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First look at Brave Browser's upcoming Off The Record feature

Brave Software plans to launch a new privacy feature, called Off The Record, in the upcoming Brave Browser 1.53. Off The Record addresses a very specific use case: it is designed to […]

opera aria ai

You may now communicate with an Ai called Aria in Opera's web browsers

Opera Software announced the integration of AI into its web browsers today. Aria is based on OpenAI technology and is launched as a preview in Opera One and Opera for Android browsers. […]

bing chat

Bing Chat keeps a conversation history now

Microsoft's Bing Chat search is getting a large number of new features and updates regularly. Microsoft publishes updates regularly on the Bing website that list new features and improvements. The most recent […]

Neeva shuts down its search engine to focus on AI products

Remember Neeva? We reviewed the search engine back in 2022. The startup promised a better search experience and based this on a number of product ideas. One of the core ones was […]

arc browser features

Best Arc browser features to check out

Arc is one of the most underrated browsers in the market, and most people are not even aware of it. In this guide, we will show some of the best Arc browser […]

Asus responds to mass router outage that customers experienced

Asus customers from around the world started to report that their Asus routers were having a issue on Wednesday. For most users, their routers appeared to be freezing every few minutes or […]


Internet Explorer 11 is still not dead and will live another day

Microsoft ended support for its Internet Explorer 11 browser on Windows 10 in 2022. The company then explained that it would remove the browser from Windows 10 systems, stating that it would […]

Vivaldi for iOS is now available in TestFlight

Vivaldi for iOS is now available in TestFlight

Vivaldi for iOS is finally here, as part of a TestFlight beta program. Here are our first impressions of the new mobile browser. A tour of Vivaldi for iOS Vivaldi's iOS app […]

Brave browser introduces Forgetful Browsing

As we reported two days ago, Brave Software has been developing a fresh privacy feature named Forgetful Browsing for its Brave Browser. It's finally here. The issue of online security and privacy […]

Microsoft's bid to make Bing the default Firefox search engine

Microsoft's Bing search engine could soon become the default search engine of Mozilla's Firefox web browser. All web browsers come with a default search engine that is used when users run searches. […]

google search

Google is chasing other search engines now

Up until very recently, Google Search was the clock when it came to online search. Google Search dominated, and still dominates, search, but the tide seems to be turning, and it is […]

microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge 113 removes Basic Enhanced Security Mode

Microsoft has just released Microsoft Edge 113 Stable for all supported operating systems and platforms. The new version of the browser makes a change to its Enhanced Security Mode, automatic updating on […]

Zoho launches Ulaa, a web browser with specialized browsing modes

Zoho has launched Ulaa, a new web browser that it claims is private, secure and "superfast". Ulaa is available for all major desktop and mobile operating systems. Interested users may download it […]

Brave update improves script blocking and Google Sign-In privacy

Brave Software published a new version of its Brave web browser today. Brave 1.51 adds several privacy-focused features to the browser or improves existing ones. The new version of Brave browser is […]

Brave Search reaches full independence

Brave Software announced that its search engine Brave Search has reached full independence of other search engines. Brave Search's journey began in 2021 with the acquisition of Tailcat's search engine and development […]

Microsoft Edge submits nearly any visited page to Bing. Here is how you turn that off!

Microsoft's Edge web browser is submitting nearly any visited webpage to Bing automatically. The privacy issue was detected last week and reported on Reddit, and users have been scrambling ever since to […]

How to download the Opera One web browser

Opera Software has launched a developer preview of its upcoming main web browser Opera One on April 25, 2023. The first public release version of the web browser will replace the current […]

Opera One website

Opera One: fully redesigned Opera browser and big bet on AI

Opera Software unveiled Opera One just a moment ago. Opera One is a fully redesigned web browser by the company that will replace Opera's flagship web browser in the future. For now, […]

DuckDuckGo disables most search filters from Search

Internet search engine DuckDuckGo launched an update recently that removed most search filters, also called operators, from the search engine. Removed search operators include "" to search for exact terms,  the "-" […]

Bing Chat gets LaTeX support for mathematical equations

Microsoft has integrated support for LaTeX into Bing Chat this week. Bing Chat is a special version of OpenAI's ChatGPT dialogue-focused AI. Launched in 2023, Bing Chat has been a huge success […]

Imgur's Big Cleanup of Site will remove nudity, pornography and sexually explicit content

The popular image hosting destination Imgur plans to change its Terms of Service on May 15, 2023. The big cleanup of content on the site will remove nudity, pornography and sexually explicit […]

