Are AI tools artists or infringers? Court decides

In a landmark moment for the interplay between art and technology, the U.S. legal system today delved into the murky waters of copyright challenges posed by AI-generated artistry. As AI increasingly borrows […]

Olive AI is shutting down some of its operations

Olive AI, once a beacon of success in the digital health sector, is shutting down, marking a significant pivot from its heyday during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the years 2020 and 2021, […]

Apex Legends: Cross Progression is finally introduced

Starting from October 31, 2023, Apex Legends is set to introduce Cross Progression, marking a significant update for the game's dedicated player base. While the feature was initially slated for a 2021 […]

Disco Nitro unveils appealing Party Animals offer

Party Animals users have a golden opportunity: they can snag a month's subscription of Discord Nitro completely free of charge, starting from October 31, 2023, at 5PM PT, running up until December […]

Windows 11 23H2 welcomes in-house Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft unveiled the Windows 11 23H2 update today, integrating features like Microsoft Copilot that aim to persuade Windows 10 users to make the transition. Windows 11 23H2: What’s new? While some of […]

Security flaws found in emerging 6G tech

In the march towards 6G networks, programmable metasurfaces are emerging as a cornerstone technology. These electromagnetic layers are meant to be unobtrusively embedded in common items such as window panes or wall […]

An evolved LockBit variant emerges

Kaspersky, a cybersecurity company, found a new version of LockBit ransomware that's different from the original. This one tells you upfront how much money you need to pay to get your files […]

Microsoft Exchange Servers getting extended protection

Microsoft has recently revealed that systems utilizing Exchange Server 2019 will soon benefit from an enhanced level of security. Microsoft has officially confirmed the forthcoming introduction of Windows Extended Protection (EP) on […]

What is Google NotebookLM and how does it work

Google NotebookLM aims to be the future of research, bringing together a note-taking language model and artificial intelligence. But what exactly is NotebookLM, and how does it operate? Here's a comprehensive rundown. […]

Own a WordPress domain for 100 years has introduced a 100-year domain registration plan, aiming to provide long-term stability and security for businesses and families alike. The plan comes with a one-time fee of $38,000, which includes added […]

AI in the sky: The U.S. Air Force's gamble

The U.S. Air Force has requested a multibillion-dollar budget to fund up to 2,000 XQ-58A Valkyrie drones, AI-powered unmanned aerial vehicles designed for high-risk battle scenarios and equipped with advanced features like […]

How to calibrate Google Maps on Android for better accuracy

Google Maps employs the magnetometer in your Android device to ascertain your direction. For optimal location precision, it might be necessary to calibrate the compass within the Google Maps app. Here's the […]

How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription

Disney Plus, a prominent streaming platform renowned for its animated classics, Star Wars, and Marvel collections, is currently priced at $7.99 monthly or $79.99 annually in the US. However, starting October 12th, […]

How to make Outlook default browser settings

Setting the Outlook default browser is gaining attention as Microsoft recently announced intentions regarding web link preferences within the Outlook app. Traditionally, when users clicked on a web link in Outlook, it […]

Everything you need to know about Live Stickers on iOS 17

iOS 17 has introduced substantial advancements, such as new live stickers-related features, particularly in areas of user customization. Many of these updates are centered on refining communication methods with your contacts. Key […]

How to get weather alerts on iPhone

With the introduction of iOS 15, Apple significantly updated its default Weather app. This was influenced by features incorporated from the renowned Dark Sky weather application, which was acquired by Apple in […]

How to fix the GTA San Andreas mouse not working issue?

The beloved game, GTA San Andreas, often presents an all-too-familiar headache for Windows 8 and 10 gamers - the dreaded mouse not working issue. Now, while this hiccup isn't strictly tied to […]

Snapchat's My AI posted without permission

On Snapchat, users recently noticed that the platform's AI, known as My AI, experienced some glitches on Tuesday night. This AI, after having posted a peculiar Story to its profile, deviated from […]

Why am I seeing random stories on Facebook

Why am I seeing random stories on Facebook? This is a question on the minds of many users recently. Facebook Stories, touted as one of the main features of the platform, lose […] data breach: 760K users affected

Following the data breach, the custom invite platform has paused its operations, revealing the personal data of 760,000 users., a third-party entity distinct from the official Discord brand, enables server […]

