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MocoSpace Login

MocoSpace is a so called mobile social networking website. What this means is that it is primarily designed for mobile access and not computer desktop access. Another interesting aspect of MocoSpace is […]

My Current Firefox Setup

The last article that listed extensions and themes of my personal Firefox installation dates back a while, and I thought it would be nice to post an updated list of my personal […]

PayPal Login: security information

PayPal is a widely used financial service that allows people from all over the world to transfer money to other PayPal users or companies by simply specifying an email address the money […]

Facebook Login Page Help And Troubleshooting

Facebook is currently the most popular social networking website on the Internet. The social networking service had more than 2 billion monthly active users in the third-quarter of 2017. Facebook login problems […]

Top 5 Security Plugins For Firefox, Chrome And Internet Explorer

Which browser is the most secure web browser? That's a question that is hard to answer, and Internet users usually mention the web browser that they use when asked the question. There […]

MySpace Login Help and Troubleshooting

MySpace is without doubt one of the most popular social networking websites on the Internet even though some say it has been in decline ever since Facebook took off. MySpace login problems […]

Phishing Protection Tips

It is time to update the phishing protection article that we published some time ago (see Phishing explained) with the recent news that thousands of Hotmail users (and apparently Gmail users as […]

xmarks chrome bookmark syncing

Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks With Xmarks

A recent feature of Google Chrome is the synchronization of bookmarks. You can use it to sync bookmarks between different installations of Chrome on all supported devices. That's handy if you want […]

WordPress Remote Admin Password Reset Vulnerability

The password of my WordPress admin account was not valid when I tried to login today. I first thought it was a problem with the LastPass password manager and tried to see […]

Internet Explorer Password Management Add-on

Last Pass is a password management add-on for Microsoft's Internet Explorer that can store login credentials of web services in a securely encrypted password vault. The password manager is compatible with most […]

5 Essential Firefox Extensions

One of the best and most popular features of the Firefox web browser is the browser's extension support. Extensions are additions to the web browser that add new features and options to […]

8 Sleeper Internet Explorer 8 Add-ons

Internet Explorer add-ons have been introduced by Microsoft in the previous editions of Internet Explorer. Despite the introduction, they never managed to come close to the popularity and inventiveness of add-ons produced […]

Firefox: 55 Add-Ons To Increase Your Security And Privacy

One of the greatest strengths of the Firefox web browser is its extensibility. This does not only include new features but also security enhancements that make the web browser more secure and […]

One Password Management Software To Rule Them All

Choosing secure passwords is important to protect the user accounts from being accessed by unauthorized users. The problem that arises for all users is that secure passwords are harder to remember. Writing […]

password hasher

Create unique secure passwords for websites

A lot of techniques exist to create unique secure passwords for the websites that you want to join. Most users however prefer the easy way and use one or a few passwords for all of the websites they are a member of and never change the password as well. The same applies to the username which is most of the time the same or a variation of that name.

password hasher

Use one password on all websites

Many Internet users tend to have a handful of passwords at the most that they use for every website that they signup for. Those passwords are normally weak passwords that can be easily remembered. The danger of this approach is that those users will most likely see a chain reaction of hacked accounts once one account gets hacked.

Use Autologin in Firefox

If you are using Firefox's option to save usernames and passwords for websites that you visited to automatically fill them in when you visit them again you might find a Greasemonkey script called AutologinJ useful. I'm not quite sure what the J stands for but this nice little script presses the login button for you automatically which pretty much means that you can lean back and enjoy the show while Firefox logs you in automatically to the website that you just visited.

password chart

Make your passwords stronger with a password chart

Password chart is an online service that helps you improve the quality of your passwords. The principle is pretty easy: You enter a phrase at the beginning which will be used to create the password chart. An example would be "Make your passwords stronger with" or " is gr3at". The password chart will be displayed on the right side of the screen changing while you are adding new chars to the phrase. You can opt to add numbers and punctuation for increased security, they will be added to the chart on the right.