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ie9 creator

IE9 Creator, Generate Internet Explorer 9 Specific Web Content

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 introduces several new features, among them an option to pin websites to the Windows 7 Taskbar. Webmasters can customize the feature by adding meta information to their website's […]

How to Create an Integrated x86/x64 Windows 7 Install DVD

One of the biggest problems with Windows, every version in fact is that there is a different installation DVD for each version. Whether that's Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate […]

windows explorer open print edit missing

Fix Context Menu Items Missing In Windows Explorer

Microsoft has decided to remove several context menu entries from Windows 7's Windows Explorer context menu if more than 15 items are selected at once. The open, print and edit links are […]

fix problems with windows update

Troubleshooting If Windows 7 Update Fails

What can you do if the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Update fails? The answer depends largely on the error code that you get directly on the screen or in the Windows […]

view installed updatesview installed updates

How To Uninstall Windows 7 Service Pack 1

There have not been many complaints yet from users who have installed the service pack update on their Windows PCs. Still, there are always some cases where users want to uninstall the […]

Remove Windows 7 SP1 Backups To Free Up Disk Space

The first service pack for the Windows 7 operating system has been released yesterday (see Windows 7 Service Pack Update Downloads Live) and it seems as if most Windows 7 users did […]

Windows 7 Navigation Pane Customizer

Windows 7 Navigation Pane Customizer

The default file browser Windows Explorer under Windows 7 displays several sidebar items by default which link to libraries, user favorites, the Homegroup and connected hard drives and optical drives. While those […]

disable aero transparency

How To Disable Windows Aero Transparency In Windows 7

My main reason for not using Windows Aero under Windows 7 iss the transparency effect that was automatically applied to all open windows. That did not only make some menu items harder […]

Windows 7 32-bit vs 64-bit

Computer users who want to buy Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 7 have two choices to make. First they need to decide on the edition of the operating system. At least three […]

quick launch

How To Enable Quick Launch In Windows 7

The Quick Launch feature has been disabled by default in Windows 7 by Microsoft. Some users like Quick Launch as a way to quickly start programs from the Windows taskbar. The reasoning […]

windows explorer favorites

How To Add Program Links To Windows Explorer Favorites

Several elements in the Windows operating system have been restricted by Microsoft. It is for instance not possible to pin folders to the Windows 7 taskbar, or to add programs to the […]

Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 SP1 Release Candidates Officially Available

Microsoft is now offering official downloads for the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 release candidates, after both release candidates leaked to the Internet earlier on this week. […]

windows product scout

Windows Product Scout

Update: Please note that Microsoft has removed the product scout website again. It is no longer available. The Windows Product Scout is a new addition to Microsoft's Windows homepage. The free service […]

How To Center Windows 7 Taskbar Items

Many of you are aware that Microsoft changed the taskbar in Windows 7 quite a bit in comparison to Vista and Windows XP. The taskbar is by no means a perfect solution, […]

Hotfix For Poor Printing Performance In Windows 7

Microsoft recently provided customers with a hotfix to fix poor printing performance issues in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Microsoft confirmed that "on a computer that is running Windows 7 […]

windows taskbar fix

Fix Pinned Items Opening As New Icons On Windows Taskbar

Windows 7 users can pin programs, files and folders to the taskbar for an easier way to interact with the items. Pinned items are always shown in the taskbar, regardless whether they […]

windows 7 hard drive

How To Configure A New Hard Drive In Windows 7

A friend of mine just called me the other day, telling me about a problem that he had with his Windows 7 system. He bought a new hard drive and connected it […]

disable homegroup windows 7

Disable Windows 7 Homegroup Feature

Computers running Windows 7 are automatically making use of the Homegroup feature for easier networking between different PCs of a computer network. Single computer users, and users who do not make use […]