Why Have Microsoft Been So Quiet About Windows 8

In case you missed it, we've had a great Windows 8 discussion going on here at gHacks in the last couple of days, one that is no doubt set to continue for […]

On Keeping An Open Mind When It Comes To Windows 8 - A Response

Yesterday Martin wrote up his thoughts and concerns about the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft.  I've spent much more time with Windows 8 so far, have given talks about and […]

Blackberry Playbook Tablet Review

Last year I picked up an HP Touchpad in the fire sale that resulted in the model, and all of HP's tablet plans, being discontinued.  Now RIM appear to be doing similiar with […]

Which is the Best Tablet Form-Factor - Review

In the last year I've reviewed and owned a fair number of tablets covering just about every aspect of the market.  These have included the monster 12 inch ASUS EP121 complete with […]

How RIM Spoiled my first day with a Playbook

I received a new Blackberry Playbook 16Gb tablet today, actually it's not completely new as it's two weeks old and was owned by a family member who bought it because prices had […]

We Need Joined-Up, Multi-Platform Thinking for Office 15

News reached the world-wide-web last week that Microsoft Office 15 had reached the Technical Preview stage, and that a beta would be available this summer.  That's all we know about the company's […]

Which Should I Keep, an HP TouchPad or a RIM Playbook?

As a tech author, blogger and reviewer I get technology sent to me periodically or I pick up bits and pieces myself.  This does mean that I can occasionally find something being […]

Microsoft Slam New Google Privacy Policy in Newspaper Advert

Last week Google announced changes to its privacy policy that, on the face of it seem perfectly reasonable.  In essence they want to treat all the different Google services you use as […]

Using Virtualization in Windows 7 Free Webcast

As we all use computers over more and more years we become comfortable with software that "just works" and we want to continue using it for as long as possible.  This causes […]

What Technology Will We Expect with Next Year's PCs and How Will it Affect Prices?

Smartphones and tablets have a lot to answer for, at least when it comes to making technology affordable for the public.  Since the launch of the first iPhone it's become not only […]

The Windows 8 "Consumer Preview", What's in a Name?

It is widely expected that when Microsoft launch the Windows 8 beta in a few weeks that it will be labelled the "Windows 8 Consumer Preview".  This has alarmed and concerned many […]

Windows XP Now Has Less Than 800 Days of Support Left

It seems like just a short while ago that I was writing about how Windows XP had just 1,000 days of support left but now that number is down to under 800!  […]

Diagnosing a Blue Screen of Death Error in Windows

For many years now the famous Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) has been the ultimate indication that something disastrous has happened to make your computer die, but how useful is the information […]

FBI Seeks Disasters Social App and Twitter Announces Censorship

The FBI is looking to develop an emergencies early warning system that works by "scraping" information in real time from social networks.  The US policing and intelligence bureau has asked contractors to […]

Is it Time to Offer an Alternative to QWERTY?

The QWERTY keyboard layout has been used in most western countries now since the late 1800's.  Though there are differences in some countries, such as AZERTY in France, this keyboard layout remains […]

Attaching an Alert Task to a Windows Error

The Windows Event Viewer in one of the most useful, yet most under used features of the operating system.  Accessed by typing event into the Start Menu search box, or through the […]

How to Write a Windows 8 Book, Research and Marketing

Last week I threw down the gauntlet to any readers who might want to write your own Windows 8 book with a couple of posts here and here offering a quick guide […]

Using Windows "Safe Boot" To Diagnose and Repair Problems

When something goes wrong with Windows it can be very difficult to diagnose or repair, and there are times when booting your computer into Safe Mode just isn't good enough. Safe Mode, […]

Are the Terms of Apple's New iBook Author Program Anti-Competitive?

Apple's terms and conditions for using its new iBooks author program have now been revealed and Dan Wineman of Venemous Porridge has picked it apart to find a few clauses that could […]

Psst! Fancy Writing Your Own Windows 8 Book?

Three years ago this month I began doing some very serious planning.  Back when Windows Vista was released I wrote a 68 page "Vista Power Users Guide".  It wasn't very in depth […]

What might a post-Windows world look like?

