Feed List

This is a list of the most important RSS News Feeds that are available at They are just a selection of the available feeds. It is practically possible to create feeds on the fly by appending /feed/ to the url of the page, e.g. the feed for the main page would be, for the Firefox category it would be and so on.

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Main Feed

Main Feed - This is the main feed including all articles published at the site.

Operating System Specific

Linux Feed All Linux articles are published in that feed.
Windows Feed - All articles related to the Windows operating system get published in this feed.

Software Specific

Computer Security - Security articles.
Portable Software - Articles about portable software.
Windows Software - Windows software reviews.

Internet Specific

Email Clients - Email related articles.
Firefox - Firefox articles.
Internet Explorer - Internet Explorer articles.
Opera - Opera related articles.
Web Browser - Web Browser articles.
Web Development - Web Development related articles.


Ghacks - Ghacks Announcement feed.
Hardware - Articles about computer hardware.