GTA 6 Police Chase footage leaked online

Footage from the GTA 6 Police Chase in an alpha build resurfaced online, shedding light on what fans might expect from the upcoming Rockstar Games title. Last year, eager fans stumbled upon […]

Is Beeper safe and how to join the waitlist

Is Beeper safe? This is a question many might be asking as they come across the latest development in the messaging app world. Over the years, numerous applications have aimed to become […]

China's new stand on facial recognition

China's online watchdog has shared preliminary guidelines about how facial recognition technology should be used in the country. This comes after many people expressed worries about the excessive use of this technology. […]

Nvidia AI Workbench: Breakthrough or just hype

In sync with the prestigious SIGGRAPH event, the prominent annual AI academic conference, Nvidia unveiled AI Workbench. This innovative technology is crafted to empower users with the ability to construct, scrutinize, and […]

Windows 11 KB5029263: What's new

In the latest move to enhance system performance, Microsoft has unveiled the Windows 11 22H2 KB5029263 cumulative update, a vital patch focusing on security remediation and implementing a broad spectrum of 27 […]

Meet Apple Music Discovery Station: A new algorithmic radio

Apple Music is enhancing the personalized listening experience with the introduction of a novel feature: the Discovery Station. Unlike previous offerings, this station delves into your recent listening habits to curate a […]

Disease X: Vaccine on works, is there a new pandemic threat

In the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is now looking towards a potential new threat known as Disease X. British scientists are leading an initiative to develop a Disease X […]

Zoom to staff: Let's meet offline!

As we navigated through a first half of 2023 marked by widespread layoffs, the latter part of the year seems to be ushering in a new era of return to the office. […]

iPhone 15 "Ultra" might come with a third button

In the tech circles, it's been a buzzing speculation for a while that Apple's forthcoming Pro-level iPhones could introduce an innovative Action button, replacing the conventional Mute switch. This conjecture gains more […]

Worldcoin Orb: Everything you need to know

Worldcoin introduces an innovative protocol, aiming to establish the most expansive identity and economic public network globally. The crucial cornerstone of this groundbreaking movement is the Worldcoin Orb, a state-of-the-art imaging device […]

Era-defining discovery: LK-99 the ambient-pressure superconductor

The quest for an ambient-pressure, room-temperature superconductor, a material that could revolutionize electrical and electronic industries, has been ongoing in the scientific community. The ideal material, LK-99, has reportedly been developed by […]

iPhone 15 might come with a high price tag

Apple is allegedly getting ready to launch the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro series, with a new report suggesting that their screen production is ramping up. The tech giant is expected […]

How to use face tracking in Roblox

The new face tracking feature introduced in Roblox offers an exciting way to customize your characters by animating their faces. Have you ever thought about bringing your Roblox characters to life with […]

How does Russian GigaChat differ from ChatGPT

Sberbank, the biggest bank in Russia, has declared the launch and trial period of the country's first GigaChat in April 2023, a model competing with ChatGPT. Be sure not to mix it […]

Is 2024 the year for a new Nintendo Switch console?

According to latest reports, a new Nintendo Switch console will be released in 2024. Insiders familiar with the Zelda developer's next-generation console informed VGC that the device would be portable, much like […]

Who's right? X Corp's legal battle against CCDH

X Corp, after Elon Musk bought the app, has been under fire for allegations of increased hate speech on the platform. The company is now taking legal action against The Centre for […]

NASA mistakenly lost contact with Voyager 2

Voyager 2, a spacecraft launched by NASA, has lost contact due to an error that caused the antenna to deviate 2 degrees from Earth. NASA is hopeful that the spacecraft's scheduled repositioning […]

Your guide to all Worldcoin orb locations

Across the globe, there are 119 distinct Worldcoin orb locations in 18 different countries. Let's explore where these orbs are stationed and find out if there's one near you! Sam Altman's crypto […]

Why has Arc Browser become so popular

Arc Browser is an internet browser that offers more power and functionality than your standard browser. Imagine using Chrome, but with enhanced features such as full-screen view and a boost in customization […]

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic vs Watch 5 Pro: An overview

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic vs Watch 5 Pro conversation heats up as Samsung unveils its latest Galaxy Watch 6 series at the Galaxy Unpacked event. It's immediately apparent that the "Pro" […]