Google releases emergency update for Chrome

Martin Brinkmann
Mar 26, 2022
Google Chrome

Google released an update for Google Chrome Stable Stable on March 25, 2022. The emergency update patches a 0-day security issue in the web browser that is exploited in the wild according to Google.

The update brings the Stable version of the browser to version 99.0.4844.84.

The update is already available for all supported desktop systems and Google notes that it will roll out automatically to all devices "over the coming days/weeks". Chrome users may want to speed up the installation of the security fixes in the following way:

  1. Open the Chrome web browser (either version).
  2. Select Menu > Help > About Google Chrome, or load chrome://settings/help directly in the address bar.

Google Chrome displays the version that is installed on the page that opens. An update check is run and any update that is found will be downloaded and installed. Chrome should pick up the released security update.

The release announcement posts for the Stable version, on the official Google Chrome Releases blog provides some information on the patched vulnerability.

The update fixes a single security issue that is rated as high. High is the second highest classification after critical.

[$TBD][1309225] High CVE-2022-1096: Type Confusion in V8. Reported by anonymous on 2022-03-23

Google notes that it is aware that an exploit exists for the vulnerability and that it is already used in attacks. The company does not provide additional information on the issue at this point. How the attacks are performed and their scope is unclear at this point.

The fixed security issues is the second 0-Day vulnerability that Google patched in 2022 in the Chrome web browser. The first security update was released in February 2022 to address an issue that was exploited actively at the time as well.

Chrome users should install the security patch as early as possible to protect the browser and their data against attacks targeting the issue. Google released an update for the Extended Stable channel of the browser as well on the same day, but makes no mention of a patched security issue in the announcement.

Now You: how often and when do you update your browsers?

Article Name
Google releases emergency update for Chrome
Google released an update for Google Chrome Stable Stable on March 25, 2022. The emergency update patches a 0-day security issue in the web browser that is exploited in the wild according to Google.
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  1. Just Dave said on March 27, 2022 at 8:21 pm

    The mobile version of Chrome definitely hasn’t been released to the .84 version. It still shows as .73 in both Chrome and the Play Store, and this article is over 24 hours in age.

    1. Anonymous said on March 28, 2022 at 2:59 pm

      dude…what android version are you using & are your phone 32-bit?…it must be old, otherwise the chrome version should follow closely to its current desktop counterpart which is 99.

    2. Anonymous said on March 28, 2022 at 6:42 am

      I got .88 this morning on Android 8

  2. owl said on March 27, 2022 at 7:15 am

    Brave released an “Upgraded Chromium to 99.0.4844.88” on March 26, 2012, with a patch (emergency update: Stable version 99.0.4844.84) for a vulnerability in the Chromium browser (zero-day attack that has been confirmed to be exploitable).
    Upgrade from Chromium 99.0.4844.83 to Chromium 99.0.4844.88. · Issue #21889 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub

    Of the major Chromium vendors,
    Vivaldi and Opera have not released updated versions for this vulnerability (CVE-2022-1096) at this time, and not even a mention of it.

    1. Lyle Swann - Timerider said on March 27, 2022 at 3:18 pm

      That’s why Brave is superior, they released a patch for this TEN YEARS AGO.

    2. ShintoPlasm said on March 27, 2022 at 9:35 am
      1. owl said on March 27, 2022 at 11:41 pm


        Thanks for the info.
        At the time of my research (17:00 JST on 3/26), that information did not exist. I am glad you pointed out the latest situation and was able to correct the information to be accurate.

  3. Andy Prough said on March 26, 2022 at 7:26 pm

    “Filthy hackers – how dare they exploit the vulnerabilities that we purposely built into the browser.”

    1. computer said no said on March 26, 2022 at 7:57 pm

      Interesting theory andy..break the code and then give the illusion of “fixing it” in case of exploits..


      1. Andy Prough said on March 26, 2022 at 11:39 pm

        I was really just making a comment on how Edward Snowden showed many years ago how Google was willing to build backdoors into its products for its financial partners in the various international spy agencies. So anytime a vulnerability is announced, you kind of have to ask the question if it was one of their “planned” vulnerabilities that hackers have located or one of their “oopsie” mistakes that hackers just happened to stumble across. Lots of highly paid and very smart people work at Google – they really shouldn’t have nearly as many problems as they do if they were all of the “oopsie” variety.

  4. ilev said on March 26, 2022 at 11:09 am

    Where is Edge patch ?

    1. owl said on March 27, 2022 at 6:31 am

      > Where is Edge patch ?

      Security Update Guide – Microsoft
      March 26, 2022
      Microsoft has released the latest?Microsoft Edge Stable Channel (Version 99.0.1150.55), which incorporates the latest Security Updates of the Chromium project. This update contains a fix for CVE-2022-1096, which has been reported by the Chromium team as having an exploit in the wild. For more information, see the Security Update Guide

      CVE-2022-1096 – Security Update Guide – Microsoft – Chromium: CVE-2022-1096 Type Confusion in V8

      Because of the urgency of the patch update for “zero-day attacks with confirmed exploits,” recommend that you apply the update manually (by downloading it) as soon as possible, instead of waiting for the roll-up automatic update, whose application timing is uncertain.

