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How to use Google Search entirely AI-free automatically

Google is integrating AI information into Google Search. Called AI Overviews, it is a feature that is rolling out to users from specific regions already. The feature adds an AI response to […]

WhatsApp for iOS adds support for Passkeys

WhatsApp for iOS adds support for Passkeys

WhatsApp has announced that it is rolling out Passkeys support on iOS. The Meta owned messaging company originally introduced the passwordless login option for Android users in October last year. Passkeys have […]

Brave Search Answer with AI

Brave Search: Answer with AI takes over, but you can turn it off

Brave Search's new Answer with AI feature is now available. The feature replaces AI Summarizer, which was used on Brave Search previously to provide summaries based on user queries. In a nutshell: […]

Microsoft Edge

Dear Microsoft, why cannot I uninstall Microsoft Edge on Windows?

It is April 2024. The deadline for compliance with the Digital Markets Act was in March 2024. Still, even with all the latest updates installed, I cannot uninstall Microsoft Edge from any […]

Proton acquires encrypted note-taking app Standard Notes

Proton acquires encrypted note-taking app Standard Notes

Proton has announced that it has completed the acquisition of the encrypted note-taking app, Standard Notes. The company says that the privacy-focused Proton has been expanding its portfolio steadily overtime, evolving from […]

Disney Plus' password-sharing crackdown begins in June

Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that the company will start implementing new rules to prevent users from sharing their accounts with other people. Disney Plus' password-sharing crackdown will begin in June. […]

Gemini Google

Google considers charging you extra for AI-powered Google Search features

A report by the Financial Times (via Neowin) suggests that Google is considering charging search users for use of AI-powered search features. The push towards an AI powered future has reached search […]

ChatGPT no longer requires an account, but there are some limitations

ChatGPT no longer requires an account to use, but there are some limitations

OpenAI has announced a major change to its AI-based chat service. ChatGPT is now available for use without signing up for an account. Technically, this isn't the first AI-powered service to go […]

Microsoft Edge fixes 0-day vulnerability: confirms all Chromium-based browsers vulnerable

Microsoft released a security update for its Edge web browser that address several security issues, including one that is exploited in the wild. Google released security updates for its Chrome web browser […]

Brave no longer installs VPN Services on Windows for everyone

Brave Software released a new stable version of the company's web browser this week. Besides more AI and several improvements, it is also introducing a change regarding the installation of VPN services […]

You can now zoom images easier in Microsoft Edge thanks to new Magnify feature

Microsoft added a new feature to its Edge browser recently that improves how you zoom images in the browser. Most websites restrict the width of content and this impacts images as well. […]

Tor launches WebTunnel Bridge as another way to bypass censorship

The Tor Project announced the immediate release of WebTunnel Bridge, a new way for Tor users to bypass censorship. Not all Tor users may fire up the official client to connect to […]

Avast has been fined by the FTC for using its privacy software to harvest and sell user data

Avast has been fined by the FTC for using its privacy software to harvest and sell user data

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has found Avast guilty for using its privacy apps to harvest and sell user data. The company is also banned from selling or licensing browsing data for […]

Brave Browser 1.63 launches with vertical tabs on right support and more AI

Brave Software released a new version of its Brave Browser to the public. Brave Browser 1.63 includes several new features and improvements of existing features. Highlights include that vertical tabs may now […]

DuckDuckGo browser now supports password and bookmark syncing

DuckDuckGo browser now supports password and bookmark syncing across devices

DuckDuckGo browser is now capable of syncing your passwords and bookmarks across devices. You don't need to create an account to use the feature. Rival browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, […]

Microsoft Edge's latest AI tool sends open websites to Microsoft

Microsoft Edge's latest AI feature helps users put open tabs into groups for improved management. Tab Groups, introduced in Microsoft Edge in 2021, is a useful feature to improve tab organization in […]

Brave Browser 1.62: strict fingerprinting protection and HTTPS Everywhere changes

Brave Software released a new stable version of Brave Browser earlier today. Brave Browser 1.62 is a feature and security update for the Chromium-based web browser. The update is available already and […]

Is APKPure Safe?

