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windows 10 print to pdf

You can print to PDF natively in Windows 10

Microsoft added a couple of smaller changes to its Windows 10 operating system that I really like, for instance the highlighting of the first result when you search. Another feature is the […]

time and language

How to change time and language formats in Windows 10

The following guide provides you with information on how to modify time and language formats and settings in Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 includes options to change formats, e.g. short […]

windows10 file dialog box hidden

Fix File Dialog prompts not spawning in the foreground in Windows 10

Microsoft changed how file dialog boxes are spawned in Windows 8 and uses the same method in its new Windows 10 operating system. What you may notice is that dialogs may not […]

windows 10 personalization

Use the classic Personalization panel in Windows 10

Microsoft removed the classic personalization panel of previous versions of Windows and added some of the options to the Settings application instead. While you can right-click on the desktop on Windows 10 […]

disable taskbar previews windows 10

How to disable or delay taskbar previews in Windows 10

Windows 10, just like Windows 7 and 8.x, displays thumbnail previews of open program windows when you hover over icons in the Windows Taskbar. This can be convenient at times, especially if […]

windows 10 usage share

Windows 10: big jump in usage share in August 2015

Windows 10 has been out for little over a month; reason enough to find out how the operating system did usage share wise. NetMarketShare's published desktop operating system usage share statistics for […]

windows 10 search

How to make Windows 10's search lightning fast and more useful

I like the search in Windows 10 even though I had to tweak it quite a bit to make it behave the way I want it to and am running into search […]

windows 10 clean install

How to clean install Windows 10 directly without upgrade

The official way to upgrade an existing computer system to Windows 10 is to upgrade it while it is still installed on the computer. Some users prefer to do a clean install […]

windows 10 75 million devices

Windows 10 stats: 75 million devices, 6x more app downloads per device

So how is Windows 10 doing? Microsoft has been rather tight lipped until now about the operating system's overall distribution and related figures. The only figure that Microsoft released was that Windows […]

windows experience index

Calculate the Windows Experience Index on Windows 10 with ExperienceIndexOK

Microsoft introduced the Windows Experience Index in Windows Vista to benchmark the performance of the computer and compute base scores which customers could use to determine whether their device was fast enough […]

List of Windows 10 desktop shortcut keys

Keyboard shortcuts can be great time savers regardless of application you are using them in. No matter if it is Ctrl-t in Firefox to open a new tab, Windows-Pause to open the […]

windows 10 search

Fix Search not working in Windows 10

I have experienced a strange issue on a system running Windows 10 Pro in the past couple of days. Windows Search would suddenly stop working and return no result at all. As […]

ultimate windows tweaker 4 for windows 10

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10 released

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a long-standing tweak software for Windows operating systems. Previous versions are available for Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, and the most recent release, Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4, […]

user account control windows 10

Make UAC prompts less intrusive on Windows 10

Microsoft introduced the User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 to block activities requiring administrative privileges on Windows systems until an administrator permits them. The company relaxed the […]

contact support

Windows 10 issues? Contact tech support from within Windows

One of the new features of Windows 10 is a tighter integration with Microsoft Support. You may know that you can call Microsoft Support, use Microsoft Answers on the web or get […]

universal watermark remover

How to remove Evaluation Copy watermarks in Windows 10

Most Windows Insider builds of Windows 10 displays a watermark in the lower right corner of the screen right above the system tray area. It reads "Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview. Evaluation […]

allow telemetry windows 10

How to be a Windows 10 Insider without getting Insider updates

One of the perks of being a Windows Insider is that you can use the operating system for free. As long as you remain an Insider, you don't need to purchase an […]

windows 10 start menu

These things annoy me in Windows 10

This is a personal post as you can see when you read the title. Windows 10 shipped less than a month ago and was available as a preview version months before that. […]