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freemake video converter gold pack

Freemake Video Converter 4.0 Update brings Gold Pack option

My video to DVD converter of choice is ConvertXtoDVD. While not free, it is offering in my opinion unparalleled comfort in regards to converting more or less all video files you come […]

hybrid video converter screenshot

Convert video files to VP8, VP9 or H.264 format

If you want to publish video on the Internet, or want to distribute it in other ways locally, you may want to make sure to make it available in a video format […]

media companion screenshot

Media Companion is a great movie collection manager for Windows

If you have a large movie or TV show collection at home, either on hard drives or in form of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, you may be interested in a management […]

free movie downloads

Top free legal movies that you can download

When it comes to movies on the Internet, the media focus seems to be on illegal downloads or streaming services. What is being ignored largely is that the Internet is also host […]

repair corrupt mkv files

Repair corrupt MKV video files with Meteorite

Have you ever downloaded a video from the Internet, transferred it over a network, or copied it from another device only to find out that it would not play at all, or […]

windows media player mkv error

Play Matroska mkv videos in Windows 8's Media Player

Windows Media Player is the default video and audio player that is integrated with every version of Windows. The player has been crippled a bit in Windows 8 as it does not […]

firefox h.264 support

H.264 video support lands in Firefox Nightly. Update: Not

Did Google play Mozilla in regards to support for HTML5 video standards? Back when HTML5 video began to take forms, browser developers split into two groups. There were Microsoft and Apple who […]

google takeout youtube

Download your YouTube video history from Google Takeout

Google Takeout is an official service that enables Google users to export data from their Google account to their local computer system. Users can either download all account related data at once, […]

pick me

Can't decide what to watch? Try Pick Me for Windows

So you have got a hard drive full of movies, videos, music and all that good stuff and can't really decided what you want to watch or listen to because there is […]

play dvd vlc media player

No DVD playback on Windows 8? Try these free alternatives

So Microsoft has decided to remove DVD playback from Windows Media Player in Windows 8, which basically removes a feature from the player that has been there under Windows 7. What more? […]

burn videos to DVD

Burn videos to DVD with Freemake Video Converter

Would not it be great if the process of burning video files to DVD would be as easy as copying regular files on a data DVD? Freemake Video Converter makes that possible […]

ted downloader

Download TED videos with TED Downloader 3.0

We have covered the TED Downloader back in 2011 for the first time that you could use to download all videos from TED talks. If you have not heard about TED before […]

gmail hangout video chat

Google replaces Gmail video chat with Google+ Hangouts

It is becoming apparent that Google is pushing its Google+ networking service with all of its might into the market. I'm not saying that Google+ is a bad service, or that it […]

youtube new carousel design

Want to try YouTube's Carousel Look? Then do this

It seems like Google is constantly trying out new designs and testing them on the live side by randomly selecting a percentage of the user base. The latest design that is currently […]


How to burn a Video_TS folder with ImgBurn

ImgBurn is my burning software of choice. This has a number of reasons, from the fact that it is supporting every writing operation that I ever need access to - and dozen […]

movie warning

New Movies To Display 20 Seconds Of Unskippable Warnings

If you are living in the United States, and like to watch a movie from time to time, you are in for a new treat courtesy of the government, the FBI, ICE, […]

dvd chief

DVD Chief, Probably The Best Free Movie Management Software

If you have a large movie collection on computer, on DVD, Blu-Ray or *gasp* VHS, you probably have a hard time keeping an overview of all the movies in your possession. While […]

improve youtube videos

YouTube Launches One-click Video Improvements

If you do not have the time or skill to edit your videos locally before you upload them to the popular video hosting site YouTube, you'd probably grew fond of the video […]