AppCleaner, Temporary File Cleaner From The Makers Of UpdateStar

When it comes to cleaning temporary files in Windows, the first program that comes to the mind of most computer users is the popular CCleaner by Pirisoft. There is an abundance of […]

browser history

3 Options To Analyze Past Computer Usage

Operating systems and applications often save loads and loads of information, often without the user knowing about it. This can have privacy implications, considering that it may be possible to recover files, […]

d7 repair tool

D7, Computer Repair, Troubleshooting Software

The portable application D7 could be a computer technician's and system administrator's dream application for repairing and troubleshooting Windows systems. It comes with such a huge feature set that it is difficulty […]

delete internet history

Browser Cleaner, Delete Internet History

In How To Delete Cookies On A Computer and How To Clear A Browser Cache I have shown how to run a manual cleanup to delete the cache and cookies of a […]

internet explorer delete cookies

How To Delete Cookies On A Computer

Yesterday I have published a tutorial on clearing the browser cache which is an essential thing to know. Today I'm going to show you how to delete cookies from your PC, which […]

delete browsing history

How To Clear A Browser Cache

Ghacks regulars know how to clear the cache of their web browser. I get support emails occasionally from new readers who do not know how to do that, or who, when asked […]

internet explorer history

Disable Indexing of Internet Explorer Web History By Windows Search

Have you ever noticed web history suggestions in Internet Explorer 8 or IE9 even though you have deleted the history and the index.dat file in Windows previously? This is caused by the […]

Taking the Pain Out of Reinstalling Windows

Sometimes there's nothing you can do when your copy of Windows is malfunctioning other than a complete format and reinstall.  This is always a pain, but how can you take the pain […]

temporary data storage folder

Create, Use And Clear Temporary Folders In Windows

Most Windows users associate temporary folders with a cache in Windows that the operating system uses to store temporary files in. The free software Temporary Data Storage Folder can be used to […]

click and clean firefox

Click&Clean, Browser Add-On To Delete Temporary Data, Improve Privacy

One of the biggest privacy related problem on the Internet these days are information that are stored by the browser on the local computer. Most web browsers come with built-in tools to […]

system ninja

System Ninja, Another Portable Temporary Files Cleaner

Cleaning temporary files on the system regularly does not only increase one's privacy, it also removes unnecessary files from the system to free up disk space. Privacy becomes more important these days […]

web browsers traces eraser

Web Browsers Traces Eraser

When you surf the web you leave traces behind, both remotely but also locally. While you do not have options to remove traces remotely other than obfuscating them by using proxy servers, […]


Soft2Base, Download, Install Multiple Freware Apps At Once

I sometimes take a look at PCs of friends and family, usually because something is not working and they asked me to, and to a lesser extent when they bought a new […]

antivirus downloads

Avert, Scan Computers With Multiple Antivirus Engines

We all know that it is not a good idea to run multiple real-time antivirus scanners side by side on a system. Most antivirus are actually scanning the system for existing programs […]

square privacy cleaner

Square Privacy Cleaner, Clean Privacy Related Data In Windows

The Windows operating system and software that is running on it have a tendency to save temporary data. A web browser for instance saves cookies, visited websites and the operating system recently […]

display dns

Find Out Which Sites Users Have Accessed In Private Browsing Modes

Private browsing is a relative new feature that allows users to hide their web activities. The mode blocks that browsing session data os stored in the browser or on the computer's hard […]

security software downloader

Security Software Downloader

One of the first tasks after the installation of an operating system is the installation of security software to protect the computer from viruses and other forms of attack. Windows users can […]

SlimCleaner, Windows PC Maintenance Software

SlimCleaner is a PC maintenance software that offers access to several maintenance related tools. The program is currently offered as a beta version, with PC cleanup and optimization modules, a software uninstaller, […]

firefox recent websites

TidyFox, Display Most Recent, Most Visited Websites In Firefox

The Firefox web browser offers several options by default to open specific websites. From the last bookmarked websites folder to sites in the history that have been recently visited. Accessibility is limited […]


