Galaxy Z Flip 5 vs Galaxy Z Flip 4: A full comparison

Galaxy Z Flip 5 vs Galaxy Z Flip 4 - the phrase instantly sparks curiosity, doesn't it? Just as Samsung's cryptic "Join the flip side" tagline led us to anticipate something big […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: Specs, price and release date

In the realm of smart wearables, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 has finally made its grand entrance at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event in Korea, putting to rest months of anticipatory whispers and […]

iMessage signed out error: How to fix it

Navigating the intricacies of the "iMessage signed out error" on your Apple device's messaging app? This glitch means a temporary roadblock in your journey of sending or receiving iMessages. iMessages are more […]

How to change YouTube handle

"How to change YouTube handle" might be the question that's popped into your mind now as YouTube has revamped its platform with a more social touch, introducing 'handles'. This is a fresh […]

League of Legends arena tier list unveiled

When it comes to mastering the game, the League of Legends arena tier list is your key to unlocking the potential of the new 2v2v2v2 game mode, launched with the 13.14 patch […]

Sam Altman crypto project: Worldcoin is launched

Kicking off a buzz in the digital currency universe, the Sam Altman crypto venture, Worldcoin, announced the launch of its WLD token and mainnet on Monday via Twitter. This new chapter in […]

Samsung foldables to be revealed at upcoming Unpacked

Let's be honest, Samsung and secrets aren't exactly best friends. After a continuous wave of product leaks, the tech giant decided to embrace this phenomenon, offering sneak peeks of its latest gadgets […]

How to use StandBy mode on iOS 17

Ready to unlock your iPhone's potential with iOS 17? It's packed with features that'll make your life simpler. One such feature is the StandBy mode. It's essentially an intelligent little screen that […]

How to login Claude 2 AI

Ever pondered the question, "How to login Claude 2 AI?" Well, look no further. With the recent introduction of the updated Claude 2 AI language model, the AI company Anthropic, backed by […]

One Punch Man World game is slated for 2023

One question has been pulsing in the hearts of gaming enthusiasts worldwide: "When will the One Punch Man World game be released?" The answer, courtesy of Crunchyroll Games, is slated for 2023, […]

Big iPhone 15 leak: Does it come with a notch

As the excitement for Apple's upcoming iPhone 15 builds up, rumors are swirling about the potential universal rollout of the Dynamic Island across the entire new iPhone range. The buzz intensified when […]

Threads an unknown error occurred: How to fix it

The Threads an unknown error occurred message, a regular blip that users of the rising social media app Threads by Instagram have been facing, demonstrates that even our much-relied-upon digital platforms aren't […]

WhatsApp beta users can now hide their numbers

WhatsApp is bolstering its privacy protocols for community users by introducing an innovative feature that allows members to shield their phone numbers from view. In a typical community chat, participant identities remain […]

Gmail takes aim at scheduling woes with latest update

Streamlining meeting coordination is set to become significantly more straightforward with the advent of a new update to Gmail. The email service provider has revealed a noteworthy enhancement that allows users to […]

Can TikTok Music beat Spotify and Apple Music

While Apple Music and Spotify have held the crown in the music streaming sector for some time, they may soon face stiff competition from an unexpected source - TikTok Music. The social […]

Leaked Pixel 8 specs won't upset fans

Tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting Google's yet-to-be-officially-announced Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, expected to make their debut in just a few months. Despite the silence from Google, the rumour mill has […]

ChatGPT usage drops for the first time: Learn why

OpenAI's ChatGPT has been a game-changer in the tech sphere since its introduction last year. It sparked the much talked about "AI revolution," paved the way for countless new enterprises, and witnessed […]

Threads vs Twitter: Features comparison

As the tech world evolves, the spotlight is now on the brewing competition between Threads and Twitter. Recently launched Threads emerges as a formidable adversary to the well-established Twitter, as this real-time […]

Hidden Windows 11 feature will make navigating easier

For many users, navigating the bustling streets of the Windows Start menu can feel somewhat akin to navigating a new city without a map. But with a newly proposed tweak for Windows […]

TikTok will have its own AI music generator

There's a new game changer stepping up to the plate: Ripple, the latest ingenious app launched by ByteDance, the parent company of the social media sensation, TikTok. The unveiling of Ripple marks […]

As Twitter stumbles, Mastodon launches improved Android app

In the wake of Twitter's controversial move to limit tweet visibility and introduce breaking changes to TweetDeck, Mastodon, an open-source Twitter alternative, is making headlines with a significant refresh of its Android […]

Is Google Chat copying WhatsApp with these features?

