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stream video torrents

Stream Video Torrents

I'm not really into a streaming solution for videos that are available as torrents because I prefer to download the video to have the option to play it whenever I like and […]

movie thumbnailer

Thumber a movie thumbnailer

This is a premier for Ghacks, the first review of a Macintosh application. Thumber is a software for Apple Macintosh (Mac OS X Leopard) that takes one second snapshots of a selected […]

add music to videos

How to add your music to videos

This will be a quick tutorial on how to use the Open Source software Virtualdub to add music to videos. I started recording some games that I'm playing for my game blog […]

timetube youtube timeline

Timetube displays a Youtube video timeline

Timetube is a Youtube mashup that creates a timeline of Youtube videos related to a keyword that the user is searching for. The time period can be altered from 1 day to […]

Self-Destructing DVDs ?

Would you pay money for a DVD that would be readable for a period of 48 hours after taking it out of its vacuum-sealed packaging ? Sounds a lot like video rentals […]

capture movies

Capture High Quality Movie Stills

Saving high quality movie stills is not as easy as it sounds. While some players support saving images of movie scenes non that I know of process the image afterwards to ensure […]

Hulu now publically available kind of

Hulu has left private beta and is now publically available to US-consumers which is definitely a good thing. Users can just go and visit the official Hulu website and browse the contents […]


How to join flv videos

Several video portals on the Internet have restrictions in place that prevent videos about a certain file size or length to be uploaded to their website. The normal limit is 100 Megabyte per file and a maximum length of ten minutes. Video uploaders create several parts of videos that are larger or last longer than the default limits - I came upon videos with ten and more parts on Youtube.

video codec information

Which Codecs do I have installed?

Do you know which audio and video codecs are installed on your operating system ? Did you know that you can easily find that out by using Windows tools ? I think it is nice to know that you can find about all installed codecs without having to use third party applications. I will recommend a third party program at the end which can be used to received additional information.

title select

Convert DVD movie to Avi

I like to convert my DVDs into avi format and put them on my XBOX hard drive or notebook hard drive to store them in a space saving manner. This means as well that I do not have to carry DVDs with me when on the road with my notebook. For that I was searching for a easy and fast method to convert a DVD movie into an avi file using xvid or divx as the codec.

missing video codecs

Check for and add missing Video Codecs

I do not like Codec packages. You may ask why that is the case and my answer would be that they tend to install more than is needed to run the videos on your computer. There are also lots of fake codec packages out there that install viruses and trojans on your system.

dvd drive

Make your DVD Drive play all DVDs

Today I had a problem playing a Region 2 DVD on my Region 1 DVD drive connected to a PC running Windows. I was asked to change the Region of my DVD […]

installed codec

List all installed multimedia codecs

Listing all installed multimedia codecs is an easy task if you use the software Installed Codec from Nirsoft. The software scans the registry in two places looking for installed codecs displaying them afterwards in a list that can be sorted in a few different ways.

DIVX All In One Fix

If you experience troubles playing movies using the DIVX codec that is installed on your computer you might want to take a look at a bundle of fixes for DivX that is called All In One Fix. This is not intended for users who use ffdshow for instance to play movies, only for those who are actually using the DIVX codec.

handbrake dvd authoring screenshot

Convert DVDs with Handbrake

I don't like to take my purchased movie DVDs with me when I travel but still love to have some of my favorite or new movies with me in case I would like to watch a movie on my notebook. I could of course burn those DVDs and take the backups with me but this is not ideal in my opinion. I do not like to carry any media with me when traveling.


Crunchyroll Asian Movie site with many translations

I love Asian movies, especially the ones from South Korea and Japan which sometimes reach a quality that is on par with only the most exclusive movies from Hollywood. But there is more than Takashi Miike and Takeshi Kitano, just consider all the great Anime movies or television series that rarely make an appearance on Western television.

Free Online Audio and Video Converter

You should take a look at the Media Convert online script if you want to quickly convert an audio or video file into another format without installing a software like Super or Media Convert on your computer. The online script is able to convert files from urls or from your computer with a maximum size of 150 megabytes.

The input format is automatically detected if you chose to upload it from your computer while you have to select the format for the url links by yourself. Various output formats exist that can be selected. The list of available audio and video formats is long and all popular formats are supported.

media coder

Using Media Coder to rip Audio from Videos

I would like to share a really nice and easy way to rip any kind of audio from videos and save the audio in mp3 format. This is a great way of adding music to your collection for instance or to get podcast like shows by ripping the audio from documentations or other videos.