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Office 2007 support ends on October 10, 2017

Microsoft announced that the company's support for Microsoft Office 2007 will end on October 10, 2017, a little over three months from now. Office 2007 was the first version of the office […]

word 2016 researcher

Word 2016: Researcher and Editor tools

Microsoft announced two new tools, Researcher and Editor, for Word 2016 today that introduce better research integration and writing assistance. Word 2016 is the newest version of the popular word editing software […]

office 2016 preview expires

What you need to know about Office 2016 before you install it

Microsoft has just published the Office 2016 Preview application for home and enterprise. It is available to Office 365 subscribers, other Office users and non-Office users on the Office website. If you […]

Scan and fix Office issues with the Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool

If you use Microsoft Office for more than just the occasional spreadsheet or Word document, you may have encountered issues in the past after installing a new add-in or plug-in, or making […]


Microsoft releases Word, Excel and PowerPoint previews for Windows 10

Microsoft has released previews of several Office apps today for users running the most recent build of the company's upcoming Windows 10 operating system. Update: The applications are no longer available as […]

disable cloud sign-in office 2013

How to remove cloud features from Office 2013

If you are using Microsoft's most recent desktop version of Office, Office 2013, you may have noticed that the company has integrated several cloud features in it. You can sign in to […]

microsoft office mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile for Android now available without Office 365 subscription

Big news today is the launch of Microsoft Office for Apple's iPad. What most tech sites seem to have missed is that there are also changes for Microsoft Office Mobile for Android. […]

Microsoft launches Office for Android, tablet users need not apply

Microsoft has already released the long awaited Office for iPhone, but Android remained only a dream and a rumor. Now the software company makes good on that with the roll out of […]

office addins manager

Change the start mode and connection of multiple Office addins at once

If you have a copy of Microsoft Office installed on your PC it is near certain that several Office addins are installed on the computer as well. Office 2013 for example ships […]

microsoft web apps

Microsoft improves Office Web Apps with Android support, real-time co-editing

Office Web Apps is built into Microsoft's SkyDrive OneDrive file hosting and sharing service.  It provides OneDrive users with access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote right in the web app. […]

chrome office viewer

Google releases Chrome Office Viewer, gets bad ratings

If you need to open Office documents on the Internet you have quite the arsenal of services at your disposal to do just that. From Google's own Google Drive service to Microsoft's […]


Listen to your Word documents with AudioDocs

What ifht you could listen to your Word document being read to you from your phone or tablet? Though it may not be a need for many people, I am sure it […]

view office documents online

Office Web Viewer to read Office documents on the Internet

If you are using Microsoft's cloud hosting and synchronization service SkyDrive you know that you can use it to view and edit Microsoft Office documents. Microsoft up until now did not offer […]

Microsoft Office 2013 can now be transferred between PCs

The Office 2013 lineup is Microsoft's entry into the world of subscriptions thanks to Office 365 which is available for a yearly subscription fee instead of a one-time price. Subscriptions to have […]

word web app floating format

Office Web Apps rolls out new features

Microsoft introduced Office Web Apps as a part of SkyDrive sometime back. The service is free to use, but the apps are limited to Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint. Also, functionality is […]

Microsoft ties Office 2013 to a single PC

Prior to Office 2013 customers who bought a retail copy of the suite were allowed to  reassign a license to a different device. The purchase of a new PC for instance that […]

office 2013 365

Microsoft Office 2013 editions overview

Microsoft Office 2013 and 365 are now available for purchase, for instance via Microsoft's official online store. Not every online retailer seems to have it in stock right now, Amazon for instance […]

uninstall microsoft office2013 365

How to uninstall Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365

If you have installed a trial or full version of Microsoft Office 2013, the company's latest installment of the suite, on your PC and want to uninstall it again, for instance because […]