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Stay Secure: Unmasking Fake Virus Alerts with AVG AntiVirus FREE

Fake virus alerts are a common yet dangerous weapon often used by cybercriminals. These alerts masquerade themselves as legitimate security warnings, tricking users into actions that end up compromising their own digital […]

Microsoft adds support for link previews in Word for the web

Microsoft Word for the web has gained a new feature. The online version of the word processor now supports link previews in documents. Users who are familiar with Word Online and the […]

How to watch age-restricted content on YouTube without signing in to your Google account

Do you use YouTube without signing in to your account? Have you ever come across an age-restricted video that prompts you to log in to watch the content? We have some workarounds […]

70 million account credentials were leaked in a massive password dump

A security researcher has unearthed what appears to be one of the biggest password dumps ever. Over 70 million unique credentials have been leaked on the dark web. The news came to […]

Apple reforms App Store rules to allow third-party payment methods in the U.S. but will still charge a commission fee

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected appeals from Epic Games and Apple in the antitrust case between the two companies. What does this mean for users and app developers? The feud between the […]

Microsoft Copilot Pro with GPT-4 Turbo launched for $20 per month

Microsoft has announced a new subscription called Copilot Pro for individual users. It will offer AI-powered features similar to those that are available in Copilot Pro for Microsoft 365. The Redmond company […]

Microsoft is bringing Windows 11's weather widget to Windows 10's lock screen

Copilot is not the only new feature that is coming to Windows 10. Microsoft is adding the Windows 11 lock screen weather widget to the older version of the operating system. Microsoft's […]

Proton Mail says that the new Outlook app for Windows is Microsoft's new data collection service

Proton has accused Microsoft's new Outlook for Windows app for becoming a data collection service. It has outlined the various ways and data that the email app harvests from end users. Proton […]

Netflix's ad-supported plan has over 23 Million Monthly users

A Netflix executive has said that the streaming service's ad-supported tier has over 23 Million users per month. The company says that user engagement on the ad-supported plan is high. The streaming […]

Apple tells the EU that it operates 5 App Stores, not just one

Apple has told the European Union that it does not operate a single App Store, but 5 of them. This bizarre argument comes a few months ahead of when the company has […]

Apple Vision Pro will be available in stores from February 2 in the U.S.

We finally have an official launch date for the Apple Vision Pro. The first spatial computer from the tech giant which was announced in June last year, will be available in Apple […]

Authy authenticator apps for desktop are being discontinued in March 2024

Twilio has announced that it is discontinuing its Authy desktop apps in March August 2024. The change will affect the Authy apps for Windows, Linux and macOS. Update: Twilio had previously announced […]

Apple is sending Batterygate settlement payments to iPhone users in the U.S

Did Apple send $92.17 to your bank account? It's not a random gift out of generosity, the company is sending the settlement payments to iPhone users who had filed for a Batterygate […]

More details emerge about the Justice Department's sweeping antitrust case against Apple

A few days ago, we discussed the tough challenges that Apple could face in the U.S. and the EU. Today, more details have emerged about the Department of Justice's antitrust case against […]

Microsoft removes WordPad from clean installs of Windows 11 Canary Builds, and you cannot reinstall it

Microsoft has begun the removal of WordPad from Windows 11 Insider Program. The app is no longer available on clean installs of the Canary Channel Builds. This is not surprising, as the […]

LastPass is enforcing some security changes to user accounts

LastPass is making some changes to enhance the security of its to user accounts. The news comes as a follow-up to the company's plans to enforce stronger passwords a few months ago. […]

iOS 17.3 Beta 2 is reportedly causing some iPhones to boot loop

Apple released the iOS 17.3 beta 2 to testers last night, but it was buggy. The update caused some iPhones to reboot infinitely, if users had a specific feature enabled on the […]

Apple faces tough challenges against antitrust regulators in the U.S. and EU

Apple has a rough ride in 2024, as it faces antitrust battles in the U.S. and the European Union. The results of these cases could make a big dent in the Cupertino […]

Steam ends support for Windows 7 and 8

Steam has officially ended support for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Users on the legacy versions of the operating systems will no longer receive updates for the Steam client. It's not unusual […]

iOS 17.2.1 is reportedly causing connectivity issues for some users

It has been nearly two weeks since Apple released the iOS 17.2.1 update. And it appears that many people have been experiencing connectivity issues on their iPhones. The recent update was rather […]

Kaspersky researchers say that hackers exploited undocumented hardware feature to breach iPhones

