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Dashlane, A New Password Manager For Windows and Mac

Just yesterday we have reviewed the Norton Identity Safe password manager which had been released as a beta version earlier this month. Today, I'm going to look at another password manager that […]


Web Hoster Dreamhost Hacked, Asks Users To Change Passwords

After a relatively quite holiday period attacks on popular services on the Internet seem to have picked up again. After the Zappos incident a few days ago, it is now the popular […]

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Password Improvements Coming To Windows 8

When I first read that Microsoft made the decision to improve Windows 8's credentials feature I was all excited about it. Who would not want a built-in password manager that would be […]

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Download Security Software With Free SSDownloader

The first version of Security Software Downloader was released in 2010. The program allows Windows users to download security software comfortably from the program interface. That's handy especially on new systems, on […]


The Ugly Side Of The Cloud, Facebook Access Vulnerability Uncovered

Security has been one of the top topics of the last 30 days. We have had the Last Pass incident and the Sony PSN hack. Both incidents demonstrated that your data may […]

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Opera Extensions Overview, Discovering Opera Part 5

Widgets have been an integral part of the Opera web browser for a long time. That's not the case for extensions, which have only been recently added to the web browser. It […]

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Last Pass Sesame, 2-Factor Authentication For Last Pass Premium Users

You know that Last Pass is my password manager of choice. Not to long ago I made the decision to become a premium user, not because I needed additional features like mobile […]

Xmarks Password Sync Will Be Removed

Remember that the bookmarking and password syncing service Xmarks nearly shut down last year? This would have meant some work for users who were using the cross-browser service to sync their data. […]

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Last Pass Pocket, Access Last Pass Passwords Offline

Last Pass is my password manager of choice. The program is available for Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft's Internet Explorer and adds password manager capabilities to those browsers. The browser add-on offers […]

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Google Chrome Beta Gets Form Autofill

Web forms are an integral part of the web. They are used for sign ups, surveys, purchases, comments and other interactions with a specific website or service. Having to fill out the […]

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How Secure Is A Password?

New technologies and more powerful computer systems have made it important in the last years to create secure passwords to avoid successful automatic password cracking attempts via brute force and dictionary attacks. […]

Fix Last Pass Freezing Firefox

My morning routine begins with a cup of good coffee, booting the PC and firing up the email client Thunderbird to check the past 10 hours of emails, and the web browser […]

Fix Firefox With Last Pass Not Responding

A recent upgrade to the latest beta release of Firefox 3.6.4 from version 3.6.3 caused a stability issue where the browser would stop responding completely. The Firefox window became unresponsive and the […]

Google Chrome Autofill

Google just added so-called Autofill functionality to development versions of the Chrome browser which allow you to fill out form information automatically. The Google Chrome web browser, at least the developer releases, […]

Opera NoScript Alternative BlockIt

Regular readers know that I would make the switch from Firefox to either Google Chrome or Opera if those web browsers would support NoScript functionality and Last Pass. NoScript is a security […]

RockYou Hacked. Some 30 million passwords in the wild [Security]

RockYou, a service that offers applications like slideshows, games, layouts and more for social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace or Orkut was recently hacked and the service's entire database of 30+ million […]

Popular Firefox Add-Ons And Their Google Chrome Equivalent

Google's Chrome web browser has developed into an interesting competitive browser ever since its first release. Part of this comes from features that Chrome supports but other browsers such as Firefox don't. […]

Two Things that Keep Me From Switching to Opera

The recent preview of Opera 10.50 has shown that the Opera development team is dedicated and willing to improve the web browser even if it does not get the attention that it […]