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Install Avira Antivir on Linux

In yesterday's post (see "Scan a Windows drive for viruses using Linux") in which I mentioned the Avira Antivir software. This piece of software is a commercial, cross-platform anti-virus solution that offers […]

Creating a VPN tunnel between Ubuntu and Sonicwall

Yesterday I walked you through the process of connecting to a Microsoft PPTP VPN (see my article "Connecting to a Microsoft VPN with Linux"). That article used a simple GUI tool to […]

Share Ubuntu folders with NFS

If you've ever tried to share folders on a Linux machine over a network, you've most likely attempted to get NFS working. And on many occasions you might have found yourself nearly […]

Quick and easy pop or imap server with Dovecot

Picking up where we left off a while ago, let's add yet another feature to our Ubuntu server. We've already looked at using Postfix with multiple topics (see Postfix on Ghacks). But […]

Easy folder sharing in GNOME

Recently I covered folder sharing in KDE 4.4 (Read my article "Easy folder sharing in KDE 4.4"). I thought I should offer the same article for the GNOME desktop. Although the tasks […]

10 Firefox SEO Extensions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important aspect of a webmasters day to day activity on today's Internet. SEO refers to all methods that increase a website's or page's visibility on […]

Microsoft Security Updates February 2010

Microsoft has released a total of 14 security updates on yesterday's patch day. The updates are, as usual, for several Microsoft software products including the Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Office. […]

mozilla prism

What Is Mozilla Prism Again?

Mozilla Prism is a new add-on for Firefox that can be used to turn any web page into a standalone application on Windows. Beta 3 of Mozilla Prism 1.0 has just been […]

Connect to a Windows Terminal Server from Linux

There are a number of reasons to have to connect to a Windows Terminal Server machine. Either you telecommute, you administer remotely, you work on the go, or you use Linux and […]

Create Computer Profiles With Quick Config

Quick Config is a software program for Windows machines that uses profiles to apply preferences to different computer systems it is run on. It can be used to create computer profiles that […]

Test your students with iTest

Educational institutions would be remiss if they neglected open source tools. There are so many available, you can cover nearly all of your needs. Recently I covered iTalc (see my article "Instruct […]

Connect to a remote Linux desktop with x11vnc and Gtk VNC

Being able to do remote administration is crucial to many system administrators. And there are plenty of tools available for this job. You can use command line tools and full-blown GUI tools. […]

Firefox 3.6 News and Release History

Firefox 3.6 has just been released which might come as a surprise to some users who just read the news a few days ago that Firefox 3.6 RC2 had been released. It […]

Remote searching with Beagle

Searching your desktop for files can be a real pain without the right tools. Every desktop has one (ore more) search tools that can be used to search for that missing file. […]

Giganews VyprVPN Review [VPN]

A virtual private network serves various purposes. It usually encrypts the traffic between the user and the vpn server increasing the privacy of the user, security of the system and integrity of […]

Instruct your users or manage your classroom with iTALC

iTalc is one of those programs that, when you see it up and running, is a thing of brilliance. But what is it? iTALC is a didactical tool that allows a teacher […]

Yubico USB Key Provides Extra Login Protection

Yubikey is a hardware device that you plug in to the USB port of a computer to improve the security of authentication processes. Password theft is a common problem on the Internet […]

Install xTuple ERP Postbooks Edition

If you are shopping around for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, you know the search can be long and hard. And you also know the solutions can be expensive and complex. But […]