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50 100k Or Less Windows Software Programs

Back in the good old days it was essential to write optimized code so that a program could fit on a disk for easy distribution. Disk back then meant floppy disk and […]

Very Simple Network Scanner

Very Simply Network Scanner is a free program for Microsoft Windows systems to scan IP ranges of computer networks to determine their status. A network scanner is a program that you can […]

Printer Management And Inventory Software Page Countster

Page Countster is a free portable program for Microsoft Windows devices to create a network printer inventory quickly. The official Donation Coder NANY 2009 challenge has been announced less than 24 hours […]

Build a custom firewall with fwbuilder

For the Linux operating system there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to firewalls. One possible option is Firestarter (You can read my "introductory" article "Firestarter: Simple to use desktop firewall" […]

Local Area Network Speed Test

Lan Speed Test is a free and commercial software program for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X devices that assists users and system administrators in testing the speed of the local […]

Display All Detected Bluetooth Devices

All recent Microsoft operating systems (that is Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8) come with Bluetooth support provided they are equipped with a Bluetooth Dongle or other hardware devices that the […]

Wireless Network Scanner inSSIDer

The wireless network scanner inSSIDer can be used to quickly scan the area for wireless networks. The software program works well with Windows Vista and Windows XP (even the 64-bit editions) and […]

Map your network with Lanmap

This morning I needed a visual representation of my local Lan in order to find out what machines were associated with what IP addresses. For this task I used a tool that […]

Homedale is a Wi-Fi networking monitor

Homedale is a free wireless networking monitor for Windows that you may use to monitor WiFi access points and their signal strength. Not all wireless networking hardware comes with the appropriate software […]

Build a Quick and Reliable Firewall with fwbuilder

Network security is tantamount to retaining your sanity. Be it at home or at your place of business, a firewall is often a necessity (especially when you have Windows machines on your […]

Network Monitoring Software Newt

Newt is a network monitoring software similar to the previously mentioned network monitoring software Networx or Look@Lan. The network monitor uses a multi-threaded scanning engine that scans all remote computer systems and […]

Softperfect Network Scanner

Softperfect Network Scanner is a portable IP, NetBios and SNMP scanner that runs under all Microsoft operating systems starting with Windows XP all the way up to Windows 10, and all server […]

Fix Bandwidth Exceeded in Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is probably the only working free VPN solution that enables users from all over the world to access websites that provide their contents only to visitors from the United States. […]


WinBubble Tweak Windows

There is no shortage of programs that tweak settings in Windows Vista. WinBubble is another addition to the growing assortment of tweakers, and not a bad one it is. The tweaks can be accessed through a series of tabs, like Security, Optimize and IE in the software.

How users are being tracked on P2P networks

Have you ever asked yourself how it is possible that users are tracked over months in P2P networks although their IP address is changing regularly ? We only hear reports about session based user identifications. Session based means that shared files of this session are analyzed and recorded opposed to tracking a user over months.

Protect your Wireless Lan

More and more users use wireless connections to connect to the Internet, many do receive a wireless lan router by default from their internet provider and forget to protect the router and the connection properly. Insecure Wireless routers are a main target not only of hackers but also of neighbours in the vicinity who like to waste your bandwidth instead of their own.

Six WiFi Security Myths

There have been lots of articles lately that explain how to secure a wireless network. Most of this articles contain at least one measure that is not enhancing security at all. This does not neccessarily mean that it is lowering the security on the other hand though. Let us take a look at the six dumbest ways to secure a Wirelss Lan.

Wireless Security: Attacks and Defenses

The article wireless security attacks and defenses begins with a example how people who are new to the wireless world run their wireless devices carelessly and thus invite others (with more knowledge) to exploit this weakness. Those people run for example wireless routers at factory defaults because they don´t know better, they think the device is safe the way it´s preconfigured.