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Windows XP And Windows Server 2003 Zero-Day Vulnerability

A vulnerability in the component Windows Help and Support Center was discovered recently that can be exploited for remote code execution on affected systems. Only Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are […]

Remove Shared Documents And User Documents From My Computer

The Windows XP operating system displays several user related system folders in the My Computer overview. These system folders include Shared Documents and user folders. Some users, especially those who are working […]

Changing The Windows Setup Source

You might have experienced a situation in the past where Windows asked you to put the original Windows installation CD into a computer drive to continue. This could have been the result […]

Internet Explorer Vulnerability Fix

Microsoft has released a security advisory about a vulnerability in Microsoft Video ActiveX Control which can be exploited remotely in Internet Explorer. The vulnerability advisory states that Microsoft is aware that attackers […]

Change Default Mail Client In Windows XP

One of the biggest problem of multi-user Windows XP computer systems is the lack of a feature to set a default mail client for every user. Windows XP only supports one default […]

Start Windows Without Autostart Entries

Here is a quick tip for the Windows operating system that might come in handy in certain situations. On most Windows systems one or multiple programs are usually set to autostart with […]

5 Reasons Why You Might Want To Switch From XP To Windows 7

Windows XP is an excellent operating system. The majority of Windows users are still running Windows XP followed by Windows Vista and other variants. XP is leading the field by a ratio […]


Create an automated XP install with nlite

In today's world of internet connections and everything readily available at the push of a button, do we really need 1Gb of printer drivers? Ok, that goes for Vista, not XP, but […]

Windows XP: Default Internet Browser Per User Profile

One of the main problems that users of multi-user Windows XP systems experience is that the default internet browser is set as a system setting that affects all user accounts. If one […]


Enable the Address Bar In Windows XP SP3

Microsoft removed the address bar in Windows XP Service Pack 3. The address bar was a toolbar of the Windows Taskbar that worked as a quick launcher for websites and files. There […]

Windows Vista Sidebar For Windows XP

One of the more visible changes of the Windows Vista operating system was the Windows Vista Sidebar which made it possible to put so called gadgets on the Windows Desktop. Gadgets are […]

Aero Snap For Windows XP And Windows Vista

Aero Shake and Snap was one of the new Windows 7 features that came to light during the Professional Developers Conference 08 in Los Angeles. The two features provide better windows management […]

Microsoft Touchless

Microsoft Office Labs are always good for a surprise. For anyone who does not know what Microsoft Office Labs is about: It basically is used to publish software programs created by Microsoft […]

Windows Extractor

Another interesting Windows software application came up in the Donation Coder forum the other day. A user was asking for an application to maximize part of a window or control to fullscreen […]

auto-hide windows taskbar

Restore Windows Taskbar Auto-hide

I have experienced a problem with the auto-hide feature of the Windows Taskbar for the last two weeks or so. Auto-hide would work fine for some time but eventually the Windows Taskbar […]

Install Aero Cursor Scheme In Windows XP

You find many tutorials on the Internet about installing fonts that shipped with Windows Vista in Windows XP. There are literally hundreds of websites that explain how to change the look and […]

Royal Noir Theme Windows XP

Users who want to change the Windows XP theme are left with two choices. They can go the official way and use the few official Windows XP themes that have been released […]

Windows XP WGA To Mimic That Of Windows Vista

Windows XP users who update their system through automatic updates or the Windows update service might be in for a surprise. Microsoft has upgraded the company's Windows Genuine Advantage software for Windows […]