Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone Review

In the first year since Microsoft's Windows Phone smartphones first launched I've tested and reviewed a fair few handsets and I've been able to get a good insight into how the operating […]

Microsoft to Launch More Multi-Platform Products in 2012

In a week where Microsoft have released a SkyDrive app for Windows Phone, OneNote for the iPad and updates to Hotmail, the Senior Director of Office 365, Tom Rizzo, has said we […]

The technology that still has to improve in 2012

If you look around at what technology has brought us in 2011 it's been a truly momentous year.  The iPad 2, new exciting Android tablets with the proper tablet version of the […]

Setting up and Configuring a New PC, Free eBook

With Christmas only ten days away you might well be lucky enough to receive a new PC or laptop as a present, or you may be giving one as a gift.  New […]

Firefox suffers middle-aged bloat

It would appear that Firefox, that venerable browser that was the first one to give Microsoft a true kick in its complacency, is suffering from some middle-aged bloat.  In a report by […]

YouTube launches Schools Website

Those of you who follow me will know that in addition to writing here, being an author and all the other things I seem to do, that I'm also a teacher.  I've […]

Just How Much Revenue Does Google Have Anyway?

There is an intriguing infographic that has been released showing how much revenue Google had in 2010.  In typical infographic style, and you can view the whole thing below, there's all manner […]

EXO PC Unveil the Future of Touch

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get the world exclusive on my personal website for EXO PC's forthcoming EXOdesk.  This is a 40-inch, 10 point multi-touch Viewsonic screen […]

Are Work Emails Set to Impact on Your Christmas?

The BBC is reporting a small study by UK security firm Securenvoy into the impact work-related email will have on UK workers this Christmas.  The study says that British employees are so […]

Android Store hits 10 Billion Downloads

Google's Android store has had it's 10 billionth download this week, and the news was announced on the Google blog.  To mark the milestone the company has also announced that for the […]

Facebook bug can make your private photos public

Nothing is ever 100% completely secure, let's get this settled from the off.  Whatever security anybody or any company ever puts in place there's either some way to crack it, or some […]

Syria bans the iPhone

The internet, social networking and in particular smartphones have caused many problems for regimes around the world.  Twitter and Facebook were widely used in the Egyptian uprising earlier in the year, Saudi […]

Tech Coalition is Formed to Stop Phishing

Phishing emails are a huge problem and one that numerous attempts to rectify have so far failed to achieve.  Now a large group of tech companies have joined forces with a start-up […]

New Microsoft Security Essentials Public Beta Begins

Microsoft have begun issuing invitations to testers who expressed an interest in the next generation version of their Security Essentials, free anti-virus product. In the invitation email the company say... The Beta […]

New SkyDrive Features Launch from Microsoft

Microsoft have today announced that new features are rolling out to users of its SkyDrive service.  There's no wait for the new features either as they're going to start rolling out immediately.  […]

Top Tips for Securing Your Smartphone

The more we use our smartphones and the more personal and sensitive data we keep on them you'd think the greater target they are for thieves and hackers, right?  Well, the fact […]

Three Quarters of EU Firms Not Ready to Recover from IT Failures

Almost three quarters of companies and public-sector organisations across nine European countries might not recover all of their data if they suffer an IT failure according to a new report released by […]

BBC Goes for Touch-Friendly Beta Website

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has for many years now had one of the biggest and most visited websites on the whole Internet.  The company has taken great pride over the years […]

Cleaning Out Windows Live Mesh Temporary Files

Windows Live Mesh is a great little program that can synchronise your files across multiple PCs. laptops and tablets as well as creating an online backup of up to 5Gb using Microsoft's […]

McAfee Singles Out Android for Malware Problems

It would appear that Google's unfortunately lax approach to vetting apps submitted to the Android store is counting heavily against the platform, as McAfee have released figures showing it is now becoming […]

Apple Dominates Kids Christmas Wish Lists

When I was young I remember looking at the pre-Christmas toy advertisements on the TV and wanting the latest Six-Million Dollar Man action figure in the Action Man range, the latest new […]

What are the World's Worst Passwords?

