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pestudio analysis

Analyze suspicious Windows executable files with PeStudio

If you install and run new software regularly on your Windows system, you may have come upon programs that you have a bad feeling about. Maybe because you have downloaded them from […]


Turn files into pdf documents automatically with HotFolder

So-called pdf printers can be quite useful. These programs add a virtual printer to the operating system that you can send files to so that they are converted to pdf in the […]

bluelife hosts editor

BlueLife Hosts Editor for Windows review

The Windows Hosts file allows you to redirect hostnames. That sounds awfully technical but think of it as a beats-everything-else solution to set hostname targets. Examples? You can redirect any domain name […]

run programs

List all recently run programs on a Windows PC

Do you know which programs ran in the past on your Windows PC? It is likely that you know at least some of them, the programs that you have started manually for […]

game downloader

Game Downloader 4.0 released

Game Downloader is a free program for the Windows operating system that you can use to discover, browse and download more than 350 different PC games in various categories. PC gamers have […]

music collection

Manage your (physical) music collection

It is relatively easy to manage a digital music collection. Programs like MediaMonkey Gold or iTunes can import all music files right away with options to correct any importing issues and add […]

file fisher

Copy certain files by type from any location using File Fisher

If you ever had to move specific files from one location to another you know how difficult of an operation this can be. Say someone connected an USB Flash Drive to your […]

merge folders

Move files from different folders into one with Folder Merge for Windows

Folder Merger is a free portable application for the Windows operating system that you can use to merge files that reside in different folders into a single destination folder Merging simple folders […]


PortExpert monitors TCP and UDP communications on Windows

One of the things that I do regularly is to check open connections on a PC I'm working with to make sure that there are no leaks or ports open that I […]


Retrieve serial numbers, product codes and login information on Windows with recALL

Whenever you are switching from one PC to another, or upgrading your current one by installing a new operating system, you may want to take certain applications, programs and information with you. […]

driver backup

DriveTheLife: update, backup and restore Windows drivers

Most of the devices and hardware that you connect to a PC running a recent version of Windows work out of the box without any configuring or driver installations. While that is […]


Monitor network traffic of Windows processes with Socket Sniff

SocketSniff is a free portable program for Windows that enables you to watch WinSock activity of a selected process in the Windows operating system. It can sometimes be useful to find out […]

stop focus stealing programs

Prevent programs from losing focus automatically in Windows

Only one program window has the focus in the Windows operating system at any given time. This means that you cannot interact with other programs unless you activate them first or use […]

secure folders

Hide, lock or protect folders and files in Windows using Secure Folders

Secure Folders is a free program for Windows that is available as a portable version and installer. It can be used to hide or lock folders, set them to read-only or block […]

thandbrake batch gui handbrake

Convert videos in bulk with THandBrake for Windows

You have many options to convert video files to different formats; from one-click options over command line tools to advanced tools that give you full control over every bit of the conversion […]

ccleaner 5.0

CCleaner 5.0 now available

Piriform, the company behind the popular CCleaner program for Windows and Android, released a preview version of CCleaner 5.0 recently that showcased the new interface of the application. Today, the company released […]

usb raptor

Lock and unlock your PC with a USB device and USB Raptor

One of the things that I do all the time when I leave a computer I'm working on in an environment where others may access it is lock it or boot it […]

tcp monitor plus

TCP Monitor Plus, lightweight network monitor for Windows

TCP Monitor Plus is a portable program for Windows to analyze network related connections and data on a PC running Windows. If you want to know more about the connections that your […]