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tiny url revealer

Reveal the destination of Tiny Url Links

Tiny Url links are a great way to shorten long urls and hide the destination of the link at the same time. I read several PC magazines that use Tiny Url to print urls in their magazine. There is however a certain danger involved because the user does not see where a link is really leading to. It could very well be that someone is posting tiny url links on trusted websites to fool users into visiting those websites.

Use Autologin in Firefox

If you are using Firefox's option to save usernames and passwords for websites that you visited to automatically fill them in when you visit them again you might find a Greasemonkey script called AutologinJ useful. I'm not quite sure what the J stands for but this nice little script presses the login button for you automatically which pretty much means that you can lean back and enjoy the show while Firefox logs you in automatically to the website that you just visited.

google results per page

Show 100 Search Results on Google per page

Google displays 10 search results by default which is probably enough for most users who statistically use the first ten results most of the time ignoring the rest of the results. I on the other hand tend to view more than one page normally and was looking for a way to increase my productivity by displaying more than 10 results on a single search result page. I found a Greasemonkey script which changes the value from 10 to 100 for normal Google searches.

How to create Firefox extensions

Did you ever had a great idea for a Firefox extension but didn't know how to do it, well it isn't that hard!
To begin you only need some knowledge of javascript, which is even required since it isn't that hard ;)