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Images are an integral part of every operating system and the Internet. We cover a wide variety of topics in this category, from desktop software that you can use to convert or edit images, to Internet tools that aid you when you want to download images to your local system.

We review free programs that improve how you work with images, for instance by scanning your system for duplicate images or image viewers that are quick as lightning and resource friendly at the same time, but that is not all. This category also lists tweaks and tips on how to improve the display of images in Windows and other programs, for instance how to modify the thumbnail preview size in Windows Explorer, or how you can upload images to web hosting accounts quickly from your desktop.


IrfanView 4.50 is the most recent version of the popular image viewer Irfanview that is available for Microsoft's Windows operating system. IrfanView is a long-standing image viewer for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows, and for many versions that are no longer supported. The viewer is free for personal use, and was uploaded by its […]

quickviewer image viewer windows

QuickViewer is an ultra-fast image viewer for Microsoft Windows devices that has been designed from the ground up for speed. Image viewers are a dime a dozen on Windows; while there are plenty to choose from -- like the excellent FastPictureViewer, FastStone Image Viewer, HoneyView or XnView -- all differ when it comes to performance, […]

convert images to webp

As a webmaster it pays to pay attention to trends and upcoming technologies that may help you improve the performance or other site metrics. Google's WebP image format promises better file compression and quality than the popular jpg and png formats, and at least some webmasters consider converting all images made available on their sites […]

personal information photos

Whenever you take digital photos, be it with your smartphone or digital camera, meta information are automatically added to it in most cases. This includes usually the date and time the photo was taken, camera settings, a thumbnail image and depending on support even location-based information. If someone analyzes the information, they may find out […]


A thumbnail sheet, or contacts sheet or image index, is a single image that displays thumbnails of all images in a particular folder. You may have come across these thumbnail sheets when downloading image collections on the Internet. The main purpose of these sheets is to provide you with a quick overview of all the […]


If you have a large collection of digital images on your computer, then you may one day want to bring order into chaos. This may be especially the case if an image folder has grown so large that it takes a while to get loaded. While you could go ahead and start to view and […]


After being used solely by webmasters in the beginning days of the Internet to bring life to otherwise static Internet pages, animated gifs have seen a revival in recent time for entertainment purposes. Their main advantage over video is the fact that they are treated just like images on most websites. If you can upload […]

image format future

Images are an essential part of nearly every Internet website and service. We have seen progress in other areas of interest in regards to web formats. There is a lot going on when it comes to video formats for example, with new formats promising better quality, lower file sizes and better performance. When it comes […]

save image as png instead of webp

If you are using the Google Chrome browser you may have noticed that images on select websites, many Google properties like Google Play for example, display images in Google's webp format and not a standard format like jpg or png. Google claims that webp reduces the size of images significantly in comparison to png and […]

reddit image thumbnails

If you like to hang out on Reddit you have probably been exposed to the site's vast image and photo section. In fact, if you are new to Reddit, the two image groups pics and funny are listed prominently in Reddit's default selection of groups that may be of interest to you. All photo and […]

riot image optimization 0.5

A single image on a website can make the difference between a fast loading site and a slow loading one. The same is true for documents in regards to the storage they need and the time it takes to transfer them via email or other means. Image optimization programs like Riot help you compress the […]

quick any2ico

Icons are used for a variety of purposes in the operating system, programs and even on the Internet. While most programs and files ship with default icons, you sometimes may want to change those, or, if you are a developer or webmaster, may want to create your own custom icons for your programs and web […]

create animated gifs

Animated gifs are not dead even though they serve a different purpose these days than back in the beginning days of the Internet where it was en vogue to have at least one prominently displayed on your homepage. Today, they are mostly used for entertainment as they are filling a gap between static images and […]

tumblone download tumblr pictures

If you follow a few Tumblr blogs that post pictures, for instance The Art of Wallpapers, the photo blog If You Leave, or one of the thousands of adult blogs you find on Tumblr, you know that you can download select images posted on those blogs to your PC with a right-click. There is however […]

xnview 2.0

I cannot really remember when I first starting using the image viewer XnView on all of my Windows systems as one of the programs to browse images on it, but it certainly must have been a decade ago or even longer than that. XnView 2.0 has been released a couple of days ago and I […]

imgur.com desktop uploader

Imgur is one of the most popular image hosting sites on the Internet thanks to its ease of use and probably even more important than that the backing of Reddit users who seem to use it almost exclusively for all their picture uploads. Each day, nearly a million new images get uploaded to the site […]