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vivald 1.1

Vivaldi 1.1 Update is out

The first stable version of the Vivaldi web browser is less than a month old, and the team has already released an update that brings the version to 1.1. Installed copies of […]

vivaldi extensions

Vivaldi Web Browser Review

The first stable version of Vivaldi, a new web browser by Vivaldi Technologies, was released on April 6, 2016 to the public. The web browser, launched by Opera co-founder John von Tetzchner's […]

vivaldi click -to switch tab

Latest Vivaldi update fixes video issues

The Vivaldi team builds new snapshots of the Vivaldi web browser regularly, and the latest snapshot fixes a freezing video issue on Windows 10, and adds a new tab switching option on […]

vivaldi beta 3

One Step Closer to Stable: Vivaldi Beta 3 released

Vivaldi Beta 3 has been released on March 4, 2016. The, hopefully last beta of the up and coming web browser Vivaldi introduces new features such as a session manager or tab […]

vivaldi tabs

Tab handling changed in latest Vivaldi browser snapshot

Vivaldi released a new snapshot of the up and coming web browser bringing it to version 1.0.385.5 that introduces changes to how tabs are handled in the program. Tabs are an essential […]

vivaldi beta 2 extensions

Vivaldi Beta 2 is out

Vivaldi Beta 2 has been released a moment ago moving the browser one step closer to a final release. Downloads are available on, and via the browser's updater. The new beta […]

vivaldi mute sound

Vivaldi Browser gets silent tabs and Netflix support in latest build

The latest build of the Vivaldi web browser ships with a bunch of improvements that include support to silence websites in the browser with a simple click, and support for Netflix. The […]

vivaldi beta

Finally: Vivaldi Beta is now available

Vivaldi unveiled the official beta version of the company's web browser a couple of minutes ago marking the next step in the company's plan to win over disgruntled Opera users and Internet […]


Latest Vivaldi browser build ships with UI-less mode

Vivaldi released the fourth technical preview of the browser the other day which introduced an assortment of interface customization options to the browser among other things. It took the company less than […]

vivaldi ui scale

Latest Vivaldi snapshot introduces interface scaling

The makers of Vivaldi have released a new development snapshot of the browser that introduces several new customization options. The web browser, which is still only available as a technical preview and […]

vivaldi interface

5 Vivaldi features that Google Chrome does not support

Vivaldi is a relatively new web browser based on the Blink engine which Google Chrome and Opera use as well. A stable version of the web browser has not been released yet […]

vivaldi check updates

Latest Vivaldi build introduces automatic updates

I'm keeping a close eye on the development of the Vivaldi browser as it shows some promise especially when compared to other Chromium-based browsers. Vivaldi Technologies releases snapshot builds of the technical […]

vivaldi chrome extensions

Latest Vivaldi Snapshot supports direct Chrome Web Store installations

The Vivaldi browser, just like many other Chromium/Blink browsers, shares much of its core with Google Chrome and other browsers Chromium based browsers. One positive effect of that is that it supports […]

vivaldi web browser

Opera co-founder launches Vivaldi web browser

The technical preview of Vivaldi, a Chromium/Blink based web browser by Opera co-founder and former CEO John von Tetzchner is now available. The Opera browser is best known for innovations that Opera […]

vivaldi-net a new home for My Opera users

When Opera Software announced that it would change the Opera browser significantly by using Chromium as its core, it was not really clear to many what this meant. It meant that Opera […]