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We cover a wide range of video and movie related topics here on Ghacks Technology News. From software player reviews and tutorials on how to play video files on your devices to tips and tricks to get the most of out them and get the best video experience possible using the hardware and software you have at your disposal. We review Internet services that make available video contents to you, either as downloads or media streams, and review software that you can use to convert video files, burn files or upload to the Internet.

The video category helps you for instance when it comes to playing specific video formats on your system, explains how to burn files to video DVD format so that you can watch the DVD on the television or another device, or how you can stream videos from an Internet resource directly to your PC.

Below is a selection of some of our best articles in the video category.

series organizer

Series Organizer is a free portable software program for Microsoft Windows devices to manage, look up and keep track of TV shows. Keeping track of TV shows that you are interested in, own, or have access to can be quite the daunting task depending on how much of a TV show fan you really are. […]


Several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the US are pressuring Netflix to pay money to ensure the optimal delivery of Netflix streams to customers. Brian over at Betanews thinks that Netflix should pay ISPs, while the majority of users who left a comment on the article disagree strongly with him. Logic is not always applicable […]

popcorn time

According to Google, piracy is all about availability and pricing, and while I do not agree with the company often these days, I have to admit that they nailed it this time. If you are not living in the US, you do not get access to Hulu, Pandora, and other streaming services. While Netflix and […]


TinyMediaManager is a free cross-platform media management software that offers an excellent set of features. The program supports movies and TV shows, and can pull information from various online sources to identify movies and shows automatically for you. As far as requirements go, tinyMediaManager requires Java to run. If you do not want to install […]


YouTube is the uncrowned king of video sites on the Internet. While that is the case, criticism has become louder, most recently in regards to the integration of Google's social networking service Google Plus as the sole commenting option on the platform. One of the main points of criticism is that one cannot remain anonymous […]

realplayer cloud

RealPlayer was one of the few major media players back in the good old days. It started back in 1995 and became quickly one of theĀ  go-to players thanks to its Internet streaming capabilities. Not only was it used as a standalone player, but its browser plugin made it a preferred choice for users who […]


Sometimes it may not be enough to just watch a streaming video while it is broadcasted. Maybe you are in a webcam session with your colleagues or better-half and want to record it for safe keeping, or maybe, you are watching a presentation or live gaming session and want to save it to your local […]

vlc launcher

Most media players behave exactly the same way regardless of file you load into them. While you may be able to make a couple of adjustments based on the codec needed to play the files, there is no option to make other changes, like modifying the player's process priority based on file format, modifying the […]

internet explorer webm

When it comes to new web technologies, it is web browsers that need to support them before they can be accessed or used by Internet users. We currently have a situation where two audio-video formats for user with HTML5 are competing against each other. WebM is one of the formats and it is currently not […]

Ghacks previously covered the Torch web browser, which is known for its built-in BitTorrent capabilities and feature-rich media integration. The Chrome-based browser may at first seem a tool for pirates -- it does advertise itself on the Pirate Bay, after all -- but users will discover a fast and efficient web browser that can fill […]

video container switcher

Computer programs such as VLC media player or SMPlayer play nearly every video or audio format that you throw at them, so that you do not really have to convert videos anymore before you can watch them on your system. You may however need to convert them if you want to transfer the files to […]

hybrid video converter screenshot

If you want to publish video on the Internet, or want to distribute it in other ways locally, you may want to make sure to make it available in a video format that is widely recognized and supported. Sometimes, you do not really need to convert video files, for instance when video hosting services automatically […]