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brave browser bounce tracking debouncing

Brave improves bounce tracking protection with new Debouncing feature

The Nightly version of the Brave desktop browser supports a new privacy feature that Brave calls Debouncing. Debouncing is designed to disarm a tracking method called Bounce Tracking, or Redirect Tracking. Bounce […]

cyberghost speed local

CyberGhost: cheap VPN with good media streaming support, but problematic parent company

CyberGhost is a commercial VPN provider that was founded in 2011 in Romania. The company’s VPN service is available for all major desktop and mobile operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, […]

IPVanish VPN Review: good performance, but not the cheapest

IPVanish is a commercial VPN service based in the USA that has been established since 2012. There are desktop programs available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as apps for iOS […]


PureVPN Brings Faster Speeds than Ever with its 20Gbps Server Upgrade

PureVPN, a highly-rated VPN provider, has upgraded its server infrastructure in three key locations. The company recently announced that it has added new 20Gbps servers in the United States and the United […]

vivaldi 4.3 translate

Vivaldi 4.3: translate, usability and privacy improvements

Vivaldi Technologies has just released Vivaldi 4.3 for the desktop and for Android. The new version of the web browser is a significant upgrade, as it improves several key tools and features […]

connection test

Some Mac and Android users experience website connection issues caused by expired Let's Encrypt certificates

Reports are coming in that Internet users who run Mac devices or older Android devices are experiencing connection issues on some sites they visit in most web browsers. Mac users who experience […]

brave default browser microsoft edge

Brave 1.30 supports Microsoft Edge's protocol on Windows to become the true default browser on Windows 10 and 11

Brave 1.30 introduces a new option for devices running Windows 10 or Windows 11, which allows the browser to become the default browser for Microsoft Edge's internal protocol. Searches and internal pages […]

brave talk

Brave Talk: Video Conferencing for the Brave Browser

Remember Brave Together, the video calling feature that Brave added to the Nightly version of its web browser in May 2020? Brave Together has been renamed to Brave Talk and is now […]

Is Kape's acquisition of ExpressVPN cause for concern?

Kape Technologies PLC, a company that changed its name from Crossrider to distance itself from its checkered past, has acquired the popular VPN service ExpressVPN. Express VPN is Kape's fourth acquisition in […]

vivaldi 4.2 translate selection

Vivaldi 4.2 is out with improved text translation functionality

Vivaldi Technologies released a new version of the company's Chromium-based desktop web browser, Vivaldi, today. Vivaldi 4.2 introduces support for the translation of selections in the web browser among other things. The […]

nordvpn vs pia

NordVPN vs. Private Internet Access Comparison

NordVPN and Private Internet Access (PIA) are two popular VPN services. If you are looking for a new VPN provider to subscribe to, you may wonder which of the two comes out […]

edge vertical tab groups

Microsoft Edge 93 released with Tab Groups and Vertical Tabs improvements

Microsoft released a new version of the company's Microsoft Edge web browser on September 2, 2021. Microsoft Edge 93 is an update for the stable channel of the browser that introduces new […]

Google has added the Presearch browser

Google has added Presearch as a default option on Android devices in Europe

Google has just announced that they will be adding private, decentralized search engine Presearch to the default options on Android devices in the UK and Europe. This option will be available for […]

brave 1.30 blocking settings

Brave Browser: content blocking changes to improve web compatibility

The developers of the Brave Browser revealed in a new blog post on the official company site that the browser's logic for blocking content will change inthe upcoming Brave Browser 1.30 version. […]

pia local

Private Internet Access review: fast and affordable VPN with issues

Private Internet Access, short PIA, is a commercial VPN service, established in 2009, with desktop programs for Windows, Mac and Linux devices, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and options to set […]

LastPass Password Manager review

Is LastPass Password Manager worth using?

Manage your passwords with LastPass: An in-depth review Have you ever struggled to remember a password for an account? It happens, we use a lot of accounts, and a different one for […]

vivaldi browser translate selection

You may soon translate text bits in Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi Technologies introduced translate functionality in Vivaldi 4.0, released in June 2021. Soon, Vivaldi users will be able to translate selected text on any webpage they visit. Vivaldi's translate feature does not […]

microsoft edge security mitigations

Microsoft Edge's Super Duper Secure Mode lands in Settings

Microsoft unveiled a new security feature called Super Duper Secure Mode in the company's Microsoft Edge web browser about two weeks ago. Super Duper Secure Mode is an experimental feature to make […]

microsoft edge vertical tabs no titlebar

Microsoft Edge 93: hide the titlebar in vertical tab mode

The upcoming Microsoft Edge 93 web browser includes vertical tab mode improvements. Users may flip a switch in Edge to hide the browser's titelbar to gain extra pixels while using vertical tabs. […]

The Edge web browser for Android and its future

New Edge web browser launched for Android

Over the last few years, the Microsoft Edge web browser has won over many users on both Windows and Apple devices. Six weeks ago, they released a beta version on the Canary […]

vivaldi 4.1 stay in browser

Vivaldi 4.1 for Android: stay in browser feature and tab stacks support

Vivaldi released a new version of its Vivaldi web browser for Android on August 4, 2021. Vivaldi 4.1 is available via Google Play for devices running Android 5 or higher. Existing users […]

save as pdf chrome

Which web browser is the most efficient webpage PDF Saver?

