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How To Loop Youtube Videos

Note: The first method outlined below is not working anymore. Both the autoplay and loop parameters stopped working some time ago and cannot be used anymore. The scripts listed below are also […]

YouTube Insight: Find Out Who Is Embedding Your YouTube Videos

YouTube Insight is a function of YouTube that displays video statistics to video uploaders on the YouTube website. It is practically a traffic analyzer that creators can use to get accumulated statistics […]

In Plain English

If you have to explain a concept to someone you better make sure to match their proficiency level so that they actually understand what you are talking about. If you work in […]

Youtube Comment Cloud Firefox Add-On

Comments can be very useful wherever they are allowed. To many comments on the other hand make it complicated to get a good overview of the opinions in the comments especially if […]

Force High Or Low Quality On Youtube Automatically

The various video qualities on the YouTube video portal are confusing part of the site's userbase. YouTube videos can be viewed in the original quality, in a screen resolution of 320 x […]

Visual Wikipedia

Visual Wikipedia is a visual mashup of Wikipedia information and Youtube videos. The service works much like the regular Wikipedia website with the difference that it adds additional data sources and visual […]

Windows Live To Youtube

We have already covered the Windows Live Facebook plugin today which made it possible to upload photos from the Windows Live Photo Gallery application directly to Facebook. The Live Upload To Youtube […]

Youtube High Quality Playback

If you visit Youtube you might have noticed the "watch in high quality" link beneath some videos on the video portal. The high quality link leads to a video with a better […]

Now You Can Buy Music On YouTube

Till now, YouTube was a place only for watching videos. Still, with other sites getting their act together, it was only a matter of time before these guys pulled up their socks […]

Judge orders Google to hand over Youtube User Data to Viacom

Have you been watching videos lately on Youtube ? A judge ordered Google to hand over all video history data of the website to Viacom which is suing Google since 2007 for […]

youtube annotations

Youtube Annotations

Developers of the video streaming site YouTube have finally added a new feature to the website: it's called YouTube Annotations and you can see it here in action. It is subtext for […]

youtomb youtube video tracker

Youtomb tracks taken down videos from Youtube

Youtomb is a MIT Free Culture research project that monitors the most popular Youtube videos for copyright related takedowns. The project is currently monitoring more than 220000 videos on Youtube and noticed […]

timetube youtube timeline

Timetube displays a Youtube video timeline

Timetube is a Youtube mashup that creates a timeline of Youtube videos related to a keyword that the user is searching for. The time period can be altered from 1 day to […]

youtube video stats

See Who’s Watching Your Videos on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites on the internet today. Although videos posted on the site may not have the best quality there’s no doubt in my mind […]

youtube high quality

Higher Quality Videos starting to appear on Youtube

When we read the announcement that higher quality videos would come to Youtube we were delighted that the video quality would finally see an upgrade. Apparently the conversion has started and some videos are already available in different quality versions. It still looks like Youtube is testing settings and stuff and that not everyone can access those higher quality videos yet.

When Bans go wrong. Pakistan vs. Youtube

Once again the leaders of a country decided to ban a website because of (pick one: religious beliefs, political beliefs, constitution, local laws, medieval mindsets) which reminds me a lot of the kid that goes crying to their mama if another kid is mean to them. The other kid being Youtube in this case and the crying baby Pakistan, or more precisely the leaders of Pakistan.

Add a Youtube Video to Your PowerPoint Presentation

Almost everyone has used PowerPoint for presentations at some time or the other. Even if you’ve moved on to apps at GoogleDocs or the Zoho suite, PowerPoint is still a handy tool […]

customize youtube profile

Customize Your Youtube Profile

Considering how many people post videos on Youtube, I’m surprised I never thought of posting about this before. While Myspace has been customized to such an extent so as to make the […]