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have revealed that hackers had exploited some undocumented hardware features to breach iPhones. The target attacks were a part of the Operation Triangulation mercenary spyware campaign, which we […]

Microsoft Copilot for iOS and iPadOS released

Microsoft has released Copilot for iOS and iPadOS. The iPhone and iPad apps come just a couple of days after the Android version was launched. This is not surprising, ever since ChatGPT […]

Apple wants Mac to become a gaming paradise, but it needs more games to succeed

Apple reportedly wants to attract more gamers to Mac. The company's executives believe that hardware is no longer a handicap for gaming. Apple wants Mac to become a paradise for gamers Gordon […]

Hackers uploaded malware through a popular game mod on Steam

Downfall, a popular mod for Slay The Spire, was hijacked by attackers. The developer of the mod has published some details about what happened. While it is not the first time a […]

New Japanese law may force Apple to allow sideloading in iOS

A report claims that Apple may soon have to allow sideloading in iOS to comply with an upcoming regulation in Japan. This could also affect Google's app store and payment systems. Apple […]

Microsoft Copilot app for Android released; here's how it works

Microsoft has released a Copilot app for Android devices. We take a closer look at how the new A.I. chat app works. The Redmond company has not abandoned the Bing chat app, […]

Gmail for iOS now lets you unsubscribe from mails quickly

Google has updated the Gmail app on iOS to introduce a new option, that lets you unsubscribe from mails quickly. The feature had originally been announced in October. Email newsletters can be […]

Apple wants to partner with news publishers to train its A.I.

Apple reportedly wants to train its A.I. on news articles. The company is in talks with publishers for using their content. The New York Times reports that the Cupertino company is discussing […]

Apple stops selling the Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 in the U.S. due to an import ban

Apple has officially stopped selling the Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 in the U.S. The decision comes ahead of an impending import ban by the ITC. I had been following […]

Apple could launch the Vision Pro headset by February

Apple is prepping to launch the Vision Pro in February 2024. Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman reports that the Cupertino company is ramping up the productions of its first mixed-reality headset. As you […]

Apple releases macOS 14.2.1 Sonoma and iOS 17.2.1 updates

Apple has released the macOS 14.2.1 Sonoma and iOS 17.2.1 updates. The new software with bug fixes, and one security fix for Macs. macOS 14.2.1 Sonoma update macOS 14.2.1 fixes a loophole […]

PSA: Raivo OTP for iOS was acquired by Mobime a few months ago

Raivo OTP, a popular authenticator app for iOS, has been acquired by a company called Mobime. The acquisition took place a few months ago, we won't be recommending the app any longer. […]

Firefox Nightly for Android lets you install add-ons from files

Last week, Mozilla added support for over 450 add-ons for Firefox for Android. Now, the experimental version of the mobile browser has gained a new feature, to install add-ons from files. It […]

Google Chrome will disable third-party tracking cookies for some users in January 2024

Google has announced that it will disable third-party tracking cookies for some Chrome users, beginning in 2024. This is not the first time we are hearing about it, Google had published a […]

Firefox for Android now supports over 450 add-ons

A few weeks ago, Mozilla had announced that it would soon support Open Extensions on Firefox for Android. The good news is that the waiting period is over, the mobile browser now […]

Is Dropbox sending user data to OpenAI? There is an opt out!

Dropbox has been caught in a controversy, after users discovered that an experimental AI-feature has been sending user data to OpenAI. The option is enabled by default for premium users of the […]

Apple introduces Stolen Device Protection for iPhone with iOS 17.3 beta

Apple has released the first beta of iOS 17.3 beta to testers. It brings an important security feature called Stolen Device Protection for iPhone. iPhones have been a prime target for thieves […]

iOS 17.2 update brings Journal app, Spatial Video Capture and more

The much-awaited iOS 17.2 update is here. The update introduces the Journal app, and a handful of other features. Journal app arrives with iOS 17.2 One of the key features that Apple […]

Apple wants to simplify the iPad lineup next year

Apple has been working on simplifying the iPad lineup for next year. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports that the Cupertino company will trim its tablet series, to help users decide which one suits […]

Windows 11's Notepad is getting a character count on the status bar

Windows 11's Notepad is getting a couple of improvements. This includes a character count on the status bar, and a quick way to access it from Explorer. The plain text editor in […]

Opera Lucid Mode 2.0 brings refined controls and a comparison slider

About a year ago, I wrote about Lucid Mode in Opera browser. Now, the feature has been enhanced with Lucid Mode 2.0. In case you are not aware of what it does, […]