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KlamAV: Outstanding KDE front-end for Linux anti-virus

You don't usually here that phrase spoken "Linux anti-virus". But it does exist. One of the more popular Linux anti-virus tools is ClamAV. But to most users (especially new users) ClamAV is […]

Microsoft Security Essentials Leaks

Microsoft's own product testing guidelines seem at the same time the major problem why so many Microsoft products leak to the Internet. We have seen numerous Windows 7 builds hit the web […]

Anti Virus Software Removal Tools Overview

Uninstalling anti virus software on a computer system is sometimes not a trivial task as security software tends to add components deep into the system to provide protection from various threats PC […]

Analyse Software In A Remote Secure Environment

Several remote services are available on the Internet that let you analyze submitted software programs or files for malicious content. It is like an online virus scanner so to speak. Among them […]

Norton Security Scan

It is usually not a good idea to operate more than one security software of the same kind on a computer system. This is especially true for antivirus software solutions but also […]

Antivirus Firewall Software Leak Test

How good is your antivirus program or firewall? It is hard to tell as a end user. Sure, you can rely on information provided by test magazines, Internet websites, antivirus and firewall […]

AVG Remover

Software companies that release specialized tools to remove their software programs from a computer system are usually regarded with suspicion by many users. Many feel that there should not be specialized uninstallers […]

Computer Virus Effect Remover

Computer Virus Effect Remover is a helpful software program for the Windows operating system that helps you deal with the aftereffects of an infection with a virus, trojan or other malicious code. […]

Ghacks Christmas Giveaway: ESET NOD32 Antivirus

Today is the last day of the Ghacks Christmas Giveaway. We were able to hand out lots of licenses to popular commercial software programs to our readers. The application for today is […]

Kaspersky Anti-Virus KAVRemover

Is it a good or a bad sign if a company starts to create specific uninstallers for their software programs to remove them complete from computer systems they had been installed on? […]

Which Programs Should I Run To Scan A Computer For Malicious Software?

The amount of security applications for end users has reached a point where the choice is starting to confuse users more than it is helping. Not only are programs using different terms, […]

online virus scanners

Overview of Online Virus Scanners

Scanning the computer from an online location provides several advantages over the classic local scan. The most prominent one is that the risk of a virus infection of the virus scanner is […]

firefox download disable virus-scan

Disable Automatic Virus Scanning in Firefox

Firefox 3 is making use of the installed virus scanner on Windows to scan downloads automatically after they have been fully downloaded to the system. This feature is only available on Windows […]

Another Antivir free premium promotion

Polymath send in the tip that another Antivir promotion is available that gives users access to Antivir premium for 180 days free of charge. The promotion form is available in English and […]

Avira AntiVir Personal 8

Avira AntiVir Personal 8 was released today and I thought it would be nice to write about this new release since AntiVir is one of the most popular free antivirus applications available. […]

spyware doctor

Free Spyware Doctor 5.5 Starter Edition

The security tools developers seem to be in a race currently to throw free versions of their products on the market in an effort to increase market share and brand awareness. The […]

Avira AntiVir Rescue System

Users looking for rescue systems distributed on CDs or DVDs have really no shortage of finding one. The major problem that inexperienced users face is the same that they face when asked […]

Hide Antivir Scans, Updates and Advertisement

You might remember that I'm not a huge fan of antivirus software and have none installed on my computer. While some call this foolish it does make sense for me. I did use Antivir for some time to check it out and see what it can do and think it is a fine piece of security software. What bothered me a lot were the update windows and daily scheduled scans that would pop up in inappropriate moments.