We take for granted these days that Microsoft will always provide new versions of Windows and Windows Server, that Google will always provide world-leading search and that many other companies will just […]

Could "Windows TV" be Windows 8's biggest surprise?

The closer we get to the unveiling of the Windows 8 beta, the more I'm thinking about the impact (or not) this operating system is going to have on the world.  Since […]

Amazon Release "Send to Kindle" Software for Windows

I had to look twice at the press release about the new "Send to Kindle" program for Windows as on the face of it, it seems to be both obvious and something […]

What's in the 2012 MVP Award Pack

I was pretty delighted when my Microsoft MVP was rewarded on the 1st of January for a second year. Microsoft award their "Most Valuable Professional" award each year to around 4,000 individuals […]

Sweden Recognises New File-Sharing Religion

When the next national census arrives on your doormat you now have another option to enter for religion other than Jedi, at least that is if you live in Sweden.  On its […]

Will Windows 8 Tablets Make IT Pros Hate Microsoft?

As we approach the beta of Windows 8 I've been thinking more about Windows tablets, and on our sister site Windows8News I've today written an article about the pros and cons of […]

Musings on the Windows 8 Developer Preview

As a Microsoft Windows MVP and a Windows author I've got a busy year ahead of me.  I've got several Windows 8 books to write for starters, all to be out during […]

Why Windows 8's "Storage Spaces" tool should be used only with care

Microsoft yesterday announced the new "Storage Spaces" feature in Windows 8 that will allow you to pool the hard disk storage you have in your PC (if you have more than a […]

iMacs were one in three of all-in-one PC sales in Q3 2011

So what is the future form factor of the PC?  If Intel are to be believed then the ultrabook is the computer we will all want, and I'm waiting on one or […]

App downloads jumped by 60% over the Holidays

Christmas was a good week for all of us, but a great week for apps with analytics firm Flurry reporting a 60% leap in app downloads on the previous week.  The figures […]

Is the Blackberry Playbook Fire Sale Beginning?

Of the biggest tech stories in 2011 it was difficult to beat the news of the HP TouchPad fire sale where silly prices resulted in queues outside stores and websites crashing around […]

Did online piracy really hurt music sales in 2011?

The digital music and video industries have been under increasingly scrutiny in recent weeks because of the US government's SOPA anti-piracy legislation.  Now the UK's British Phonographic Industry (BPI) have released figures […]

Diagnosing and Repairing Difficult Problems in Windows 7 Free Webcast

Windows 7 is Microsoft's most stable and reliable version of their desktop operating system yet, but it's still such a complex piece of software that when something does go wrong it can […]

Internet Giants Consider SOPA Strike

The Stop Online Piracy Act in the US is getting ever more publicity with GoDaddy one of the high profile companies to suffer from supporting it as we wrote a couple of […]

Will You Clean out your Social Networks for New Year?

So it's almost time to dust off the old new year's resolutions, work out how many you kept (I kept all of mine for the first time), and then set some more […]

Buying a New PC? Don't Get Ripped off by Unscrupulous Salesmen!

I get a fair amount of email in my inbox at mike@MVPs.org from readers asking questions about how to do or fix A, B or C on their PCs.  One email I […]

US Court May Have to Decide How Much One Twitter Follower is Worth

A court in the US might have to decide just how much a Twitter follower is worth after a Californian man took 17,000 followers with him after leaving a job.  Noah Kravitz, […]

Track Santa's Route Across the World on Christmas Eve

The US government just love spying on people, but let's face it, without them we wouldn't have all those brilliant cold war thrillers to watch over the holidays. Nobody is safe from […]

What role will Technology Play on 21st December 2012?

Precisely one year from today the world will begin to come to an end, at least if the predictions of Nostradamus are to be believed.  He said that on December 21st 2012 […]

How will we control the computers of tomorrow?

Well that's it!  Everybody, well some of the experts anyway seem to agree that the ageing keyboard and mouse just isn't going to cut it any more.  It's just not a good enough way […]