Passwords are important, very important in fact as they're usually the only thing preventing criminals from stealing your personal and credit card information, and using your email account for sending spam (and […]

Firmware... If it Isn't Broken, Should You Fix it?

It's an issue that polarises opinion and that splits people, those who even know about it anyway, straight down the middle.  Should you update the OS or firmware on your device or […]

Intel Announce Knight's Corner, 22nm, 50 Cores

Fancy a processor with 1 teraflop of processing power in your PC?  Intel have today unveiled their new Knight's Corner chip that uses a 22nm build process to pack a huge 50 […]

Using Natural Language Search in Windows 7

Search in Windows 7 can be difficult and awkward to use as in order to use it properly you have to remember a lot of, sometimes very obscure commands including  size:gigantic to […]

Free Android Anti-Virus Apps are Proved Useless

Of all the smartphone and tablet operating systems available at the moment, the one that I simply can't recommend to people is Google Android.  Unlike Apple, Microsoft and some other companies Google […]

HTC Titan Windows Phone Review

I've used a lot of Windows Phone handsets since the platform was first released a year ago so you can imagine that I was a little sceptical about the new HTC Titan because […]

When will the Have-Not's Get PCs and Internet at Home?

It's been announced that US government is about to expand its scheme to get broadband and PCs into low-income households across America.  It's a similar scheme to others that have been run […]

Adobe Discontinue Flash for Mobile Devices

The world has been wondering what the next move would be in the stand-off between HTML5 and Adobe's Flash Player.  Apple has always resisted Flash on the iPhone and iPad demonstrating that […]

Hallelujah! Google Lawyer Admits the Patent System is Broken

Those of you who follow my articles with any regularity will know that one of the biggest arguments I make about the modern technology industry is their insistence on playing Patent tennis […]

Website or App, Which is Your Preference?

Over the last two years one of the biggest complaints I've had to make against tablet computers is that the Internet has simply not kept the same pace of change.  If you […]

IE Drops to 50% Browser Market Share

It may still be in the lead but the decline of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser is slow and steady.  According to the latest browser usage figures released by NetMarketShare, IE has […]

Monitor and Troubleshoot Your PC's Operations in Real Time

One of the most common questions I'm asked when people email me with PC questions is how they can find out exactly what it is that's causing X disk operation or eating up Y […]

How Long Will Your SmartPhone Loyalty Last and Where Might You Jump?

Now that Nokia have launched their new Windows Phones, and cemented their future with Microsoft (at least for the foreseeable future) we're down to just four major players left in the smartphone space.  […]

HP May Shut Down WebOS After All. What Does it Mean?

2011 has not been a good year for HP's WebOS tablet operating system.  The year began with the company praising the product they had acquired when they bought Palm but there then […]

Fix Your Windows Networking Issues, Top Tips and Webcast

Nothing seems to annoy PC users more than networking problems.  They begin with the inevitable when Windows fails to install the drivers for either your network controller card, your WiFi or usually […]

How to Secure Windows Phone with a Delayed Password

One of the problems with Windows Phone when the operating system was first released was that while you could secure your phone with a passcode it was either all or nothing.  This […]

Apple Finally Patents the Bleedin' Obvious!

Those of you who know me will know that I'm not a fan of the ongoing patent wars in which, rather than try and either beat competitors with innovation, outstanding product design […]

Acer Aspire Ethos 8951G Laptop Review

Of all the laptops available at the moment, the two categories that interest me most are ultraportables and full desktop replacements.  Ultraportables can be incredibly useful for life on the move due […]

Are Biometrics the most Important Portable Feature?

As we carry more devices around with us, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, ultraportables, than ever before and now I'm wrondering if biometrics are fast becoming the must-have addition for mobile computing in the […]