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Map Spreadsheet Locations To Google Maps

Batchgeo is a free online service that maps spreadsheet locations to Google Maps. This can be useful for several purposes including creating a store finder, creating a map, calculating distances, house or […]

Connect Evolution to Exchange 2007 MAPI

Evolution is the groupware suite for the Linux operating system. It is, for all intents and purposes, Outlook for Linux. The only downfall is, out of the box, it doesn't play well […]

How do I find my network information - in Linux?

Taking a cue from Martin's helpful article (see "How do I find my IP Address") I thought it would be a good idea to offer the same information for the Linux operating […]

Migrating your Claws Mail to a new installation

It's about that time. Ubuntu 10.4 is coming out and I am finally going to migrate my primary desktop away from Elive to Ubuntu. In this process it will be necessary to […]

Luckybackup: Linux backup made easy

There are a lot of backup tools out there. From the overly simple to the overly complex. Many of those backup tools go unnoticed and unused. Some of them get recognized as […]

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Microsoft About Internet Explorer 8 Privacy

A video posted on Microsoft's TechNet Edge website (now unavailable but still available as a cached page) has caused some controversy on the Internet. In the video Microsoft IE product manager Pete […]

Configure hostgroups for Nagios

If you've been following my Nagios articles here on Ghacks (see "Easily extend Nagios' functionality" and "Quickly install Nagios on Ubuntu" for more information) you are probably impressed with how powerful Nagios […]

Easily extend Nagios' functionality

My last article described how to "Quickly install Nagios on Ubunut". That article had you up and running with the powerful open source network monitoring tool, but not much more. If you […]

Monitor your network with iptraf

I am always looking for a good network monitor, and there are plenty out there. But in all my years of searching I have yet to come across a monitor as good […]

Google Chrome Tabs Manager Tabs Plus

Tabs Plus is a browser extension for Google Chrome that adds search, thumbnail previews, and drag and drop support to the browser's tab management functionality. Recent Firefox versions have an option to […]

Mozilla Contacts

Update: Mozilla has retired Contacts, it is no longer available and there does not seem to be an alternative available at this point in time. One of the many problems of using […]


CyberSearch Add-On Gets Easier Site Search

CyberSearch is a very useful Firefox add-on that improves the search capabilities of the web browser. More precisely; It adds search options to the Firefox address bar. We previously covered the release […]

Connect to a Samba share from OS X

Here on Ghacks I've worked to cover Samba from numerous angles (check out the Samba Topic on Ghacks). I want to build on that topic by helping you to connect to a […]

Install Avira Antivir on Linux

In yesterday's post (see "Scan a Windows drive for viruses using Linux") in which I mentioned the Avira Antivir software. This piece of software is a commercial, cross-platform anti-virus solution that offers […]

Creating a VPN tunnel between Ubuntu and Sonicwall

Yesterday I walked you through the process of connecting to a Microsoft PPTP VPN (see my article "Connecting to a Microsoft VPN with Linux"). That article used a simple GUI tool to […]

Share Ubuntu folders with NFS

If you've ever tried to share folders on a Linux machine over a network, you've most likely attempted to get NFS working. And on many occasions you might have found yourself nearly […]

Quick and easy pop or imap server with Dovecot

Picking up where we left off a while ago, let's add yet another feature to our Ubuntu server. We've already looked at using Postfix with multiple topics (see Postfix on Ghacks). But […]

Easy folder sharing in GNOME

Recently I covered folder sharing in KDE 4.4 (Read my article "Easy folder sharing in KDE 4.4"). I thought I should offer the same article for the GNOME desktop. Although the tasks […]