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facebook chat emoticons

Facebook Chat Emoticons Bar

Chatting on Facebook can be pretty handy at times. I often catch friends on Facebook that I would otherwise have a hard time contacting, especially if they live in a different time […]


Scriptish, Promises Better Firefox 4 Userscript Support, Performance

Firefox 4 users who want to work with userscripts, small JavaScript programs that change a website's functionality or add features to it, can install the very popular Greasemonkey extension, or the lesser […]

webcomic reader

Webcomic Reader, Godsend For Comic Lovers

What's the main difference between reading comics online and reading physical comic books? Flipping pages usually takes more time online, the speed depends largely on the user's computer and Internet connection speed. […]

youtube homepage

Youtube Homepage As It Was Meant To Be Userscript

YouTube recently changed the homepage after an initial tryout phase. The developers "removed some of the less-used modules such as "Videos Being Watched Now", moved modules like featured videos to the right […]

find on

Try This Search On userscript Links To Other Search Engines

It sometimes happens that you cannot find the information you are looking for on a specific search engine. You try different phrases and word combinations but somehow the results are not satisfactory. […]

Firefox 4 add-on bar close button

How To Remove The Close Button In The Firefox 4 Add-On Bar

Update: Please note that Mozilla has removed the add-on bar in Firefox 29 and newer versions of the browser. You can only get it back by installing add-ons such as Classic Theme […]

better amazon

Better Amazon Userscript, User Friendly Amazon Product Pages

Many companies seem to add more and more information and features to specific pages on their websites. A prime example is Google Search which turned from a minimalistic page into a complex […]

auto hd youtube

Auto HD For YouTube

Many videos on the popular video hosting site YouTube are available in multiple video qualities. Why is that you may ask? The video quality depends largely on the source video that gets […]

google search

GoogleMonkeyR Makes Google Search More Comfortable

Update: Note that the script has not been updated in a long time. It is no longer compatible with recent versions of Google Search and will not work as a consequence anymore. […]

How To Add Greasemonkey To Firefox 4

I recently switched from the stable Firefox 3.6x browser to the beta of Firefox 4, mainly because the beta appeared to be relatively stable at this point in development. Naturally, some of […]

install with

Install With, Installs All UserScripts With Auto Updating Functionality

Userscripts are great. Sure, you need to install Greasemonkey first if you want to run them in Firefox but they are afterwards easier to install than extensions and have less of an […]

magic boss key

Ultimate Boss Key / Panic Button Apps Listing

They come under many names, boss key, panic button or anti boss to name a few. Computer users can make use of these applications to quickly switch from their current desktop view […]

panic button

Panic Button, Switch To Safe Websites

You sometimes may not want that others see what site you are visiting currently. That's not so much a problem at home but at public places like work, libraries, Internet cafes or […]

virtual keyboard

Virtual Keyboard UserScript, Type Text Without Hardware Keyboard

It is sometimes a good security precaution to avoid using the computer keyboard, especially on public computer systems and other systems that are not under direct control. Keyloggers are still a threat […]

userscript chrome

Tampermonkey, Blank Canvas Increase Google Chrome Userscript Support

As a Google Chrome user you probably know that the Google browser supports userscripts next to extensions. Userscripts are small JavaScript code snippets that change the behavior of a website. They can […]

old google search

Disable Google Search Fade In Homepage

Are you one of those users who does not like the new Google Search homepage? The one that only displays the search form and Google logo until you move the mouse for […]

wikipedia search

10 Wikipedia Encyclopedia Usability Userscripts

Wikipedia: almost every Internet user has heard that name before and chance is they have been - intentionally or not - on the website of the popular online encyclopedia at least once. […]

google chrome task manager

Why You Should Use Userscripts And Not Extensions When Possible

If you want to add functionality to your web browser, you have the option to install extensions - or add-ons and plugins as some browsers call them - or userscripts usually. Extensions […]