Add SASL to your Postfix server

Some time ago I did a series on the Postfix email server here on Ghacks (see the Postfix content on Ghacks for more information). Hopefully you found this outstanding mail server as […]

Stop SPAM in Postfix with Spamassassin

So you have your Ubuntu server up and running with a Postfix mail server (see "Install Postfix for reliable email delivery"). You have also set up Postfix for antivirus with the help […]

Add antivirus to Postfix with ClamAV

By now you have your Postfix mail server up and running (see "Install Postfix for reliable email delievery"). You even have relaying working (see "Mail relaying made simple with Postfix"). But one […]

Install Postfix for reliable email delivery

With your Ubuntu LAMP Server up and running (see my previous article "Installing Ubuntu Server 9.04" and "How to: install a LAMP server") and you are ready to set it up as […]

Mail relaying made simple with Postfix

Have you installed the Postfix as an easier to use, more secure alternative to Sendmail only to find yourself having trouble with the old "unable to relay" errors? This can be very […]

missing executable shortcuts

DonationCoder NANY 2020 Software releases

DonationCoder have released the list of programs and applications that members of the site submitted for the NANY 2020 event. DonationCoder, which is one of my favorite sites, holds an event each […]

aeris user guide

WikiLeaks releases Manual for Linux Implant “Aeris”

WikiLeaks has been fairly steadily releasing documents from what is known as the “Vault 7” leaks, and now documentation has been released about a tool known as “Aeris” which specifically targets POSIX […]

feedly web

What you need to know about Feedly Cloud and its web interface

The RSS news reader Feedly has been regarded by many as one of the most promising Google Reader alternatives. If users had something to criticize, it was that Feedly did not make […]

Zarafa: Fedora's Exchange "killer"

For any open source advocate, one of the biggest needs is an Exchange-like server. There are plenty of them available, some of them offer less-than enough features to really be viable. Some […]

How to install eGroupware

Quite some time ago I wrote an article that illustrated how eGroupware could serve as a legitimate Exchange replacement (see my article "eGroupware: Your Exchange replacement has arrived"). I very briefly skimmed […]

Configure alerts for email and contact groups in Nagios

If you have been following my latest entries, you know I have been covering the Nagios monitoring system (see my articles "Quickly install Nagios on Ubuntu", "Easily extend Nagios' functionality", and "Configure […]

Quick and easy pop or imap server with Dovecot

Picking up where we left off a while ago, let's add yet another feature to our Ubuntu server. We've already looked at using Postfix with multiple topics (see Postfix on Ghacks). But […]

Migrate users from one Linux machine to another

Have you ever had a need to migrate current running Linux users from installation to another? That would be a simple task if the user count was low. But  what happens when […]

Scan your Linux machine for viruses with ClamTk

What do you mean - "scan your Linux machine for viruses"? Linux is immune to viruses right? Well...mostly. Even though a proof of concept virus has been discussed, and nothing has actually […]

The IP: The housenumber of your Computer

Everything you do on the net transmitts your Ip Address. If you chat with someone he could easily find it out, if you write an email the information will be transmitted with the email.

The article describes what the IP reveals about the user behind.