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Konqueror tips and tricks

If you are familar with KDE you know Konqueror. Konqueror used to be one of the finest file managers on the PC desktop - period. But now KDE has migrated toward a […]

Add antivirus to Postfix with ClamAV

By now you have your Postfix mail server up and running (see "Install Postfix for reliable email delievery"). You even have relaying working (see "Mail relaying made simple with Postfix"). But one […]

Asset scanning with nmap and ndiff

If you are in a small business or a larger enterprise you know you need to keep track of all those machines. Sure you could easily tag and record them as they […]

Troubleshoot networking problems with GNOME's Nettools

How many times have you had networking issues and not known exactly where to start? With Linux there are so many tools you can choose from. Add to that the choice between […]

How To Uninstall Windows Presentation Foundation Plugin In Firefox

Firefox users who run Windows with the latest Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 SP1 installed may have noticed a message yesterday on browser startup that was informing them about the Windows Presentation Foundation […]

Five handy secure shell tips and tricks

I use secure shell a LOT, every day. So much so that I often take for granted how important this tool is. Not only does it allow me to log into remote […]

P2P-like downloads with Multiget

As a old-school Linux user I am quick to use the command line before any other tool. One of those tools I use almost daily is wget. Wget is a command-line only […]

Backup your Linux box with rsync

In this Linux backup series we have taken a look at Flyback ("Quick and easy backups with Flyback"), Backerupper ("Simple gui backup tool Backerupper"), and Back In Time ("Linux Back In Time: […]

Remote Control Reboots And Updates On Multiple Windows Computers

Remote Reboot X has been initially developed by Doug Zuckerman to remotely control the reboot process of multiple computer systems in an effort to automate the monthly maintenance schedule of more than […]

Xoopit To Become Yahoo Mail Exclusive

Xoopit, a company that was bought by Yahoo not long ago, developed email indexing and photo sharing technologies that have since then be integrated into Yahoo Mail. Gmail users, among others, were […]

Linux Games: OpenArena

Are you a fan of Arena (and Arena-like games)? Do you long to play these games on your Linux box? Are you one of those that proclaims that Linux can not and […]

Google Translation Service For Websites

Internet users have the choice between several machine translation services that can automatically translate a given text or website to another language. Google Translate is one of the most popular services of […]

Video Conferencing And Collaboration Software iVisit Presenter

IVisit Presenter is an easy to use video conferencing and collaboration software that has been recently released to the public as a beta version. The software can be freely used in one […]

Manage your ssh connections with SecPanel

I do a lot of work with secure shell. There are times when I am connected, via ssh, to multiple machines. Managing these connections can be a real hassle (especially when you […]

Create, sign, and publish your PGP key with Seahorse

I have espoused encryption on Ghacks plenty of times. I find most users do not employ encryption, of any kind, which is somewhat surprising given the constant rate at which data is […]

Firestarter: Simple to use, powerful desktop firewall

Every PC needs protection. Even though the Linux operating system has a reputation for being nearly crack-proof, it is irresponsible to assume this true. Any operating system connected to a network is […]

Network Management Software KontrolPack

Cross-platform networks are usually more complicated to manage compared to single-platform systems especially if free network management tools have to be used. The network management software KontrolPack is an Open Source cross-platform […]

Configure your Ubuntu Server as a DHCP server

In my recent Ubuntu Server articles I have covered the following topics: Installing Ubuntu Server 9.04 Set up your new Ubuntu Server as a Samba server Add FTP service to your Ubuntu […]