In the world of Android apps, APKPure has made quite a name for itself. This online repository is teeming with freeware, shareware, and even some hard-to-find Android apps. But as an informed […]

Brave Browser: strict fingerprinting protection will be removed

Brave Software announced that it will remove the strict fingerprinting option from its Brave Browser. The company cites several reasons for the removal, including that it has been a major website breakage […]

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge: screenshot tool gets AI, OCR and image search capabilities

Microsoft Edge, like many other web browsers, has a screenshot tool. Called Web capture in Edge Stable, it lets you capture screenshots quickly by drawing rectangles on the screen. Microsoft launched a […]

Netflix's ad-supported plan has over 23 Million Monthly users

Netflix's ad-supported plan has over 23 Million Monthly users

A Netflix executive has said that the streaming service's ad-supported tier has over 23 Million users per month. The company says that user engagement on the ad-supported plan is high. The streaming […]

Microsoft Edge: AI Browser is the browser's new name on Android and iOS

Microsoft has renamed its Microsoft Edge web browser for Android and iOS to Microsoft Edge: AI Browser. A visit to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store page of the browser […]


Cookie Pledge: EU admits that cookie banners are annoying, suggests remedy

The European Union plans to make changes to the "cookie law" that it introduced several years ago to give its citizen more control over tracking and advertising on the Internet. While it […]

Marginalia is a search engine that you should check out

Marginalia is not your typical search engine. Major search engines like Google Search or Bing Search are becoming vessels to push advertisement and sites that push advertisement. Yes, that is a generalization, […]

MSEdgeRedirect's Europe Mode sets your Windows region to Europe

In the coming months, Windows users from many European countries will be allowed to remove Microsoft Edge, Bing Search and other features of the operating system natively. Microsoft announced the change in […]

Germany: Cancellation of online subscriptions must be possible without logging in

The termination of online contracts must be possible without logging in to the website of a service. This rule was confirmed by the Munich Regional Court following a lawsuit brought by the […]


Microsoft's new "use Bing" prompt in Edge is missing a vital option

Microsoft Edge shows a new prompt to some users that asks them to make Microsoft Bing the default search engine. Bing Search, which is the default search engine of Microsoft Edge, may […]


How to make Microsoft Edge look better on Windows 11

Microsoft released Microsoft Edge 120 recently. The latest update of its modern web browser did not introduce much in the feature department, at least when you consult the official release notes. Microsoft […]

Dropbox is sending user data to OpenAI

Is Dropbox sending user data to OpenAI? There is an opt out!

Dropbox has been caught in a controversy, after users discovered that an experimental AI-feature has been sending user data to OpenAI. The option is enabled by default for premium users of the […]

Vivaldi 6.5 Sessions feature

Vivaldi update brings Session Panel, full History sync and more

Vivaldi Technologies has just released a new major version of the Vivaldi web browser for desktop and notebook operating systems. The latest major update of 2023 is packed with new features that […]

Opera Lucid Mode 2.0 brings refined controls and a comparison slider

Opera Lucid Mode 2.0 brings refined controls and a comparison slider

About a year ago, I wrote about Lucid Mode in Opera browser. Now, the feature has been enhanced with Lucid Mode 2.0. In case you are not aware of what it does, […]

New Reddit logo

Rising from the ashes with the new Reddit logo

Reddit, the popular social media platform known for its vibrant communities and lively discussions, has recently undergone a rebranding amidst the Reddit IPO rumors, introducing a refreshed logo and a suite of […]

How to turn off Opera startup sound

Please tune it down Opera!

Opera stands out as a popular choice for users seeking a fast, secure, and feature-rich browsing experience. However, one aspect of Opera that can sometimes be bothersome is the startup sound that […]

Evernote Free User Limit and offer

Free Evernote users may soon be limited to 50 notes

Remember Evernote? The note taking service was acquired in 2022 by Bending Spoons, an Italy-based maker of mobile applications. Back then, Evernote was said to have 250 million users and a revenue […]

Huawei satellite internet

Huawei enters the satellite internet arena

The race to provide global internet access has taken a significant leap forward with Huawei's recent testing of its Starlink-like satellite internet service. The concept of satellite internet has been around for […]

Mozilla launches AI shopping helper Fakespot Chat

Fakespot Chat is an AI-powered shopping helper by Mozilla-owned Fakespot. Fakespot is a free service designed to analyze product reviews online to provide Internet users with adjusted ratings. The main idea behind […]

Microsoft Edge is getting video translations

After launching live captions support for online videos in Microsoft Edge, and later on in Windows, Microsoft is working on the next big step to improving the online video experience in its […]

Omegle shut down after 14 years

We say goodbye to Omegle after 14 years

On the internet, few platforms have left as lasting an impression as Omegle. For 14 years, this online chat haven has connected strangers from across the globe, fostering a unique digital camaraderie. […]

Samsung ai ban

Samsung unveils Gauss, its generative AI model

Samsung announced Samsung Gauss during the company's Samsung AI Forum 2023 event in Seoul today. Samsung Gauss consists of three AI tools, namely Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code and Samsung Gauss […]

openai gpts

OpenAI launches custom versions of ChatGPT that it calls GPTs

OpenAI launched GPTs, custom versions of ChatGPT, on November 6, 2023. These special versions of ChatGPT are created for specific purposes to help users "in their daily life, at specific tasks, at […]