In a bid to expand its horizons, Google Chat seems to be transitioning from a purely business-centric platform to encompass more social elements. This shift appears to be an attempt to position […]

RustBucket malware: A PDF could finish your Mac

Cybersecurity research conducted by the illustrious team at Elastic Security Labs has brought to light a virulent new strain of the RustBucket malware, a notorious enemy of macOS-powered devices. It appears the […]

Apple is preparing a new display with custom silicon chip

In a new wave of exciting speculation, Apple aficionados have been buzzing about the tech giant's potential update to its display range. As reported by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, rumors suggest that the […]

PUBG not working: How to fix it?

PUBG, a widely popular battle royale game available for Windows 11 and 10, has maintained its popularity since its release in 2017. However, some players encounter difficulties joining the gaming experience due […]

How to fix the Skype your connection is too weak error

If you're facing the "Skype your connection is too weak error," rest assured that you're not the only one experiencing this issue. Undoubtedly, Skype is widely popular globally as a widely-used application […]

Netflix takes Black Mirror joke to the next level

In a humorous turn of events, Netflix has embraced the satire of its own streaming platform from the first episode of "Black Mirror" Season 6, which became an internet sensation. In the […]

xQc and Amouranth: Twitch titans depart for Kick

At this point, alarm bells must be going off over at Twitch. With the span of 48 hours at the tail end of last week, Kick had poached xQc with a reported […]

Do you need a Windows key, ask ChatGPT

The quest to obtain a Windows key for system installation has taken a fascinating turn with the involvement of the AI platform, ChatGPT. With the necessity of having a license key to […]

What Blizzard isn't telling you about Diablo 4 Cow Level

Within the vast, captivating landscape of Diablo 4, a much-lauded release from the game development titan Blizzard, where celestial and infernal forces forever battle, exists a strange puzzle called the "Diablo 4 […]

How to add music to Instagram Notes

Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive officer of Meta, has rolled out a significant update to Instagram's feature suite, aiming to add a dash of musicality to the way we communicate on the […]

Your shot at YouTube fame just got better

In a move hailed as a boon for content creators, YouTube is substantially lowering the entry conditions for its Partner Program (YPP), introducing the new YouTube monetization requirements. These freshly minted prerequisites […]

Most subbed Twitch streamers and how to be one of them

Diving into the world of live streaming, let's explore the realm of the most subbed Twitch streamers, shedding light on their journeys to the top and uncovering the secrets behind their colossal […]

How to use ControlNet Stable Diffusion extension

The field of AI image generation is about to experience a seismic shift with the arrival of ControlNet Stable Diffusion. This cutting-edge model not only promises mesmerizing image quality, but also bestows […]

Adobe Firefly now part of Express, see what's new

At the Adobe Summit 2023 in London, Adobe dropped a bombshell: the much-anticipated, AI-enabled art generator Firefly is now integrated into Adobe Express for enterprise clients. The partnership of these two powerhouses […]

Is there a cheap Vision Pro alternative?

After seeing the price tag of the new spatial computer of Apple, you might be looking for a cheap Vision Pro alternatives. However, don't let the hefty price tag of Apple's Vision […]

SEC seeks freeze on Binance.US assets amid claims

In a bold regulatory move, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has initiated steps to freeze the assets of Binance.US amid allegations of securities law violations. On 5th June, the SEC […]

Honkai: Star Rail codes (June 2023)

Make sure to redeem the new Honkai: Star Rail codes. Exciting news awaits as we unveil the latest batch of redeemable codes for June 2023. Don't miss out on this opportunity to […]

visionOS: Striving for iOS-like triumph, can it deliver?

Apple recently revealed its latest operating system, visionOS, designed specifically for the upcoming Vision Pro headset. The tech giant emphasized that visionOS has been carefully developed to meet the requirements of spatial […]

How to change Contact Photo on iPhone

iOS 17 is finally here and it's packed with a lot of new features. Let's learn how to change Contact Photo on iPhone in today's tutorial. Apple's recent WWDC 2023 event unveiled […]