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track notebook

Track the location of your notebook with Adeona

Adeona is a free Open-Source software to track your computer. It works completely independent and is running in the background on the computer system. It automatically recognizes a change of location by […]


Mozilla Firefox About Protocol Links

Many Firefox users know that typing about:config in the Firefox location bar will open a Firefox configuration file that provides access to user preferences that cannot in the browser's interface otherwise. Did […]

Firefox 3 News Archive

Update: This is the news archive for all Firefox 3 updates that we have reviewed in the past. Firefox 3 is no longer supported by Mozilla. You can download the latest version […]

Symantec: Disable SymProtect before upgrading to Windows XP SP3

If you are running the Symantec products Norton Internet Security 2008, Norton SystemWorks 2008, Norton 360 or Norton AntiVirus 2008 on a machine with Windows XP Service Pack 2, and want to […]

Access Music through your iPhone from Anywhere with Simplify Media

If your home computer runs 24/7, there’s a strong chance that you use it to access the music stored on your hard drive when you’re at work, on vacation, etc. Even if […]

Information about mDNSResponder.exe on Windows

You all know that I build a new computer recently and set it up properly by installing most software on it that I used on my old windows machine. A quick Task […]

firefox profile manager

Working with several Firefox profiles

Most Firefox users work only with one Firefox profile. Well, this should not surprise a lot because one profile is, of course, sufficient for most tasks. Plus, the whole profile management functionality […]

PayPal to Block Unsafe Browsers

If you run an old version of a browser attacks on it are more likely to succeed I think we can all agree on that. Recent browser versions include fixes for security […]

Private Galleries can be accessed at Smugmug

If you would use an image host, put up some of your images and set them to private, would you expect them to be still accessible by anyone ? This is apparently the case over at Smugmug where a private setting simply means that the pictures and image galleries are not directly linked from the homepage anymore but can still be accessed by simply entering the url directly in the browser address bar or download manager.

Google document uploader

Google has just release a document list uploader to help you upload your stuff in large batches, and this is one smart move, since I had some frustration a while back because […]

Convert Files Online with Youconvertit

I had planned to review this website earlier but then forgot about it till Jajay commented about it in one of Martin’s earlier articles. Most of us will have needed to convert […]

Windows Vista SP1 Guides for IT Professionals

The long awaited Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista is scheduled for a release later this week and Microsoft is doing its best to provide everyone, from the end user to the it professional, with information about the upcoming service pack 1. Five documents in total have been released that address specific user groups.

HTML source code

Change the Source Viewer in IE, Firefox and Opera

The default source viewer for all browsers mentioned in the title is not optimal and sometimes posing more problems than solving them. Mozilla Firefox is displaying the source in a new stripped down Firefox window, the Internet Explorer is using Notepad and Opera is displaying it in a new Opera tab.

firefox autofill forms

Autofill Forms for Firefox

I regularly register at websites that either force me to register to leave a comment or that offer such great value that I want to join to become a member of the community. The signup process is always the same. Enter a username, a password, a valid email and if you want several additional information about yourself to register at that website.

The best way to create pdf documents

I have been using two methods to create pdf documents lately and made the decision to stick with one of them after evaluating both of them. Creating pdf documents is not something that I have to do on a daily basis but it was always a rather complicated process because I did not want to purchase a professional version of Adobe Acrobat only to create a handful of documents each year.

Check Sign up Availability of Private Torrent Sites

Many private torrent websites have a user limit in place which makes it impossible for new users to sign up unless an old user gets kicked out of the system, deletes his account or the admins raise the user limit. It is a tedious task to visit those sites daily to make sure that you can sign up eventually.

divx plus software

Get Divx Pro for free

Genbeta are reporting that you can get a free version of the Divx Pro suite for a limited amount of time. All you need to do is go to Windows download or Mac download and download the divx pro software. You are asked for an email address during installation which will be used to send the Divx pro key to. You probably want to uncheck the "I would also like to receive" offers.

Encrypt and sign all your Email traffic

If you want to make sure that no one is able to eavesdrop on your mail traffic you should use encryption. The problem with most encryption services is that setting them up and talking others into setting them up as well is a problematic task. Encryption only works if both the sender and the recipient use the same service to encrypt the emails. One of the easiest ways to setup a service that encrypts your emails is the encryption software Ciphire. Ciphire is a program that is available for Windows, Linux and Mac and can be downloaded for free from the developers homepage.