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Google Eliminates Google Video Deadline, Service Stays Online

Google recently made the announcement that they would shut down their video hosting service Google Video for good. I have covered the announcement in Google Video Closing Down, What You Need To […]

vlc update

VLC Media Player Security Update

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media players, next to Windows Media Player and MPlayer frontends. A high popularity usually has the downside that criminals try to find and […]

How To Add Missing HTML5 Video Support To Your Browser

When you look at HTML5 video support of the five most popular web browsers, you notice that there is not a single browser supporting the two formats WebM and H.264. Depending on […]


Radbox, Save Online Videos To Watch Them Later

Have you experienced the following situation? You just received an email or message from a friend that contained a link to a funny must see video. Problem is, you do not have […]

angry birds

Angry Birds... The Movie

I'll come clean and say that I've still not been drawn into the whole Angry Birds phenomenon, but that's not to say I haven't heard about it.  It's very difficult not to […]

windows media player extension for html5

Windows Media Player HTML5 Extension For Chrome

The announcement that Google would remove native H.264 playback support caused quite an uproar on the Internet (see Google Ditches H.264 Support In Google Chrome). Google Chrome up to this point was […]

Fix the animated titles issue on Ubuntu for OpenShot Video Editor

If you have been following my latest series on the OpenShot Video Editor (Read "Create videos with OpenShot Video Editor", "Add transitions with OpenShot Video Editor", and "Add titles to OpenShot Video […]

Create videos with OpenShot Video Editor

Recently I tasked myself to begin creating promotional videos for the ebooks I have written for my publishing company Autumnal Press. These videos needed to be short snippets that could serve to […]

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How To Download Camtasia Videos

The video recording software Camtasia is often used to record instructional or promotional videos. The online videos offer limited controls only, and do often lack options to download the videos to a […]

youtube xl

Youtube XL Brings Videos To The Big Screen

If you have ever tried to use Youtube on a big television screen you may have noticed that the controls of the standard page are not that easy to use as on […]

H.264 to be royalty free forever

The H.264 video codec has been proving extremely popular of late, enabling all of us to watch quality, high-definition video on the web and in our homes.  Microsoft and Apple have also […]

online videos

Watch Online Videos Directly On Linking Websites

Online videos are highly popular and get posted in two forms on third-party websites. Videos can be embedded on a web page so that they can be watched directly on the page, […]

stream video

Stream Video With Opera Unite

The topic of streaming video to a friend's computer came up yesterday evening. Direct experience is often the base for excellent articles and this will hopefully make no exception. The first option […]

video dvd converter

How To Burn Videos To DVD

We here at Ghacks are very fond of the commercial DVD burning software ConvertXToDVD when it comes to burning videos to DVD so that they can be viewed in a standard DVD […]

miro video converter

Miro Video Converter

The developers of the video player Miro have created a new software program that enables you to convert videos. Miro Video Converter is an easy to use program that can convert most […]

Video To MKV Converter

VideoToMKV is an easy to use software program to convert various video formats into the Matroska container format (mkv) on Windows. The program uses the ffmpeg library for the conversions which is […]

Search Multiple Video Search Engines With Videosurf

Videosurf is a video search website that you can use to search multiple video portals at once. Supported video websites include (among others) Youtube, Hulu, Google Videos, Dailymotion, CNN Video, Reuters and […]

Online Video Converter

You have basically two options if you want to convert a video from one format into another. You can either use software programs that run on the computer system to convert the […]