Introducing the Stellar Duo: Stellar Converter for OST & Stellar Repair for Outlook

Email communication is integral to businesses, with Microsoft Outlook being one of the foremost platforms for this purpose. Given its critical role, any disruptions due to corrupted or inaccessible OST and PST […]

Apple Weather App Experiences Outages and Inaccurate Data: Third Time in a Month

The Apple Weather app faces multiple outages and inaccurate data issues, leaving users in search of alternative sources for reliable weather information.

How to Watch Lakers vs Warriors Game 4 in 2023 from Anywhere in the World

Make sure you don't miss Lakers vs Warriors Game 4 of the 2023 NBA season with our details of what options you have to stream online.

How to Watch The Masters Golf Tournament 2023 from Anywhere in the World with ExpressVPN

How to watch The Masters Golf Tournament in 2023cription: Don't let regional broadcast restrictions stop you from watching The Masters Golf Tournament 2023. Learn how to use ExpressVPN to bypass these restrictions and enjoy high-quality coverage from anywhere in the world.

Prominent Silicon Valley Executive Bob Lee Fatally Attacked in San Francisco

Bob Lee, Chief Product Officer of MobileCoin Inc. and a notable figure in Silicon Valley, was fatally attacked in San Francisco. Click here to learn more.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 Color Options Leaked

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 color options have been leaked by Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, who has a reliable track record.

OverDrive App to be Discontinued: Users Urged to Upgrade to Libby

OverDrive app users will need to upgrade to Libby as OverDrive is set to be discontinued. Learn more about the transition, the differences between the two apps, and how to prepare for the change.

Pink Moon 2023: Date, Meaning, and Other Celestial Highlights

Explore the date, meaning, and cultural associations of the Pink Moon 2023, along with other celestial highlights and the science behind its orange color. Click here to learn more

Kobo Elipsa 2E: A Serious Challenger to Amazon's Large-screen Kindle Scribe

The Kobo Elipsa 2E boasts an improved resolution, a faster processor, a new version of the Kobo Stylus, and compatibility with Dropbox and Readwise. Click here to learn more

The Risks and Benefits of AI Assistants in the Workplace: Lessons from Samsung Semiconductor

The recent data leaks resulting from Samsung Semiconductor employees' use of ChatGPT underscore the potential risks and benefits of AI assistants in the workplace. Click here to learn more

The Mullvad Browser: A Privacy-Focused Browser Designed to Reduce Your Fingerprint

The Tor Project and Mullvad VPN have collaborated to launch the Mullvad browser, a new privacy-focused browser designed to enhance your online privacy by reducing your browser's fingerprint. Click here to learn more

High-Profile Celebrities are Refusing to Pay for Twitter Blue

What is the potential impact of influential celebrities like William Shatner and LeBron James refusing to subscribe to Twitter Blue? Click here to learn more

Ensuring Accuracy on Google Maps: Fraud Prevention Measures, Potential Drawbacks, and User Guidelines

Google Maps has implemented measures to prevent the spread of fraudulent user-generated content. However, relying solely on machine learning algorithms has potential drawbacks. Click here to learn more

Exploring the Capabilities of Bing Chat and Its Differences from ChatGPT

Learn how to use Bing Chat and discover its unique features and differences from ChatGPT. Find out what tasks Bing Chat is best suited for and how it can help you with simple, straightforward queries.

What You Need to Know About Meta Verified on Instagram and Facebook

Want to get verified on Instagram and Facebook? Learn about the exclusive features and assistance available to Meta Verified subscribers, and how to subscribe to this new verification service offered by Meta.

How to Use ChatGPT to Write an Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discover the advantages and potential drawbacks of smart locks compared to traditional locks. Learn how to use ChatGPT to generate topics, outlines, and even edit your essay with this step-by-step guide. Get the most out of this powerful AI tool to enhance your writing process.

Are Smart Locks More Secure Than Traditional Locks?

Discover the advantages and potential drawbacks of smart locks compared to traditional locks. Learn how smart locks can offer added security features and convenience.

How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal for Better Internet Speeds

Learn how to improve your Wi-Fi signal strength and boost internet speeds with these tips and tricks. From router placement to firmware updates and network extenders, we cover it all.

Automating Your Rental Home: A Renter's Guide to Smart Home Upgrades

Discover the best smart home devices for renters, including security systems, smart locks, air purifiers, and kitchen appliances. Learn how to automate your rental home and make it more convenient, comfortable, and secure.

F1 Australia 2023: How and When to Watch?

