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vlc media player 2.0.1 update

VLC Media Player 2.0.1 Released, Feature and Security Update

If you have been on the official VLC website in the past 12 hours or so, you may have noticed that an update was posted for the popular VLC media player. The […]


SceneChat Review

Using SceneChat on your website will help you stay more engaged with your visitors through the content you post. If you embed videos on your site regularly, SceneChat will allow you to […]


Chill, the Video Pinterest?

With the success of an idea on the web come clones and services that refine the idea, or find a niche that is not yet dominated by the first mover. The success […]

movie explorer

Movie Explorer Puts Order Into Your Movie Collection

With hard drives and storage devices growing bigger by the year, it is only natural that computer users start to put more data on their computer systems. The shift from highly compressed […]

create video dvds

Transfer Video To DVD With DeVeDe

We have covered the video DVD creation software DeVeDe twice here at Ghacks. First a review of the Windows version (see Video To DVD) in 2008 and then of the Linux version […]

youtube video charts

YouTube Charts

One of the things that I do not like that much about YouTube is the fact that several key pages and services are not linked directly on the main page of the […]

crop videos

How To Crop Videos With Free Software

I record game videos every now and then to upload them to the YouTube channel of one of my pet-project websites. I used to use Fraps for that in the beginning, but […]

What's The Difference Between A Codec, Container And Video Format?

Do you know that video codecs, video containers and video formats are three different things? If not, then this guide might be for you. I'm trying to keep it as simple as […]


Modify The YouTube Player Color And Theme

You may recall that YouTube started rolling out a new player and site design not so long ago. The redesign, announced about a month ago, made several changes to the video hosting […]


Capture Video With MSI Afterburner

I have reviewed the video card configuration software MSI Afterburner back in 2010. Unlike its name would suggest, it is compatible with a wide variety of video cards, not only those manufactured […]

detach videos games internet

Detach Videos, Games From The Firefox Browser Window For Easy Resizing

When you play games or watch videos on the Internet, you usually do so on a web page. Many sites, like YouTube, offer to change the size of the video to other […]

How To Remove Black Bars On YouTube Videos

I have been dabbling in the video recording, editing and publishing field lately. One of the latest things that I had to get my head around was a black bar problem on […]

Netflix in Violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act?

The National Association of the Deaf has sued Netflix, the movie rental company that offers it’s videos via the mail and by online instant access. The NAD is suing them for failure […]

How To Split Videos In VirtualDub

After discovering how to merge avi movies in VirtualDub I ran into the opposite problem. I had a video that had a playtime of about 60 minutes. The YouTube account I wanted […]

Windows 8 Video Demonstration At Computex 2011

The first Windows 8 video, that Microsoft posted on June 2 on YouTube, offered a sneak peek of the touch interface of the upcoming Microsoft operating system. It caused quite the confusion, […]

free video converter

Free Video Converter Kastor

Sometimes you may need to convert videos into different formats, for instance if the device or player that you want to play them on does not support the video format they are […]

out-of-sync audio

How To Correct Out Of Sync Audio Before Burning Video To DVD

One of the most annoying video viewing experiences, at least for me, is a video where the audio is out of sync. You can think of video and audio as two lines […]

movie lookup internet

Filmotech, Comfortable Movie Collection Management Software

I have reviewed my fair share of movie collection managers but none were as comfortable to use and feature complete as Filmotech. The program is available for Mac and Windows PCs, and […]