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convert windows hyper-v vhdx

How to convert Windows installations to virtual machine images

There are quite a few use cases for wanting to convert a Windows installation to a virtual machine image; maybe you want to run tests on the virtual image afterwards, for instance […]

windows 10 500 million devices

Windows 10: 500 million machines and counting

Microsoft Corporation revealed today that the company's operating system Windows 10 is running on 500 million computer systems. The company's initial plan back in 2015 when the operating system was released was […]

virtual xp

Convert Windows XP to a virtual machine with VirtualXP

Microsoft abandoned Windows XP some months ago and while some users moved on to other operating systems, others are still running windows XP. The main issue here is that Microsoft won't release […]

mediafire desktop

A first look at MediaFire Desktop, a new synchronization client for Windows and Mac

The file hosting business is a tough one. Not only do you have to compete with some of the largest tech companies in the world -- Microsoft and Google are in the […]

generate strong password

Dashlane, A New Password Manager For Windows and Mac

Just yesterday we have reviewed the Norton Identity Safe password manager which had been released as a beta version earlier this month. Today, I'm going to look at another password manager that […]

ip seizer

Check For Used Local IP Addresses To Avoid Network Conflicts

When you connect two or more computer systems to a local network you need to make sure to assign unique local IP addresses to all computer systems to avoid conflicts. Conflicts may […]

linux console

Give Yourself The Proper Linux Privileges on Your New Machine

For many of us, the days following the fresh install of a new Linux distribution are like starting your life over. It's a time for new beginning – new choices for programs, […]


Use Twitter Directly From The Firefox Address Bar

Twitter is a hugely popular messaging service that allows anyone to post messages, followers automatically see the messages in their accounts and everyone else might stumble upon them by searching Twitter messages. […]

Restrict network access by time or IP address with Squid

There are a number of reasons why you would want to restrict network access. You run a cafe with web access or you have young or teenage children and you want them […]

Migrate users from one Linux machine to another

Have you ever had a need to migrate current running Linux users from installation to another? That would be a simple task if the user count was low. But  what happens when […]

The Form Letter Machine

The Form Letter Machine is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that assists you in writing letters by re-using paragraphs. If you write letters with similar paragraphs regularly, you may speed […]

Connect to a remote virtual machine with rdesktop

VirtualBox is an incredibly useful tool. You can run different OSes for testing purposes, you can set up servers on machine that wouldn't normal act as servers, the sky seems to be […]

Set Static IP Address on Windows

Simple Static IP is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that allows you to set a static IP address and related information. Windows computer systems ship without static IP addresses assigned […]

logmein hamachi

Hamachi Virtual Private Network

Hamachi is a small freeware application that creates virtual private networks (vpn) on the fly without configuration at all - well almost. You can download the application from the hamachi homepage, once downloaded install and run the software. Versions for Windows, Linux (installation guide) and Macintosh OS X exist, means everyone should be happy although the linux and mac versions are console only while the windows one comes with a gui. Before I go into configuration details I want to describe the main advantage of Hamachi, it gives you LAN over the Internet.

angry ip scanner

Ip Scanner

Angry Ip Scanner is a small open source application that lets you scan IP addresses and ports, you can even specifiy the range of the scan by yourself. After pinging the target IP it is able to resolve other data like hostname, MAC address and open ports.

netsetman 5.0

Windows Network Settings Manager NetSetMan 5.0 released with improved profile management

Our first review of the Network Settings Manager NetSetMan dates back to 2008. It is a popular application that helps Windows users and administrators when it comes to network management. It is […]

View the summary of each component in your computer with CobraTek PC Info

View the summary of each component in your computer with CobraTek PC Info

Many years ago, I relied on Speccy for obtaining the specifications of the system that I was working with, as it was both user-friendly and informative. Over time, I've come  across better […]

Get a report of your computer's components with Basic Hardware Inventory

Get a report of your computer's components with Basic Hardware Inventory

Want to know more about your computer's hardware? Basic Hardware Inventory is a freeware tool that you can use to generate a report of your computer's components. This is not a hardware […]