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FAR Manager is an open-source Norton Commander clone

FAR Manager is an open-source Norton Commander clone, that is highly customizable

FAR Manager isn't new, at least not to most geeks. It has been around for decades and is still actively being developed. The name stands for File and Archive Manager and can […]


Joplin is an open source note taking app for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux

Note taking apps are handy and can be used for simple tasks like jotting down lists, to storing important information. The primary use of such an app, at least for me, is […]


Cleanmgr+ is a Disk Cleanup alternative

Cleanmgr+ is a new software program for Windows by the maker of CloneApp and CloneApp UA. Microsoft revealed during the release of Windows 10 version 1809, the October 2018 Update, that it […]

cab update installer

Cab Update Installer for Windows

Cab Update Installer is a free software program for Microsoft's Windows operating system to improve the installation of CAB updates. Windows updates are provided in multiple ways and file formats. MSU files, […]


Nirsoft's NirExt adds options to Windows Explorer

NirExt is an old application by NirSoft that adds three new context menu options to Windows' default file manager Explorer (Windows Explorer or File Explorer). Just download the application from the Nirsoft […]

playstatic record mouse activity

Automate Mouse and Keyboard Activity with PlayStatic

PlayStatic is a free program for Microsoft's Windows operating system to automate mouse and keyboard activity. Automation can be useful at times to complete repetitive tasks faster or without user action. Basic […]


CTLInfo displays all trusted and untrusted certificates in Windows

CTLInfo is a free portable software program for Microsoft Windows devices that displays certificate information in Windows. While Windows users and administrators may use the Certificate Manager to display certificates by loading […]

aimp 4.5

AIMP 4.5 music player released

AIMP is a popular music player that looks and behaves in many regards as Winamp, one of the most popular music players of all times for Windows. AIMP 4.5 was released on […]


Lessmsi: view and extract Windows MSI files

Lessmsi is a free program for Microsoft Windows which you may use to view and extract the contents of Windows Installer MSI files. While the program has been designed for Windows, it […]

screen dragons

Screen Dragons: show frameless images on the Windows desktop

Screen Dragons is a free software program for Microsoft Windows devices that you may use to display frameless images on the Windows desktop. You can make those images transparent, and move them […]

wireshark 2.4

Wireshark 2.4 released

Wireshark 2.4.0 is a major new version of the popular network protocol analyzer for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X devices. The application is available as a 32-bit and 64-bit installer for […]

winx menu editor

How to customize the Windows-X menu in Windows 10

Win+X Menu Editor is a free program for Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 devices that enables you to customize the Windows-X menu. The keyboard combination Windows-X opens a hidden menu with all […]


UninstallView for Windows by Nirsoft

UninstallView is a new portable program by Nirsoft that provides you with information on installed programs on machines running Windows. The program is a replacement for MyUninstaller, a program with similar functionality […]

free tv db

Manage your TV show collection with Free TvDB

Free TvDB is a program for the Windows operating system that assists you in managing your TV show collection. Keeping track of TV shows you are interested in or collecting can be […]

stream detector

Stream Detector reveals Alternate Data Streams on NTFS drives

NoVirusThanks Stream Detector is a free program for the Windows operating system that allows you to scan entire NTFS hard drives or folders on them for alternate data streams. Every file on […]


QuickTextPaste is a tiny text pasting program for Windows

QuickTextPaste is a free portable program for the Windows operating system that enables you to paste pre-defined text quickly using hotkeys, and to run special pre-defined commands on top of that. Automation […]

advanced run

Start programs with different settings on Windows with AdvancedRun

AdvancedRun is a free portable program for Windows that allows you to configure different startup settings such as window position and size, the user account a program is started with or command […]

netstalker internet connections

NetStalker checks and notifies you of Internet connections in real-time

Do you know which programs and processes access the Internet on your computer and why? While it is easy enough to tell for programs that won't really work without Internet, web browsers […]