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We define apps as programs that you can install on a variety of mobile devices. While you also find apps mentioned in different contexts, for instance offered for Chrome in Google’s web store, they are mostly designed for mobile devices in our opinion. The main focus of this section here on Ghacks are apps for mobile devices such as Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS operating system. We did cover apps before these systems became popular, apps for Apple’s iPod for instacen were reviewed here on Ghacks quite frequently.

Today we are mostly reviewing apps for Android and Windows as those are the operating systems that we use personally. Our app reviews are very similar to our software reviews here, we mostly review free applications and give you an in depth look at what the application offers, as well as the good and the bad.

dropsync android

Dropbox's Android client is limited when it comes to the automatic synchronization of files between Dropbox and the Android device. It did support automatic photo syncing up until now, but a recent change required that you either connect a computer to Dropbox as well, or upgrade to Dropbox Pro to retain the functionality. While you […]

soccer scores

Soccer Scores - FotMob is one of the most popular and highly rated football applications for Android devices. The free application provides you with options to follow your favorite teams and leagues, get news, fixtures, live text commentary, live scores, match stats and more. Note: The app displays advertisement by default but you can make […]

storage analyzer disk usage

Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage is a free application for Android that reveals the files and directories that take up most of the space on the device. If your Android device runs out of storage space regularly, you may have an idea why that is happening. Maybe you like to shoot a lot of photos […]


Notibox is a free application for the Android operating system that backs up notifications you receive for you among other things. Notifications inform you about application or system events, say a new message on WhatsApp, a missed phone call or that a system update is available for installation. You can tap on notifications to open […]


Picklor: Camera Color Picker is a free application for Android devices that you can make use of to identify any color using the device's built-in camera. If you are a designer, interested in colors or have issues identifying colors correctly at times, you may like the idea of identifying colors that you come across using […]

hooks android

Hooks is a free application for Android devices that you configure to receive custom alerts and notifications for things you are interested in. The application offers more than 100 different channels that include sports, music, TV, movie, gaming, weather, event, news or tech information. Setup is easy and straightforward. A tap on the add alert […]


juggling around between multiple open applications is often not very comfortable on smartphones. Say a link is posted on your wall on Facebook. A click opens it in the default viewer application for links, you read the article and then go back to Facebook to continue whatever you were doing so. Flynx promises to have […]

kaspersky qr scanner

So-called QR Codes are very similar to shortened urls. The core similarity is that you don't see where the link takes you when you activate it. QR Codes are used in many different locations and situations. On advertisement so that you can look up additional information about an offer, in shops, public transport, magazines and […]

microsoft outlook android

Microsoft released its Outlook Preview application for Android devices to the Google Play Store. It is not the first Outlook app by Microsoft for Android, there is OWA for Android for instance which is also available as a pre-release) but it is the first that brings core desktop Outlook functionality to Android. For starters, it […]

when last

Keeping track of certain tasks can sometimes be difficult. While it is usually no problem if you complete tasks regularly, say once a week, it gets difficult if you only do so occasionally. Examples are changing oil on your car, dusting your PC, cleaning the fridge, medical appointments or changing smoke alarm batteries. While some […]


So-called IMSI-Catchers and StingRays act as false mobile towers that sit between mobile devices such as smartphones and real towers by mobile providers. These fake towers can intercept mobile phone traffic and track movement of the individuals carrying the phone, and even manipulate the device remotely. SnoopSnitch is a brand new application for Android devices […]

hidden device admin detector

Device Administration on Android is a powerful API that was first introduced in Android 2.2. It offers features at the system level which makes available features such as remotely wiping the storage on a device or enforcing password policies. Apps that require Device Administrator privileges prompt users to do so and when users confirm the […]