All desktop web browsers support saving webpages to various formats. The option that is most exposed comes in form of the "Save As" menu that is available in various places, usually in […]

vivaldi tab stacks accordion

Vivaldi Browser 4.1 introduces Accordion Tabs and Automation

Vivaldi Technologies released Vivaldi Browser 4.1 Stable on July 28, 2021. The new version of the Vivaldi Browser is the first major version of the web browser after the release of Vivaldi […]

nordvpn missing specialty servers

NordVPN vs. ExpressVPN Comparison

NordVPN and ExpressVPN are two popular, highly rated, VPN services. If you are looking for a new VPN service to join, you may wonder which of the two comes out at the […]

microsoft-edge autoplay block option

Microsoft Edge 92 won't autoplay all media anymore by default

Microsoft released a new stable version of its Edge web browser, Microsoft Edge 92, earlier this week. Edge 92 is a big update that introduces lots of new features for home users […]

expressvpn interface windows

ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is a VPN service by Express VPN International Ltd. It is available as a desktop program for Windows, Mac and Linux devices, as a mobile application for Android and iOS, and […]

nordvpn interface

NordVPN Review: how good is the VPN service?

NordVPN is a commercial VPN service with desktop programs for Windows, Mac and Linux devices, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and options to set up the service manually on modems, routers, […]

brave permissions time-based

Brave Browser's new privacy protections: time-based permissions and more

Brave added several privacy protection improvements to the company's Brave Browser recently. One of them improves the permissions dialog that the browser displays when sites request access to certain information such as […]

google bookmarks end of support

Google is shutting down Google Bookmarks. Here are alternatives

Google will shut down its Bookmarks service on September 30, 2021. The service won't be available afterwards anymore and users who use it have until then to export their bookmarks to save […]

umatrix interface

uMatrix has an unfixed vulnerability: here is a workaround

Raymond Hill's uBlock Origin and uMatrix browser extensions are popular content blockers. While uBlock Origin is maintained actively by Hill, uMatrix development ended in 2020. A fork, nMatrix, designed for the Pale […]

microsoft edge 2021 upcoming features

Here is what Microsoft has in store for Edge in the second half of 2021

Microsoft updated the What's Next feature roadmap of its Microsoft Edge web browser recently, giving users and administrators a glimpse of the status of major upcoming features of the company's browser. You […]

Drive for Desktop Windows File Explorer

Google will start prompting users to switch to Drive for Desktop from July 19th; Backup and Sync will stop working on October 1st

Earlier this year, Google announced its plans to unify its Drive desktop programs for Windows and macOS. For those unaware, the search giant offers two applications for Drive, Backup and Sync and […]

vivaldi quick commands

First Look at Vivaldi Browser's Command Chains feature

Vivaldi Technologies is testing a new feature called Command Chains currently in the Vivaldi Browser. Command Chains allow users to chain commands so that all of them are executed when invoked. Sometimes, […]

Here's what we gathered from the Brave Search AMA on Reddit

Here's what we gathered from the Brave Search AMA on Reddit

Brave Search has been available in beta for a couple of weeks, and its developers held an AMA (ask Me Anything) session recently on reddit to answer queries from users. Here's what […]

microsoft edge tab groups

Tab Groups in Microsoft Edge work better, thanks to vertical tabs

Microsoft Edge is getting Tab Groups functionality just like Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers. Chromium developers started to add support for tab groups in May 2020, and improved it since with […]

Opera GX update brings a Light mode for the interface

Opera has updated its gaming browser, Opera GX, to add a new feature. The program now has a Light mode that you can enable for the interface. Unlike most programs, the browser […]

opera videoconferencing popout

Opera Browser adds support for video call popouts and Pinboards

Opera Software released a new version of its Opera web browser for the desktop today. Opera R5, that is the codename of the browser, introduces support for video call popouts and the […]

Microsoft Edge Tab Sharing notification

Microsoft Edge now lets you send tabs to your other devices

Many desktop browsers allow you to sync tabs between your devices using their built-in protocol. Sending a tab from one computer to another manually, is slightly different. It's sort of like sharing […]

replace start menu search

You may replace Windows Search with EverythingToolbar now

The latest beta of the Windows search tool Everything Toolbar supports replacing Windows Search with Everything Search. Everything Search is a popular third-party search tool for Windows devices that comes with everything […]

brave search beta

Brave Search Beta is now available publicly

Brave Search, a new search engine by the makers of Brave Browser, is now available publicly. Brave revealed some time ago that it was working on an independent search engine that would […]