Police leaves Mullvad offices empty handed after trying to gain access to customer data

Mullvad, the Sweden-based maker of the Mullvad VPN solution, confirmed today that police showed up at the company's offices with a search warrant. This happened on April 18, 2023 according to the […]


How to access Reddit on mobile without signing-in or using the Reddit app

It is not uncommon to find Reddit links in the results of Internet searches, in chats, emails, or by subscribing to domain feeds on Reddit. If you click on a link that […]

emuos retro games

EmuOS: run retro games and apps right in your browser

If you experienced the late DOS days or early Windows days first hand and want to relive those, or want to experience it for the first time, then you may want to […]

If Reddit's Paid API plans become reality, free third-party Reddit apps are doomed

Reddit posted an "update regarding Reddit's API" today on the official Reddit subforum on the site. In it, the company explains that it will be updating its terms for developers "to ensure […]

Vivaldi 6.0 launches with Workspaces feature

Vivaldi Technologies has just launched Vivaldi 6.0, the latest stable version of the company's Vivaldi web browser. Vivaldi 6.0 is a major upgrade, which introduces support for the new Workspaces feature and […]

Microsoft Bing has become very popular and the firm keeps on developing the tool, lastly adding a new "Official Site" label for credibility.

Microsoft testing a new Compact View mode on Bing Search

If you have used Microsoft's Bing search engine lately, you may have noticed that its search results pages offer so many information that it may be difficult to focus on the page. […]

Opera's free VPN service is now available in its iOS browser

Opera's free VPN service is now available in its iOS browser

Opera browser for iOS now has the company's free VPN service built-in to the app. The VPN is already available in the Android, Windows, Linux and Mac versions of the browser. Opera […]

How to disable Microsoft Edge's Workspaces feature

Microsoft unveiled Workspaces for Microsoft Edge earlier this month. The company launched Workspaces as a limited preview in the web browser, but all users of Edge may enable the feature already, as […]

Brave for Android is now blocking annoying "use our app" prompts on websites

When you open certain websites on mobile devices, you may get prompts to install the site's app to display the content in the app. While that may be useful at times, it […]

Image Creation is now just a mouse-click away in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is rolling out a new AI tool; this time, the company is adding Image Creator, an AI-powered tool to generate images based no user descriptions, to its Microsoft Edge web browser. […]

Microsoft AI event, "The Future of Work with AI," is at the door, and there are some guesses on what the company could reveal.

Microsoft Edge 112 ships with security fixes and improvements

Microsoft has released Microsoft Edge 112, a new stable version of the company's web browser. Edge 112 is a security update first and foremost, that follows the regular Chromium release schedule. Google […]

Microsoft Edge Workspaces: create, share and collaborate on sets of tabs

Microsoft has launched a public preview of Workspaces in Microsoft Edge, a feature designed to create, share and work on sets of tabs. The new feature, which was in the making for […]

Brave Browser 1.50 is a security and feature update

Brave Software published Brave Browser 1.50 for the desktop earlier today. The new version of Brave addresses security updates and includes a large number of new features, improvements and changes next to […]

learneo languagetool

LanguageTool is now part of Learneo

LanguageTool, a writing service used by millions of users to spellcheck writing and grammar, has been acquired by Learneo. LanguageTool offers multilingual grammar, style and spell checking on the web, as browser […]


Mullvad Browser: Privacy friendly browser launched

Look, a new web browser that is not Chromium-based. Mullvad has just launched Mullvad Browser, a privacy-first web browser that is using the Firefox web browser as its base. Mullvad is a […]

Can't use Google Nearby Share? Use open source Snapdrop instead

Nearby Share is a built-in feature on Android to share files with others using Bluetooth. Google launched a Windows preview of Nearby Share this week, but it is limited in several ways. […]

Bing Chat can return images and videos now

Microsoft has integrated image and video chat search options into Bing Chat. The AI may return images or videos directly in the search results, adding even more capabilities to Bing Chat. When […]

Meet Tempest, a new search engine that doesn't sell your data

The landscape of the internet has transformed dramatically in recent years, with our search engines and browsers serving as the gateways to the hyper-connected world we inhabit. However, this also raises concerns […]

Netflix could expand its gaming service to TVs

Netflix could expand its gaming service to TVs

Netflix is working on a way to bring its gaming service to TVs. The company stepped into the video game industry in Late 2021 with just a handful of games, but its […]