Bypass regional broadcast restrictions and enjoy the F1 Australia 2023 GP from anywhere in the world with NordVPN. Click here to learn more.

BuzzFeed Publishes AI-Generated Travel Guides Collaboratively Written with Buzzy the Robot

BuzzFeed's Buzzy the Robot is the company's creative AI assistant used to generate travel guides written in collaboration with noneditorial employees. Click here to learn more

Apple's iWork Suite: New Features and Enhancements

Apple has recently updated its iWork suite, including Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, to support the latest hover mode of the Apple Pencil and other enhancements. These updates have been released in conjunction […]

Introducing Petey: Accessing ChatGPT on Your Apple Watch

  ChatGPT is not limited to desktop usage. You can now use it on your Apple Watch directly through an AI assistant named Petey, which is available on the App Store. Petey was […]

Passwords vs Passwordless: A Debate on Online Security

Passwords can be a source of frustration for many individuals in the digital age, often viewed as an inconvenient necessity. While they are an essential element of online security, research indicates that […]

Astronomers Discover Galaxy with Supermassive Black Hole Aimed at Earth

A team of international astronomers have reclassified a galaxy with a supermassive black hole now pointing towards Earth. Click here to learn more.

New study finds 80% of US workforce could be impacted by advanced chatbots

According to a recent research paper published by OpenAI and the University of Pennsylvania, the emergence of highly advanced chatbots such as ChatGPT may significantly affect a large number of jobs. The […]

Nintendo’s Shutdown of Wii U and 3DS eShops Sparks Video Game Preservation Concerns

Today, on March 27th, 2023 at 8PM ET, Nintendo will be discontinuing the digital storefronts for their Wii U and 3DS systems. While it will no longer be possible to purchase games […]

Zigazoo: A Safer Alternative to TikTok?

As TikTok faces scrutiny for potential national security risks, a lesser-known app called Zigazoo touts itself as a safer alternative. Click here to learn more.

TikTok Bans: Governments Worldwide Take Action Over Security and Privacy Concerns

From the U.S. and Canada to India and Afghanistan, various countries have banned or restricted TikTok due to concerns over privacy and security risks. Click here to learn more.

What Recent Banking Failures Mean for Investors and the Broader Market

The recent failures of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Credit Suisse have left investors reeling.

Banking Crisis: SVB's Failure Raises Concerns for Regional and Global Banks

With the collapse of the SVB, many are wondering if we should be worried about the future of banking.

How to Enable YouTube Music's Recently Played Songs Automatic Download Feature

There are numerous music streaming platforms available, with one of the most popular being YouTube Music. Recently, YouTube Music has introduced a new automatic download feature, enabling users to listen to their […]

VoIP vs. Cellular vs. Landlines: Pros and Cons and How VoIP Works

People who are 30 years old or older may remember the initial advertisements for MagicJack, which pledged to eradicate telephone bills with a small gadget that can be inserted into a USB […]

Top 5 Dark Mode Extensions for Google Chrome in 2023

Dark mode has gained significant popularity among users of digital devices due to its many benefits. Beyond the cool aesthetics, dark mode has been known to reduce eye strain, especially in low-light […]

Unlocking the Secret Codes of Netflix: How to Find Hidden Gems

You might have the impression that you've already watched all the good movies and TV series on Netflix. But, in reality, there is still a vast number of titles available that you […]

How to Create Windows Apps for ChatGPT and Bing in Microsoft Edge and Chrome

The current trend in the realm of technology highlights the popularity of AI-powered chat and search applications. However, a minor issue that users encounter is the need to navigate to each website […]

Lab-Grown Meat: Challenges and Opportunities for a Sustainable and Ethical Food System

The United States is moving closer to allowing the sale of lab-grown meat made from animal cells, including chicken. Good Meat, the company behind this innovative chicken product, made an announcement on […]

Twitter's Plan to Phase Out Legacy Verified Checkmarks - Is it Just Another Elon Musk Troll?

Twitter claims ‘legacy’ blue checkmarks will start to disappear on April Fools’ Day. Read more details here!

Twitter's Subscription Service Twitter Blue: Promises Made and Broken

Twitter Blue: Promises Made by CEO Elon Musk Yet to Materialize . Read more about the missing features.

GitHub Copilot X: The Future of AI-Powered Software Development

GitHub has always been committed to being at the forefront of innovation, striving to provide developers with the necessary tools to increase their productivity and satisfaction in an increasingly software-driven world. In […]