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youtube with ads

YouTube Experiment gets rid of all advertisement on site

Google's revenue depends largely on advertisement that is displayed on its properties, third party websites and in tools. As far as ads on YouTube go, most users see a roadblock ad on […]

youtube dash playback buffering

Go back to YouTube's old buffering to skip without rebuffering

Update: The extension has been removed from the Chrome Web Store. You can try Magic Actions for YouTube instead which offers similar functionality. Some time ago YouTube switched to the new Dynamic […]

youtube keep alive

How to play YouTube videos in the background on Android

You can open the video hosting website YouTube in one of the mobile web browsers installed on your Android device, or use an official or third party YouTube application for that. While […]

youtube watch in sidebar

Watch YouTube videos in Firefox's Sidebar

If you are watching YouTube videos sometimes in the background while you are pursuing other activities on your computer, then you may have developed a certain technique to make that happen. Maybe […]

youtube video not available

Watch YouTube videos that are blocked in your country

Someone posted a link to a great YouTube video on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or any other site but you cannot play it because you get the dreaded "this video is not available" […]

control videos youtube buffering

Chrome: Control YouTube video buffering for smoother playback

YouTube videos play just fine and without lag most of the time when I open them on the website. Sometimes though, and I have not yet figured out what is causing it, […]

youtube paid channels

YouTube launches geo-restricted paid channels

YouTube launched a pilot program today that brings subscription services to the world's most popular video hosting site. According to Google, only a "small group of partners" will offer paid channels on […]

youtube privacy defaults

YouTube improves publishing and sharing controls in recent update

If you have ever uploaded a video to YouTube you may have noticed that videos are automatically set to public by default. While it is possible to modify the default visibility of […]

youtube full screen player

Resize YouTube's video player to full screen automatically

It is quite surprising that the video hosting site YouTube does not offer better video player controls. While you can change the size of the player manually to a larger fixed size […]


YouTweak enhances YouTube functionalities

There seems to be no end to ways of tweaking YouTube and Ghacks has looked at a number of them over the years -- many of them are accomplished through user scripts. […]

youtube 144p video quality

YouTube introduces ultra-low bandwidth 144p video quality mode

YouTube videos are buffering all the time and you can only watch them a couple of seconds before they stop to buffer again? Or maybe the buffering takes ages and there is […]

youtube play videos faster

Play YouTube videos faster to get more done in a day

A common trick to save time when it comes to podcasts - audio shows that range from a couple of minutes to hours - is to speed up the playback to listen […]

together tube

Some Synctubes alternatives for watching YouTube videos together

Synctube was a popular service that enabled you to watch YouTube videos together with friends. That's a great way of sharing a find with friends, or watching a video of your favorite […]

youtube set size video quality

How to set a default video size and quality on YouTube

YouTube, for being the largest video hosting site in the world, has some of the worst video controls of all the video sites out there. When you play a video on the […]

youtube photo slideshow

How to create photo slideshows on YouTube

YouTube is best know for its video hosting capabilities which have been improved a lot by Google in recent years. The site is supporting higher resolutions now for instance or making available […]

youtube lyrics

Get YouTube lyrics for Chrome, Firefox and Opera

YouTube has become a go-to location for listening to music -- you get the video as well, but many of us just leave that in the background and listen while we work […]

youtube channel one design

How to switch to YouTube's new channel design right now

YouTube has been experimenting with a new channel design for some time now. Up until now, only select channels were allowed to switch to the new design which introduces a couple of […]

youtube videos without flash screenshot

How to play all YouTube videos without Flash installed

Google has been offering a so called HTML5 trial on the video hosting site YouTube for some time now. Visitors of the site can join the trial to use HTML5's video capabilities […]