share continues to climb. Usage statistics tracking service Statcounter published its stats […]

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Windows Development: overview of the April 2023 changes

Work on various Windows 11 development editions continued in April 2023. Microsoft announced the end of feature updates for Windows 10 in March 2023, which means that most, if not all, upcoming […]