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multiple desktops

Multiple Desktops for XP and Vista

I’ve always loved the ease in which multiple desktops are accessible in Ubuntu (and other Linux OS’s as well I presume, I haven’t tried any) and find myself wishing for the same […]

Open Files Patcher

If you open files in Windows XP you may notice that the default open files dialog always resets to a rather tiny menu whenever it is opened. Even if your resize the […]

Circle Dock

Circle Dock was another contribution to the Donation Coder Programming Challenge. It was an entry by Eric Wong who contributed not only this but another software program to the Challenge. Circle Dock […]

Switch Between Different Service Profiles

Windows XP does not offer a way to quickly switch between different service profiles. The only way would be to enable or disable all services manually which would be quite a lot […]

Windows Vista Critics Love Windows Mojave

One way to improve a product is to invite critics (common folk, not the usual computer experts) to give them a sneak peak of it's successor and use their criticism to build […]

Vista Part 3

Well I don’t think I’ve ever had so many responses as I have to these Posts on Windows Vista =) But obviously it’s a controversial subject. Now I realise that many of […]

Vista vs. XP

300 Words into replying to some comments made by Rarst on my post yesterday about Microsoft I decided I may as well publish it like so as a new post… that’s what […]

windows updates downloader

Windows Updates Downloader

I have covered various applications before that download all related Windows Updates from Microsoft to a computer. Some that I mentioned are the Autopatcher Updater, Project Dakota and Offline Update. It's never […]

Yahoo Widget Position Restorer

Widgets, gadgets are little applications that are running on the desktop. Prominent examples are the gadgets that can be added to the Windows Vista sidebar or Yahoo Widgets. I never found a […]

vista transformation pack

NOT Another Vista Transformation Pack

That is correct. If you’re one of those people, and I believe they are still around, who still likes the Windows XP Luna interface (that’s the lollypop blue one), then this is […]

Symantec: Disable SymProtect before upgrading to Windows XP SP3

If you are running the Symantec products Norton Internet Security 2008, Norton SystemWorks 2008, Norton 360 or Norton AntiVirus 2008 on a machine with Windows XP Service Pack 2, and want to […]

Microsoft releases Vista vs. XP comparison

If a company releases a product and a successor of that product a few years later and then a document comparing the features of both products; what would you expect from that […]

Microsoft Security Updates May 2008

Microsoft released four security updates for various applications and operating systems that they produce. Three of the four updates are regarded as critical while one has a moderate risk level. To break […]

advanced run

Advanced Run

It is sometimes required to run a command or software as another user in Windows. Say you followed the advice that is posted on many sites to work with a regular user […]

Official Windows XP Service Pack 3 Download Links

The Windows XP Service Pack 3 will be released to the public tomorrow. A lot of users have already downloaded the service pack from various locations like download portals and the Bittorrent […]

windows vulnerability scanner

Windows Vulnerability Scanner

Windows is probably the operating system that is attacked the most, some say because it has the largest user base, some say because it is simply insecure. Whatever the reason may be, […]

Surun beats all Sudo like applications in Windows

If you ever tried to work in Windows NT systems as a limited user you surely have encountered wondrous things like having no permission to change the Windows clock and especially when […]

winsecret professional tweak windows

Tweak Windows with TweakNow WinSecret Professional

TweakNow WinSecret Professional is a Windows tweaker that is free for personal use. You could say oh no, not another tweaker and I partially think you are right. There is definitely no […]