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Twitter sees 20 billionth tweet

Twitter's micro-blogging service has always been popular, and with people such as Stephen Fry entertaining the masses, it's popularity can only grow as more and more people sign up to follow the […]


Use Twitter Directly From The Firefox Address Bar

Twitter is a hugely popular messaging service that allows anyone to post messages, followers automatically see the messages in their accounts and everyone else might stumble upon them by searching Twitter messages. […]


Zoofs Finds Viral Youtube Videos On Twitter

Have you ever wondered what the trends of tomorrow will be? What people will be talking about? You can now get a headstart with Zoofs, a brand new service that scans Twitter […]

Twitter Starts Scanning Direct Links To Improve Security

Twitter has been targeted by users with malicious intent ever since it started to become increasingly popular. One of the biggest problems up to yesterday were direct messages which one Twitter user […]

Please Rob Me Demonstrates The Dangers Of Location Based Services

Please Rob Me is a free service that demonstrates the dangers of using location based services publicly on the Internet. Location based services can be helpful to the user, no question about […]

Twitter Japan To Introduce Paid Subscriptions

If you have ever asked yourself how Twitter could be earning revenue from its highly popular messaging service then the latest developments at Twitter Japan might answer that question for you. The […]

Tweet from the command line with Twidge

For the longest time I refused to see the value in Twitter. Over the last six months I have changed my tune on that. Now I use Twitter primarily as a PR […]

Finally! Twitter Adds ReTweet Feature!

That is true folks. Twitter finally has a retweet feature. So retweet away to glory I say! It is still in beta and I haven't gotten around to using it much yet […]

Twitter Lists Explained

Twitter introduced a new feature called Twitter Lists recently. Before Twitter Lists, Twitter users could only look at messages of individual users. They could look up messages posted by a friend, work […]

Microsoft Customer Service Joins Twitter

Microsoft Support is the official customer service and support channel of the Redmond-based company on the messaging platform Twitter. One of Microsoft's public relations and customer service strategies in recent times seems […]

Twitter Account Suspended? Be Careful What You Post

You might have already read about it in the news elsewhere: The Twitter account of security researcher Mikko H. Hyppönen of F-Secure got suspended without warning two days ago. Mikko tried to […]

Yahoo Meme Opens Registrations For Anyone

We reviewed Yahoo Meme a while ago here at Ghacks and gave out several invites to Yahoo's Twitter-like service. The service was in private beta back then which meant that only users […]

Real-time Local Twitter Trends

Twitter can be an excellent source for trend analysis. Twitter itself displays several popular topics on its frontpage which are sorted by minute, day and week. It does become more difficulty to […]

PBTweet Enhances Twitter Experience

PBTweet is a bookmarklet and userscript that enhances several aspects of Twitter by changing or adding new functions to the popular social network. Before we start looking at the features a word […]

Feed Roller Is A Lightweight Twitter And RSS Feed Ticker

Most users who subscribe to RSS feeds read these feeds in feed readers that can either be accessed from the desktop or on a website. Popular options are for instance the Feed […]

Webmasters: Search For Links Posted On Twitter

Webmasters should be interested in comments and links that get posted on the Internet that refer to articles they have published or their website in general. One very popular platform to post […]

Use Twitter As a Reminder Service

If you are a heavy Twitter user who tweets all the time throughout the day you may have thought that you have reached the limit as to what you can do with […]

Microsoft Outlook Twitter Add-on

It is not seldom these days that popular web services get integrated with other popular applications or services to offer a more comfortable way of working with both services. Twitter is one […]