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Laptop Theft Recovery Software Prey

Prey is a program and service for desktop and mobile operating systems that enables you to keep track of the devices the software runs on. There are a few things that laptop […]

Display Information About Network Adapters

Adapter Watch is a portable program for Windows that displays information about all physical and virtual network adapters that are installed on a computer system. The main advantage the program offers over […]

Install Packetfence for outstanding network access control

Network Access Control is a crucial aspect of medium to large scale networking. There are many tools to help you control who has access to your network; Some of these tools are […]

Configure Linux printing via web browser

One of the issues surrounding Linux is the fact that, because there are so many distributions, there are so many ways to configure various aspects of the operating system. One such aspect […]

How To Remove Favicons In Firefox Bookmarks

Favicons are those tiny little icons that are displayed in front of every bookmark and tab in the Mozilla Firefox web browser. They can be used to identify a website next to […]

Connecting Linux to a Bubba 2

If you don't know, the Bubba 2 is a piece of hardware, driven by the Linux operating system, created by ecXito. The Bubba 2 can stream media, serve files, share printers, and […]

Set up a reliable ftp server with proftpd

If you have a need for an ftp server, and you have a Linux machine on your network, then you need look no further than proftpd. The proftpd project came about to […]

Auto mounting a Samba share in Linux

So you have that Samba server up and running and you can connect to it from Windows and Mac with ease. But when you turn to another Linux box that doesn't have […]

Connect to a wireless network via command line

I know, the first thing you are asking is "Why would I want to have to connect to a wireless network from the command line?" To that question I can give you […]

Securely copy files with scp

I have to copy files from machine to machine all the time. Most of the time this copying is done over a network connection. When using that transport method I always like […]

Launch any app or folder with a hotkey using PS Hot Launch

PS Hot Launch VVL is a free launcher application for Windows that lets you start any app or folder with the tap on a hotkey. I use a lot of applications and […]

Set up MySQL database replication

If you use databases then you know how important it is to back them up. But backing up a database and being able to use that backup depends upon the back up […]

Configure a Linux Firewall with Webmin

Recently I wrote two articles, one on Creating a Linux Firewall with fwbuilder, and one Webmin: One Stop Linux Configuration. So I thought it might be a good idea to do an […]

Create Interactive Classroom Pages with CourseForum

If you are a teacher or have any need for a classroom-based Wiki project, I have the perfect solution for you. I discovered CourseForum a few years back when I was looking […]

Installing and Configuring NTP on Linux

NTP is the Network Time Protocol. This protocol allows servers (or desktops) to communicate to very reliable sources to keep their time synchronized. There are two reasons why you would want to […]

Manage Network Devices in Fedora

Those of you who are thinking of giving Linux a try, but are worried that you won't know how to do simple tasks such as controlling network devices, can let out a […]

Easy Web Content Filtering with DansGuardian

I have a young step daughter at home and I know that curiosity can get the best of a young teen. I had been looking for an easy solution to deal with […]

How To Anonymize iTunes Songs

One of our readers pointed out that the application that we reviewed a while back to anonymize iTunes songs had been down for a while. He suggested another method of getting rid […]