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picfull photo effects

Picfull Lets You Add Effects To Your Photos Online

Desktop applications are usually first choice when it comes to adding effects to images and photos. Online services can however be an interesting alternative, considering that they are often more accessible and […]

photo event organizer

Photo Event Organizer, Image Organizer

Have you ever worked with a folder full of photos? I'm talking hundreds or even thousands of photos taken with different camera models and in different years and locations. It is pretty […]


Psykopaint, Online Photo Effect Editor

Applying effects to a photo can be a rewarding experience. Most image editors come with a basic set of filters for that purpose. This makes it possible to turn a digital image […]

photo finder

Photo Finder Finds Photos Based On Camera And Other Parameters

Are you currently shopping for a new digital camera? Then you probably would like to see a few test photos taken with cameras that have made it on your list. Or maybe […]

desktop icons text right

Desktop Icon Text On the Right? D-Color Does The Trick

If you are like me you have some documents and files stored on the desktop for fast access. Some users may prefer to pin those files to the taskbar or start menu […]

the image collector

The Image Collector, Download Images From The Internet

Most applications that you use to download images from the Internet are browser based. There are a handful of exceptions though, like the excellent Bulk Image Downloader which makes it a lot […]

broken defect jpg images

Bad Peggy, Scan JPG Images For Defects

If you have a large collection of pictures, photos and images on your computer, chance is that some of them are broken or defective. This can be due to transfer errors or […]


JPEGmini, Reduce JPG Size Without Visible Differences

Today's digital photo cameras produce large image files that are usually in the Megabyte range. While that's not a problem for Gigabyte Flash cards or Terabyte hard drives, it can become a […]

thumbnail image preview mode

Speed Up Windows Explorer By Disabling Thumbnail Previews

Windows users have several file display modes at their disposal in Windows Explorer. This ranges from several list view modes to icon view modes. Several popular image formats are supported by Windows […]

Windows Live Photo Gallery Gets RAW Format Support

Now look at that. One of the things that Microsoft's Windows Live Photo Gallery was criticized for in the past was lack of digital camera RAW format support. DSLR cameras give their […]


SlimComputer, Improve Windows Performance

Software can greatly aid the user in optimizing the performance of a Windows operating system. While Windows comes with a set of tools that cover the basics, it misses an all-in-one tool […]


FreeSizer, Profile Based Image Resizer

I do a lot of image resizing, mostly for the websites and blogs I run. I do that to make sure that the images have the right resolution and size. For that, […]

digital image catalog

Catalog Digital Images With vvvP

I started taking photos with digital cameras when they first came out, switched cameras several times since then and recently bought my fifth or so digital camera, a Canon EOS 600D. I […]

people search

10 Uses For Google's Search By Images

I have reviewed Google's Search by Images yesterday and was impressed by the new search feature. The image recognition works extremely well in most cases. Search will still turn out blank occasionally […]

Sort Photos With Image Sorter

The freeware Image Sorter has been around for quite some time. I first reviewed the application back in 2007, and the changes and improvements since then justify a new review of the […]

wordpress thumbnails

Add Thumbnails To Your WordPress Blog

Blogging with WordPress is an easy, quick way to get your posts to viewers without sitting down and coding an entire website by yourself. However, there are certain aspects of the platform […]

facebook chat emoticons

Facebook Chat Emoticons Bar

Chatting on Facebook can be pretty handy at times. I often catch friends on Facebook that I would otherwise have a hard time contacting, especially if they live in a different time […]

opera make it so extension

Opera Make It So Extension Resizes Images Automatically

Images on the Internet may sometimes be larger in resolution than the web browser window. This may happen if the web browser window is not maximized, but happens as well if the […]