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Log local network connections with NetworkConnectLog

While you can make use of specialized system admin tools to find out which devices have been connected to a local area network in the past, it is not really something that […]

network interfaces view screenshot

Display a list of all installed network adapters

NetworkInterfacesView is a new program by Nirsoft that displays a list of installed network adapters and interfaces that are installed on the system. The program displays all interfaces, regardless of whether they […]

softperfect wifi guard

Monitor your wireless network against intruders

There are a couple of things you can do to protect your wireless network against freeloaders and intruders. Probably the best thing right now is to make sure it is protected by […]

android control panel

Control Panel for Android Launches

As of today, there is a new Control Panel app for your Android phone and it is, perhaps, the most comprehensive one so far.  There are features to allow easy control over […]

netsurveyor network discovery software

NetSurveyor, Network Discovery Software

One of the things that you may want to consider when setting up a wireless network connection or troubleshooting an existing one is the vicinity of other wireless signals in the area. […]


Network Planning, Mapping Software PrimeDesktop

It is usually not necessary to use a software to plan a small home network that consists of a couple of PCs, a router and maybe other peripherals like a NAS or […]

wireless network watcher

Find Out Who Is Surfing On Your Wireless Network

Many users nowadays connect to the Internet via Wlan. That's handy for a number of reasons like being able to access the Internet from multiple locations without having to buy a 50 […]


Extend your Wireless Network with a Repeater

If you have a wireless network at home, and your house has many rooms, or if you want to surf the internet while sitting outside on your patio, you may need to […]


WakeMeOnLan, Wake On Lan Program For Windows

One handy feature in a network administrator's arsenal of tools is the ability to send Wake on Lan packets to remote computers to start them from a remote location. This can save […]

wireless network watcher

Wireless Network Watcher, Find Out Who Is Connected To Your Wi-Fi Network

Wireless network connections have become popular in past years, thanks to an increasing number of devices that utilize wireless connections. But there is a problem associated with it, or more precisely with […]

simple sys info

SimpleSysInfo, Portable System Information

Windows users have many choices when it comes to system information tools. Tools that we have reviewed and really liked are for instance System Information For Windows or Hardware Info 32. SimpleSysInfo […]

hardware system summary

HWiNFO32: Computer Hardware Information Software

HWiNFO32 was briefly mentioned in the How To Update Hardware Drivers In Windows guide as a tool to identify hardware and devices. The program can display comprehensive hardware information and real-time system […]

wifi heatmapper

Heatmapper, Visualize Wireless Coverage Of Wi-Fi Networks

Have you ever asked yourself why you can go online with your laptop in one room but not in another? Or why you get disconnects and a bad signal strength in one […]

thunderbird contacts

Thunderbird Contacts

Update: The add-on has been removed by the author. There is no comparable extension available at this point in time. Duplicate contacts are an issue on today's Internet for many users. Many […]

The web attack that leads hackers straight to your home

Is it possible, is there such a thing as an attack that can tell a hacker where you live?  The BBC has revealed that a specially booby-trapped website can tell a hacker […]

network monitoring

The Dude, Network Environment Management Software

The Dude is a free network software for Microsoft Windows that offers networking monitoring, network mapping and more. Third-party software can assist network administrators in completing certain tasks: from basic monitoring tasks […]

computer network information

Computer Network Information Tool

Network Information Center is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that displays the computer's internal and external IP address, default gateway, and physical address (Mac address). How Do I Find My […]

System Information For Windows Pro Review

SIW, which stands for System Information For Windows, is an excellent software program that displays an immense amount of information about a Windows computer system. The program is offered as a free […]