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Search includes local and Internet-based search news including how to articles, tutorials and news about Google Search, Microsoft’s Bing search engine, and local search options like Windows Search. We do cover Google Search separately as well as it is the major search engine on today’s Internet. You find news specific to the search engine here.

We cover search news, for instance when a major search engine makes changes to their search interface, tips and tricks that help you search faster and better, as well as coverage of alternative search engines that may have features that the major search engines do not provide you with.

Google Search is by far the dominant search engine in the world right now. It dominates in nearly ever country with a few notable exceptions. In China, Baidu is the number one search engine, and in Russia, it is Yandex. Microsoft’s Bing search engine trails Google in all countries right now.

Our articles and guides help you search better and faster in one way or the other. Below are all articles that we have filed in the search category here on Ghacks Technology news.

startpage tips

The private search engine Startpage is my search engine of choice. If you are a long-time reader, you know that I made the switch from using Google first to DuckDuckGo, and then to Startpage, back when news about Prism and other government surveillance and privacy-invading activities hit the world. Startpage works considerably well out of […]

bing my saves

Microsoft announced a couple of days ago that it added a new feature called My Saves to its Bing Search engine. My Saves, as the name suggests already, lets you save certain types of content so that you can access these saves at a later point in time or on other devices. The feature is […]

vivaldi add search engine

The following guide walks you through the steps of adding custom search engines to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer. The guide covers the major browsers on Windows and may apply to browsers that share code as well (think Pale Moon or Waterfox). All web browsers ship with a default […]

duckduckgo yahoo

Search engine DuckDuckGo announced the extension of its partnership with Yahoo a moment ago that brings new features to all users of the search engine. The search engine has partnerships with several companies including Bing, Yandex or Wikipedia that power results or features on the site. The new partnership allows DuckDuckGo to introduce new features […]

windows 10 search bypass

Microsoft announced on April 28, 2016 that it implemented a change on Windows 10 that prevents third-party programs from hijacking the operating system's web search functionality. It took one day to create a solution to revert the change so that web searches on Windows 10 once again open in the default system browser regardless of […]


Heads up Ixquick users, the company behind the popular search engine announced today that it will merge the search engine with the company's other big search engine, StartPage. What it means, basically, is that Ixquick will serve the same search results that StartPage provides. According to the announcement on the official website, this is done […]


Ever since the Snowden relevations, privacy search engines and privacy in general has been a boom on the Internet. Search engines focused on privacy have seen a rise in daily searches. While they are still nowhere near popular as Google Search or Bing, the two main search services in most parts of the world, they […]

duckduckgo traffic

The search engines DuckDuckGo, Startpage and Ixquick are doing better than ever according to statistics released by DuckDuckgo and Surfboard Holding BV. DuckDuckGo traffic climbed from an average of 7.1 million daily direct searches to more than 11.2 million daily searches in year's time, and Startpage/Ixquick too reported an all-time high on November 30, 2015 […]

The DuckDuckGo search engine has a new minimalistic design with a fixed header on search result pages that is currently in beta. DuckDuckGo saw an impressive traffic increase after the Snowden revelations, and while some may have thought that this is just temporary and that everything will return to normal after a while, it apparently […]

bookmark searches

For some time now I have used the search engine StartPage as the main search engine in Firefox. While I switch regularly to other search engines such as DuckDuckGo, it is StartPage that I try first before every other search engine. What I like about StartPage is that it is using information provided by Google […]

bing image match

If you have an image on your computer that you want to find out more about, or stumbled upon an image online, or are a webmaster or creator who wants to find out if images are used without authorization, then you can use so-called reverse image search engines for that. Google Images has been offering […]


So called QR Codes can be really useful to mobile users. Say, you want to open a web address on your mobile phone that is displayed on your desktop PC currently. While you could type the address into the mobile phone's browser app, you could alternatively create a QR Code that represents it. Once created, […]


The Tor technology has more to offer than making sure that you stay anonymous on the Internet or can connect to resources that are blocked in your country or network. So called .onion websites exist that can only be accessed through Tor. While they behave mostly like any other website that you come across, the […]