    2. Arjen said on March 26, 2022 at 8:30 pm
    3. Gerry said on March 26, 2022 at 1:27 pm

      Patience my son, patience…

      “Microsoft is aware of the recent Chromium security fixes. We are actively working on releasing a security patch.”

  5. Paul(us) said on March 26, 2022 at 9:43 am

    Always mostly direct when I am reading about it I am updating any browser to the latest stable version.
    This is because a browser is even with my ferry secure firewall, maybe even better antivirus program, and all the addons I have installed which are supposed to make the browser even more secure a ferry contamination admissible switch (link) from my computer.

  6. Leopeva64 said on March 26, 2022 at 7:50 am

    Speaking of Chrome, this browser will soon let you add notes to webpages (don’t confuse with the option to take a screenshot and making annotations on it). It’s something similar to the ‘comments’ you can add in Edge’s PDF reader:


  7. Dennis said on March 26, 2022 at 7:47 am

    I wonder if Bromite is affected…

    1. walker said on March 26, 2022 at 9:04 am

      the more, the better (fixed!)

  8. osaka jiimi said on March 26, 2022 at 7:38 am

    lets face it, chromium is insecure – patching zero-days used in the wild is becoming a weekly occurrence

    1. Uwe said on March 26, 2022 at 10:41 am

      Ya, you’re absolutely right. In the last months/versions, patch after patch almost every single week has been become the new normal for Chrome/Chromium and their offshoots.

      1. benjamin said on March 26, 2022 at 11:28 am

        it’s getting to the point where chromium is a free for all, look at all the zero days in the wild, and then look at the release notes for hundreds of severe critical patches each year

        this is fast becoming a joke of adobe standards

      2. Iron Heart said on March 27, 2022 at 6:49 pm

        Oh boy, it’s negative IQ hour again in the gHacks comment section… When you have the overwhelming majority of the market, you are the most attractive target by far for hackers. If a vulnerability is actively exploited, you need to patch this quickly obviously.

        That hackers don’t give as much of a f*ck about competing browsers due to their comparatively low market share (Firefox has 3% market share) doesn’t mean that your browser is materially more secure at all, because it really isn’t (see the article I’ve posted above), it just means that you are too irrelevant for adversaries to care at this point. I suppose you can sell your irrelevancy as a positive here, but implying that you are materially more secure than Chromium is factually wrong.

      3. tokyo rose said on March 28, 2022 at 6:29 pm

        > hackers don’t give as much of a f*ck about competing browsers due to their comparatively low market share

        because 220 million Firefox users with an apparently insecure browser is not a juicy target – absolute bullshit. If Firefox was that insecure, it would be an easy payday. Ask yourself why that isn’t happening

        market share, after a certain threshold, is practically meaningless

      4. John Blutarsky said on March 27, 2022 at 8:21 pm

        May I assume that you made the same assessments about Windows, ten or more ago when they too were the top of the heap and the focus of attack – still are?
        If so, great job, if not, then please rethink the statements as hypocrisy because all that I heard and read was Windblows, oh, they have terrible security, patch Tuesday – you mean patch every day?

        Windows did a poor job then and the ONLY reason they began throwing security money and personnel at their self-induced security issues were due to scrutiny and shame…

        Anyone who goes along to get along in the security field is not a security professional. If the in-house coding is the issue, then it is on them. If the back-end being used is unchecked and used, it is on them…. on and on and on…. it’s on them, regardless of who they are – hard stop.

        Market share has NOTHING to do with security and excuses for poor execution. Adobe, Java… nobody should get a pass of oops, sorry about running executable strings in our logs…WTH?

        The browser it the endpoint and it requires more attention. Edge and so many others are Chromium based and that is what we have come to accept but it must be put into perspective and scrutinized like anything else.

        All software vendors suffer vulns, and that is completely understandable, but constant issues is a lack of in-house Q&A, leadership, or one of many other issues – it is dysfunctional.

    2. roger said on March 26, 2022 at 9:51 am

      chromium is the new adobe – avoid at all costs

    3. Iron Heart said on March 26, 2022 at 8:31 am

      @osaka jimi

      > chromium is insecure

      Not more so than any other browser.

      It has 80%+ market share, thus is the most attacked.

      Firefox is a complete joke: (article has recently been updated as well)

      1. Anonymous said on March 26, 2022 at 6:36 pm

        uBlock eliminates 99% of these attacks.

      2. Rust Hurt said on March 26, 2022 at 2:38 pm

        Many years ago Google faked brazenly Chromes user base until they made it, it was a coup d’état of the browser market.

      3. Iron Heart said on March 27, 2022 at 6:52 pm

        @Rust Hurt

        Not sure what you mean, independent data gathering repeatedly show Chromium at 80%+ market share. These numbers were / are not published by Google themselves at all.

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