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my last search

My Last Search reveals what you searched for on the Internet

My Last Search is a free portable program for the Windows operating system that retrieves and displays the search history of popular browsers on the system. My Last Search may be useful […]


Find and replace text with WildGem for Windows

WildGem is a free powerful text finder and replacement tool for Windows that supports regular expressions and real-time previews. Most text editors for Windows support find and replace functionality that allow you […]

stream what you hear

Stream What You Hear streams sound to other devices

Sometimes, you may want to listen to audio on other devices than the one the audio is actually playing on. Maybe you want to listen to audio while you are in another […]

windows 10 upgrade notification

"I don't want Windows 10" removes upgrade notifications from Windows 7 and 8

If you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8, you have probably come across Windows 10 upgrade notifications by now on the system. While upgrade notifications for Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows […]

shiela usb

Shiela USB Shield protects PCs against USB threats

Shiela USB Shield is a free security program for Windows operating systems that protects PCs from USB threats. USB Devices are often used to spread malicious software. This can be software that […]

file integrity check reksfv

RekSFV create and bulk check sfv, md5 and sha1 files

RekSFV is a free program for Windows that is available as a portable version and installer that verifies files in bulk using existing sfv, md5 and sha1 information. The program ships with […]

coolbarz program

Coolbarz adds up to four auto-hiding program launching toolbars to Windows

The option to pin programs, files or folders to the Windows 7 taskbar improved how I work with the operating system significantly. While that is a great way to have access to […]

title bar date time

Add date and time to all titlebars in Windows

Titlebar Date-Time is a free program for the Windows operating system that adds date and time information to the active window of the operating system. Windows users who want to have date […]

hotkeyslist windows

HotKeysList displays globally registered Windows hotkeys

Global hotkeys can be quite useful on a system for instance to open the System Control Panel with Windows-Pause, to copy the screen to the Clipboard with the Print-key, or to open […]

dll hijack detector

Detect DLL Hijacks on Windows

DLL hijacking is an attack that makes applications load malicious dynamic link libraries instead of the intended -- clean and legit -- library on a Windows system. Programs that don't specify paths […]


DelFix deletes portable disinfection tools from your system automatically

What sounds like a virus on first read is a useful system tool created by the author of Adwcleaner. Like Adwcleaner, it is designed to remove leftovers on a system polluted by […]

leawo blu-ray player

Leawo's Blu-Ray media player is free now

I don't know anyone who has a computer with a Blu-Ray drive. Most of my friends and the contacts that I asked have a PC with a DVD writer or no optical […]

recovery suite

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Free Review

Things can go wrong when you are working on a computer. Programs may crash, you may delete important files accidentally, format an entire drive that contains data that you still need, or […]


Scan files for hidden executable contents

Attackers have multiple options when it comes to disguising executable files on a system to trick users into running them. A common approach is to make use of Windows' option to hide […]

ping viewer

Ping Viewer is a portable domain and network monitor for Windows

If you want to make sure that network resources or domains on the Internet are accessible, you have plenty of options to do so. While you can run tests manually, it is […]

instant wordpress

Instant WordPress creates a local WordPress installation on Windows in seconds

If you are a WordPress webmaster or administrator you know that there is always something to do on the backend of the site. WordPress updates are released regularly and the same is […]

pocket radio player

Pocket Radio Player is a cross-platform minimalistic Internet radio program

If you want to listen to Internet radio while you are using your computer, for instance while working, playing games or hanging out on social networking sites like Facebook, you have plenty […]

quick user manager

Manage Windows Accounts with Quick User Manager

If you want to manage user accounts on a local Windows system, you can use the control panel or the command line for that. Both options are not really ideal when you […]