Deletist, Bulk Delete Folders And Files

Deletist is a lightweight portable software for Windows that can be used to delete folders and files in bulk in one operation. The program supports two operation modes. You can add folders […]

privacy software bleachbit

Privacy Software BleachBit Deletes Temporary Files On Windows And Linux

CCleaner is the usual recommendation when it comes to deleting those pesky temporary files that the operating system and programs collect all the time. The software is highly customizable and supports a […]

flash cookies cleaner

Flash Cookies Cleaner

Flash Cookies are files that can be stored on the user's computer system. They are often used for tracking purposes but also to store preferences and session data, for instance to save […]

How To Clean Hard Drives In Windows 7

When it comes to keeping the computer in shape, one of the things that you should do regularly is remove temporary files and data that you no longer need. This frees up […]

windows program history

Display the Windows Program History With UserAssistView

Windows maintains a list of programs that have been executed on the operating system in the Windows Registry. The Windows program history contains detailed information about the programs that have been launched […]

Computer Software Updater WinApp Updater

Computer users who are working both with the Windows and Linux operating system usually list a missing computer software updater as one of the major missing features of the Windows operating systems. […]

Platinum Guard 4 Review

Platinum Guard 4 is a disk cleanup software much like the acclaimed CCleaner or ACleaner applications for Windows. Its main purpose is to recover disk space that is occupied by temporary data […]

Comodo Cloud Scanner

Update: Comodo has discontinued the standalone Cloud Scanner product and integrated it instead into the company's Internet Security application. Moving virus definitions and other core files into the cloud seems to be […]

Windows Cleaner ACleaner 3.5 Released

ACleaner is a free system cleaner for the Windows operating system that resembles the widely popular CCleaner in many aspects. Most Windows users think of CCleaner if they have to recommend a […]

Clear History And Other Traces With Wipe

Wipe is a free software program for the Windows operating system that scans the computer system for traces that have been generated while the system was in use with options to delete […]


Install Multiple Applications With AllMyApps

AllMyApps is a free service for Microsoft Windows devices to install multiple selected programs in one go on the target computer system. The software installation manager AllMyApps offers similar functionality as Ninite […]

PC Hardware System Information Software Speccy

Speccy is a software program by popular developer Piriform that is best known for programs such as CCleaner, Recuva or Defraggler. The program is a PC hardware system information tool that lists […]

Clear Microsoft Office History

Esecure Delete is a free add-on for Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 to delete the recent document history in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft Office keeps track of the recent document history. […]

Privacy Software Indo Cleaner

The Windows operating system keeps track of the most recently used (mru) files. Most Windows users do not know that and are surprised when someone points this out to them. This can […]

Four Options To Deal With Flash Cookies

Flash Cookies, which are also known as super cookies or Local Shared Objects, should not be confused with normal cookies that are placed by websites. Normal cookies can easily be deleted from […]

PC Software

Taking care of your PC is a very important task if you want to minimize the chance of losing file, having to reformat or even buying a new PC entirely. The most […]

Remove Broken Shortcuts From The Windows Start Menu

The Windows Start Menu seems to grow in size over time. Even users who regularly uninstall software programs the proper way will notice that they end up with a massive list of […]

Clean After Me Cleans Registry And Files

CleanAfterMe is a free portable program by Nirsoft for Microsoft Windows that lets you clean temporary files and Registry entries. Every system cleanup tool has to face a comparison with the much […]

Internet Explorer: Expired Cookie Remover

Internet Explorer handles cookies in a different way than other web browsers. It stores cookies on the local hard drive and leaves traces behind even if cookies have expired. Cookies have an […]

Registry Cleaners: Comodo System Cleaner

Comodo System Cleaner is a computer cleanup tool that combines the functionality of registry cleaners, disk cleaners and privacy cleaners in one application. The software can be used to scan the registry […]

Computer Repair Utility Kit

If you are the tech savvy user in your family and community you usually get lots of calls from desperate users who need computer help. The help that is needed can vary […]