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Bitdefender: Linux antivirus made simple

We've covered a few Linux antivirus tools here on Ghacks (see "Install Avira Antivirus on Linux" or "Rescue that infected Windows drive with Trinity Rescue" or the articles covering ClamAV). All of […]

Rescue that infected Windows machine with Trinity Rescue

Sticking with our current theme of rescuing, we will now focus our magnifying glass another another useful Linux tool - Trinity Rescue Kit.TRK is another live Linux distribution, but with a different spin. […]

Install Avira Antivir on Linux

In yesterday's post (see "Scan a Windows drive for viruses using Linux") in which I mentioned the Avira Antivir software. This piece of software is a commercial, cross-platform anti-virus solution that offers […]

The Cleaner

The Cleaner was one of the few solid programs back in the good old days to clean malicious software from a Windows computer system. It somehow seems to have lost its appeal to […]

Avira Malware File-Extension Statistics

Malware is a generic term for trojans, viruses, worms, keyloggers, rootkits and other malicious program code. Avira posted on the official company blog interesting statistics about malware that gets distributed using url, […]

Scan your Linux machine for viruses with ClamTk

What do you mean - "scan your Linux machine for viruses"? Linux is immune to viruses right? Well...mostly. Even though a proof of concept virus has been discussed, and nothing has actually […]

Top List Of Brands That Experienced The Most Phishing Attacks In 2009

Avira has published a top list of brands that experienced the most phishing attacks in 2009. The top 3 brands according to Avira's chart are PayPal with 32205 threats followed by Chase […]

Virus Total Uploader Update

Virus Total Uploader is the official desktop program for Windows of the Virus Total service to have files scanned directly from Windows. Virus Total offers a great service for users who want […]

Antivir Maker Avira Changes Update System

We ran a post in the beginning of this month (read: Avira Antivir Update Hangs) in which we  mentioned a growing problem that users of Avira Antivir experienced. The problem that users […]

Avira Antivir Update Hangs [Fix]

News about an Avira Antivir update have been appearing on the Internet lately by users of the antivirus software Avira Antivir. These users reported that they encountered update problems. The description was […]

How To Download Microsoft Security Essentials

Some of you may wonder why I'm writing about the topic again after having published two articles Microsoft Security Essentials Final Announced and Microsoft Security Essentials Final Available about it recently. The […]

Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility

Many antivirus developers offer bootable rescue ISO images of their antivirus software programs so that users can use them to scan the computer system without having to boot into the installed operating […]

How To Run Commercial Antivirus Software Without Paying For It

This article is not about illegal methods to obtain software products without paying money for them. But read on if you are interested in how you can protect your computer with the […]

Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft Software Program

Microsoft Security Essentials is a free security software that is developed by Microsoft. The security software was released as a limited beta to users in the United States, Brazil and China. It […]

Recover Computer System After Malware Infection

Update: The program IClean has last been updated in 2007. While it may still work on your system, it is highly suggested to user a different program for the job. You can […]

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

You might have been one of the lucky ones who were able to download the beta of Microsoft antivirus software program Security Essentials. Chance is you missed the opportunity as Microsoft has […]

Antivirus Software Microsoft Security Essentials Tested

Microsoft has released a public beta of their new antivirus software Security Essentials a few days ago. The beta was limited to 75000 participants, a number that was reached quickly considering that […]

Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Now Available

Microsoft has made available a public beta version of their new free antivirus software program Microsoft Security Essentials which was formerly known as Morro. The antivirus software is available for 32-bit editions […]